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IBC Bin Powder Mixer

For the IBC bin powder mixer (Bin blender), the possibility to move the bin in which the mix is being done is also opening interesting possibilities to reduce handling, conveying, and dust emissions. Those IBC bin mixer designs are very often used in pharmaceuticals or food manufacturing.
The IBC bin powder mixer indeed constitutes a very simple solution, cheap, reliable, and generally offers good accessibility for cleaning between 2 batches if needed. The homogeneity achieved is very variable but can be more than satisfactory for some applications, especially when a premix is produced that will be used in the main powder mixer. In addition, it must be noted that the product is not in contact with the bearing, or bearing seal, removing a source of contamination (stagnant product released from time to time, lubricant, or wearing of mechanical parts).
For the IBC bin powder mixers, the mixing time is typically 5-15 min. The IBC powder mixer is quite long compared to other power mixers and mainly due to the fact that no agitator is involved to speed up the movement of particles.

  • FZH


  • 847820090

  • SUS304/SUS316L/Titanium

  • Food/Pharmaceutical/Chemical


IBC Bin Powder Mixer Introduction

The mixing hopper of the IBC bin powder mixer into a 30-degree angle with the axis of rotation, mixed material in the hopper with rotary turning, along the bucket wall tangential movement, have a strong turnover and high-speed tangential movement, so as to achieve the best effect of mixing. Using PLC automatic control of the IBC bin mixer, and setting the infrared safety device and anti-misoperation device discharge valve, ensure safety in production. The process of material can be different in the same container and do not require frequent feeder or feeding program. Control of dust and cross pollution effectively, reduce the loss of material, hierarchical control material, and optimize the production process, in full compliance with the GMP requirement of pharmaceutical production. The structure of the IBC bin powder blender is reasonable; adopts double hoisting devices, motor rotation, and a flexible coupler. The performance is stable, the upkeep and maintenance and simpler, and there's no problem with leakage. Adopt a programmed control system, technical parameters setting system, the machine stops system for safety, automatic accurate positioning system, operation, and automatic record printing system, that fully meets the processing equipment of pharmaceutical companies. Fully automatic production is realized, and the operation is very simple. To ensure the quality of the IBC bin mixers, we adopt high-quality out-purchased parts for this machine. Equipped with a finely manufactured hopper that fully meets the requirements of GMP, has n residues of discharge, and it's easy for cleaning or washing.

Hywell supplies a series of products for material conveying. It forms an advanced process together with the hopper mixing machine.

IBC Bin Powder Blenders

IBC Bin Powder Blenders

IBC Powder Blender 

IBC Bin Blender

Bin Powder Mixer Video(Volume Smaller Than 1000L)

IBC Bin Powder Blender Video(Volume Bigger Than 1000L)

IBC Blender for Different Volume Bin (Interchange drum mixer)

IBC Bin Powder Mixers Advantages

Hywell machinery FZH series IBC bin powder mixers had the following advantages over conventional solutions.

1. Excellent homogeneity of the IBC bin blender - all the product is collectively in flow all the time

2. Protecting particle integrity of the bin tumbler mixer - gravity enabling minimal, equal forces

3. Short mixing times of the bin mixers - due to lack of friction, no temperature rises or even topical hot spots

4. Quick and easy to clean the bin tumbler mixer - to provide good hygienic security

5. Low energy consumption of the bin tumbler powder mixers

6. Simple operation ensures safe and reliable production

7. It is provided with the multiple safety interlocking mechanisms

8. IBC blending machine intelligent PLC control and graphical HMI

9. It is provided with a built-in automatic fault self-diagnosis system

10. Flexible to transfer the materials with a trolley IBC bin

11. Mixing time and rotating speed adjustable through the touch screen

12. IBC bin blender auto position, auto record printing, failure report, and alarm

13. Interchangeable IBC container suitable for various kinds of materials

14. Automatically finish all actions such as clamping, lifting, mixing, etc

15. The whole machine's novel design, compact structure, good appearance, and evenness of mixing reach 99%.

16. Highly polished inner and outer surfaces of the barrel, no dead comer, easy to discharge materials, easy to clear, no cross-contamination. Confining the requirement of GMP.

17.. Mirror-polished surface made with durable and high-quality stainless steel

IBC Bin Powder Blender Specifications


Total volume (L)

Operation Volume(L)

Maximum loading (Kg)

















































1.Hywell machinery reserves the right to the design without notice

2.All specifications of IBC Bin Powder Blender are as accurate as is reasonably possible, but they are not binding.

