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Solid Dosage Production Line

Solid dosage production line (wet granulation line) is a widely used process in the pharmaceutical industry since this improves the flow properties, homogeneity and compressibility of the powder mix. Fluidized bed granulators and high shear mixers are typically used in traditional batch wet granulation processes.
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Granulation Line Description

If you are in the pharmaceutical manufacturing industry, then you should consider buying this premium granulation line. This pharmaceutical granulation equipment will ensure there is no cross-contamination.

Granulator line combines both mixing, granulation and drying processes to ensure continuous and stable production, The granulation drying production line can highly increase the yield of finished products.

The vacuum conveying device and lifting turnover discharging system can greatly decrease labor intensity and avoid dust pollution. it means that the Granulator drying production line saves on the cost of labor.

Hywell machinery wet granulation line system adopts automatic PLC control with the graphical interface. This means that the operation and process parameters can be set automatically for history review and print.

The CIP system in the dry granulation line can fulfill well cleaning effect for the granulator and dryer. The ex-proof system, reliable interlock, and earthing ensure the safety of the people, equipment, and environment.

If you would like to buy a custom granulation line, we will work hard to meet the process and specifications. We can customize the designs and sizes of granulation lines.

Please note that we sell these reliable wet granulating lines to customers who deal in food, chemical, and pharmaceutical products. With us, location is not a barrier. We even make it possible for customers who would like to order this granulation line online.

Would you like to buy this wet granulation drying line? then Send your inquiry on Hywell machinery right now. Hywell company are a reliable and reputable granulation line manufacturer in China.

Granulation Line Composition

Nowadays, Solid dosage production line also called continuous fluid bed granulation and high shear granulator lines to take a more and more important role in pharmaceutical equipment.

Hywell machine focus on an integrated solution for solid dosage forms as 20+ experience.

Hywell Pharmaceutical Granulation Line for solid dosage forms also called Solid dosage production line, it includes High Shear Mixer, Wet granulator, Fluid Bed Dryer, Lifting Column, Conical Mill, Vacuum Conveying System, Blender, etc.

The high shear mixer and wet granulator often install together as high shear granulator and directly to transfer the wet granules into fluid bed drying machine.

The fluid bed dryer often use the fluid bed processor (fluid bed granulator / dryer/coater) or fluid bed granulator to replace the fluid bed drier inside the solid dosage forms processing. The reason is very simple, because the boiling granulator not only has the function of drying equipment, it also has the function of liquid spray granulator. One machine achieves two purposes. Off course, The boiling granulation coating dryer integrates granulation machine, granules coating machine and drying machine functions. However, Different hoppers are required for coating function, if the workshop is narrow or this equipment never be used for coating for the workshop, so they will choose boiling granulator so that reduce the cost.

As a complete wet granulation process manufacturer of premium processing technology systems with 20 years of experience in the development and manufacture of solids, continuous processing becomes more and more important in pharmaceutical, health product, food, fine chemical, and feed processing industry.

high shear granulation line

1. High shear mixer

The High Shear Mixer Granulator of the solid dosage forms processing line is designed to optimize the wet granulation process. Used to turn a fine-powder heterogeneous mixture into a uniform granulation, with increased particle size and higher density, offering proper flow and compactness properties, in a short time process and with repeatability.

The powder material can be manually added into the high speed mixer silo, or the powder can be sucked into the high speed mixer by a vacuum feeder. At the same time, while the powder is stirred by the high shear mixer and the liquid is poured into the silo pass the liquid tank; but the liquid in the liquid tank is usually driven into the silo by a pump (optional). The high speed mixing machine will work automatically according to the set program.

High Shear Granulator

2. Wet granulator

After the high shear wet mixer is finished, the discharge port cylinder opens the discharge valve, and the wet powder is discharged into the wet granulator at the lower, the wet granulation will make the wet powder into uniform wet granules; and wet particles are discharged from the discharging port of wet granulating machine. The wet granulator also name as wet milling that is core machine for the solid dosage processing line.

3. Fluid bed dryer/ Fluid bed granulator

The wet granules is sucked from high shear granulator using fluid bed dryer exhaust fan negative pressure and transported to the fluidized bed dryer with the process air. The fluid bed drier is drying process for the granulation drying production line and also essential equipment.

The fluidization process is used extensively in the pharmaceutical industry to reduce the moisture content of powder and granules in a drying process.

In this process, hot air is introduced at defined pressure and flow rate through a perforated bed of moist solid particles.

The wet solids are lifted from the bottom and suspended in a stream of air (fluidized state).

Heat transfer is accomplished by direct contact between the wetted solid and hot gases.

Wet granular moisture will be take away by the hot air, the wet granular will be dried and then the fluid bed granulator will be turn off by the control system.

fluid bed processor

4. Lifting Column

Hywell machinery boosts the efficiency and mobility of your handling systems. We provide a range of equipment for modern and effective product handling that includes a great variety of mobile and stationary lifting and discharging devices. It can work with Bin Blender, tablet machine. the lifting column will lift the fluid bed granulator materials cart and then directly to discharge the dried granules into the powder blender or powder vibration sieve

5. Conical Mill

the conical mill also called lifting conical mill, the conical mill is mainly used for obtaining evenly qualified granules through sieving agglomerates from granulator. The cone mill is easy to operate and clean, it fully complies with GMP.

6. Other machinery

According to material characteristics and customer requirements, this granulation production line can be equipped with vacuum conveyor, powder screening machine, and powder mixer. For detailed options, please consult Hywell Machinery Co., Ltd.

7. Documents

Hywell machinery customizes all documentation related to the granulation line equipment, making easier the training, operation and maintenance of the equipment through the life term even in the more exigent industries as the pharmaceutical market, we provide a complete set GMP including DQ, IQ, OQ, SAT, FAT, USER manual documentation.

If you want to start in Pharmaceutical granulation production line business, please contact us for more details, we will send you detail specification, quotations, layout drawing for equipment.

Wet Granulation Line Specifications













Equipment composition


























1. One High Shear Mixer can be with two fluid bed granulators & dryers

2. The FG fluid bed dryer can be replaced by the fluid bed granulator.

3. Hywell machinery reserves the right to the design without notice

4. All specifications are as accurate as is reasonably possible, but they are not binding.

So how does it work?

In batch processes, several machines are used for different processes with pauses between processes for the operator to perform processes such as sampling or product transfer.

Continuous processes are more autonomous. And multiple processes can be carried out in the same equipment. It means that several processes such as loading, granulating, drying, coating, and sizing are carried out in the fluid bed granulator. Granulating, wet cone mill, drying, coating, lifting, transferring, dry cone mill, blending in the same powder granulation lines.

This granulator lines for product factory, one high shear mixer with one fluid bed processor and one custom combine pharma lifter and vacuum conveying with cone mill

Granulation process line material

Hywell Machinery are able to offer our granulation line with contact part to be built in SS304, SS316L, Titanium, Duplex stainless steel, etc. Electrical parts of control system of the granular process line can be adapted to the customer’s needs.

One High Shear Mixer Connected Two/More fluid bed granulators & dryers

One high shear mixer + one fluid bed dryer

The high shear mixer was connected to one fluid bed granulator or fluid bed dryer.

high shear granulation process

One high shear mixer + two fluid bed dryer

we also supply a granulation line where the high shear mixer is connected to two fluid bed granulators or dryers.

Granulation Process Line

One high shear mixer + more fluid bed dryer

We can even have one high shear mixer connected to more than two fluid bed granulators or dryers.


Because the high shear granulator working time is very short, it just need 10-20 minutes to finished one batch, but the fluid bed dryer often need 1-2 hour to finished one batch. So one set high shear mixer with two /more fluid bed dryer that can leads to an increase in the volume of produced.

Advantages of the wet granulation line

The wet granulation line is mostly used to prepare solid dosage forms due to its many advantages as follow:

1. Better flowability of particles since it forms more spherical granules.

2. The granules’ compressibility is also improved since it reduces air entrapment in the granules.

3. For low-dose drugs, it provides better uniformity.

4. It also improves the dissolution rate of soluble drugs.

5. Wet granulation produces tablets that are suitable for further post-processing methods including tablet coating.

6. With a high degree of containment and use of binder fluids, there is less dust pollution during the manufacturing process. Thereby, there is less chance of contamination.

7. Our granulation from a high shear mixer, fluid bed dryer, lifting column, bin blender happens in a closed container with no material loss and dust pollution.

Disadvantages of wet granulation line

While the wet granulation line process is the most employed, it is also subject to some limitations:

1. It’s unsuitable for active ingredients that are sensitive to moisture.

Granulation Definition

It’s very simple to understand the granulation process in tablet manufacturing. Simply, it’s the formation of granules from smaller particles .

At the heart of the tablet manufacturing process is the granulation process. The desired outcome after granulation is dust-free granules. it is easy to compress into tablets than smaller grains by the tablets machine.

we can do the one-stop solution for efficient and productive pharmaceutical lines. Our solid dosage forms will be the pillar of your factory bringing in many benefits including excellent products, reduced production costs, stability, among other advantages.

1. Granulation Techniques

Granulation helps promote the flowability, compressibility, bioavailability, and homogeneity of the powder mix. There are different granulation methods and techniques, which influence the properties of the granules. The popular granulating method is dry granulation and wet granulation.

Tests have shown that direct compaction leads to problems with the flow of powder and the grains sticks on the surface of machines during compression.

Wet granulation also called high shear mixer granulation tends to be the most preferred process. High shear granulation forms granules that are harder and dense. Although they are tougher to mill, high shear pills have slower release-times, which improves their efficacy and availability.

1). High shear granulation

The high shear granulation process is wet because a liquid is added to the mix to help create bonds between grains to form granules.

Binder liquids often use the is Ethanol , Water, Organic solvents (isopropanol and ethanol)  and so on.

Since they evaporate rapidly at lower temperatures than water, the powder mix dry quickly when they are used. However, organic solvents are more costly than water. It’s also more challenging to dispose of them after production.

Hywell machinery can recommend binder liquids according to your process requirements.

Next, let’s look at the process steps for high shear mixer granulator.

Granulation with a high shear mixer

The main parts of the high shear mixer include the follow parts:

Dome shaped stainless-steel mixing bowl

Inside the bowl, it will find the impeller and chopper. The mixing bowl may have jacketed-walled (as an optional item), where hot or cold liquids can be channeled through, to heat or cool the contents of the bowl.


The impeller consists of two or more blades. We normally we design three blade impellers. It agitates the power mix to distribute the granulation fluid evenly. It has a low rotation speed of 5 rpm-300 rpm.


The chopper of high shear mixer has smaller blades than the impeller. It’s usually fitted on the side or at the bottom of the dome-shaped bowl. it is to shred the wet mass of powder into granules. It has a higher rotation speed from 200- 3000 rpm.

Wet cone mill (wet granulator )

The wet cone mill is available as an optional item. It mills granules produced by the wet granulator into smaller particles before drying.

An explosion-proof high shear mixer granulator design is also available if you need it.

Here are the production steps on the high-shear mixer. about the full detail of the high shear mixer, please check our high shear granulator guide.

Loading /charging process

The first process step of the high shear granulation is loading powder into the bowl. it either load a premixed powder or the mixing can be done inside the bowl by loading all the ingredients and running the impeller at full speeds for two to five minutes.

There are two ways to feed the ingredients; gravity feeding is done manually or vacuum feeding using a vacuum conveyor which we use in our high shear mixer.

Spray the binder

After mixing, the binder is added to the powder mix. The chopper and impeller are decelerated for this step to ensure even distribution of the binder fluid.the binder can use manually or liquid pump to send inside the bowl.

Granulation by rotating rotors

After applying the liquid binder, the impeller and chopper are then accelerated to full production speeds for the granulation process.  granules growth then occurs.

Our high speed mixer is equipped with a wash in place system (as an optional item) that will efficiently clean the high-granulator without disassembling the impeller or chopper.

2. Drying the granules

There are several ways to dry granules after granulation; tray drying machine was a method used in the past, but it was only suited for small amounts of product. It was inefficient since it produced uneven drying. It was also labor-intensive and time-consuming. but the machine is small and cheaper investment and for small batch that is best granules drying machine.

Now, most of the drying is performed in the fluid bed dryer. You can also use the fluid bed dryer. The fluid-bed drying technique has more advantages than drying granules in an oven.

1). Fluid bed dryer

What is the principle of the fluid bed dryer?

It works by blowing a stream of dehumidified and dried air from the bottom of the fluid bed dryer base part.

The wet mass of granules is discharged over this bed of air. There is a fine mess on the upper section of the dryer to prevent the particles from escaping.

When the granules have attained the required qualities in terms of moisture level, they are emptied and transferred to the next process equipment.

The fluid dryer is then filled with a new batch of wet granules. It dries materials much faster. Learn more about the fluid bed dryer.

the fluid bed drying system, etc of granulation lines available share one WIP system(optional item)

3.Transferring granules

From the fluid bed dryer or fluid bed granulator, the granules have to be transferred. There are three ways to do this:

1) Manual unloading

This method is the most popular method in the past from fluid bed drier, but it is labor-intensive and dusty. It is no longer the most popular cutting method.

2). Vacuum conveyor

It involves using a vacuum conveying to transfer the materials from the fluid bed dryer into another bin using a feeder tube. the vacuum conveying has several advantages such as efficient use of space and reduced dust levels.

3). Lifting column

Hywell machinery manufactures several types of lifters that are used for discharging and transporting materials from the fluid bed dryer.

You can learn more about the lifting columns here.

4. Cone Mill

Cone Milling is the process of breaking down lumps of agglomerated granules into smaller sizes. Milled granules have to be sieved by vibration sieve to ensure they conform to the required standards.

The main features of the cone mill is an impeller and screen for filtering granules. The impeller is rotated by a motor and impacts kinetic energy on the lumps of granules.

The sheer force causes the mass to fracture and the granules fall on the screen –that’s made up of a series of holes with the preferred aperture size.

While the main aim of milling is size reduction, it also achieves other functions such as creating uniform particles with great flowability.

At Hywell machinery, we supply cone mills that be installed inline. You can learn more about the bin cone miller here.

5. Blending machine

Hywell has different kinds of blenders; IBC bin blender, fixed bin powder blender, 3D mixer, drum powder blender and Laboratory Bin

We often use the IBC Bin blender as the granulation production line.

The bin blender carries out clamping, lifting, tilting, and mixing of granules with the lubricant.

You’ll get uniform mixing, and the bin blender has several safety features. but the most important item that the bin can transfer for different place and also interchanged.

granulation line equipment

Our services

Our pre-sales and after-sales services make it is easy for customers to acquire and use our granulation processing equipment.

Our engineers can offer assistance during regular equipment maintenance, provide fluid bed granulation troubleshooting, and even handle on-site repairs.

We also offer training for operators to help them maximize your factory’s efficiency.

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