3. This IBC bin blender have good accessibility for cleaning in between 2 batches

Applications of IBC Bin Mixer

So, where will use the IBC bin mixer? What are some of the things that a bin blending system can do?

To give you a better understanding, here are the most common industrial applications of bin blenders:

Blending different materials

The bin blender working principle ensures that it blends different materials to the utmost levels.

It performs blending roles in different industries including food, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical among others.

Prevent contamination

It thoroughly mixes different content until you achieve a perfect mixture.

Normally, a blending process can result in the contamination of different materials.

The good news is bin blending can prevent contamination. because different batches or different materials use separated blending containers.

IBC Bin Powder Blender Construction Material

Hywell Machinery is able to offer our FZH Series IBC bin powder blender with contact parts to be built in SS304, SS316L, Titanium, Duplex stainless steel, etc. Electrical parts of the control system of the IBC bin powder blender can be adapted to the customer’s needs.

IBC Bin Mixing Machine Work

IBC Bin mixing machine is the most popular solid powder mixing machine, having the advantage of high homogeneous mixing, and high material loading rate. The movable IBC bin greatly facilitates loading, mixing, unloading, and cleaning. it is also able to connect with upstream and downstream equipment to form a solid granulation line, which effectively avoids dust and cross contamination by repeatedly material change-over. FZH Series IBC Bin powder Mixing machine can meet the mixing requirements for large batches and diversified varieties of products.

Hywell machinery FZH Series IBC bin blending equipment is the lifting-type rotary mixer. It consists of a base, rotary frame, driving system, lifting system and lowering system, braking system, and PLC control system. It can automatically fulfill clamping lifting and rotating. When it works, push the IBC powder bin into the rotary frame. Operation on the touch screen. The IBC bin is lifted to the required height and clamped automatically. The driving system will begin to work and mix according to the required time and speed. When reaching the required extent, the mixing will stop working. Then the lifting system lowers down the mixing bin and stops at the stated height. Pull the bin out, the mixing cycle is finished, and will type the entire data of the mixing process. FZH Series IBC blending system guarantees the homogenous blending of granules and powder.

When your company decides on the capacity of mixing you need, Hywell machinery engineer will design the best drawing for your layout based on your workshop. If you have aroused your interest, please get in touch with Hywell machinery now.




IBC Tank

Core Components of a IBC Bin Powder Blender

It is important to note that an bin blending system is not one homogeneous unit. Instead, it comprises different components. These components work in unison to achieve a particular goal. Let’s break down the main components of a bin powder blending system.

1. Blending Container of IBC Bin Powder Blender

This is the main component where the actual blending takes place. Mixing containers come in different designs and specifications. Each design and specification of the blending container should allow the maximum output of the blended material.

2. Materials charging and discharging ports of IBC Bin Powder Blender

As the names suggest these two components provide entry and exit to the blending container. The two ports should have a sealing that prevents granules and fine powder to escape from the container. The Bin blender sampler is an optional item.

3. Control Panel of Bin Powder Mixing Machine

All the bin mixing systems are modern and have the latest technology control systems. The control systems ensure that the bin blenders operate automatically without much human interference. Mixing time and rotating speed are adjustable through the touch screen to ensure the best mixing result; and the system auto-positioning, auto record printing, failure report, and alarm. Data is recordable and printable through a mini printer.

4. Clamping Bars of a Powder bin blender

The main role of the clamping bars is to support the bin blending system and ensure that it remains stable working. Normally, an IBC bin blending system will experience some vibrations during operation.

Clamping bars ensure that the granules bin blender will remain stable despite the vibration.

Apart from the above components, modern container blenders have some of these features including infrared safety devices and the safety interlocking mechanism.

IBC Bin Diffusive Mixers had the following options

1.Total volume of IBC Bin Diffusive Mixers

Total volume sizes from 600 to 20000 lit.

 2. Materials of IBC Bin Diffusive Mixer

Drums can be built in SUS304,SUS316L ,Titanium, Duplex stainless steel.

3.  Control system of IBC Bin Diffusive Blender

The lifting  powder mixer has more choices, such as push button or HMI+PLC.

4.   Feeding system of IBC Bin Diffusive Mixers

The feeding system for the powder blending machine can be by manual or pneumatic conveyor or vacuum feeder.

5.  Optional variable speed shell

Cleaning Method of the IBC Bin Powder Mixer

1. Stop operation

 Before cleaning, push the hopper of the bin mixer to the cleaning station and push it to a fixed position of the cleaning station so that the cleaning ball can enter the hopper.

2. Clean up the residue

Open the upper cover of the hopper and clean the residue in the mixer. Material adhering to the inner wall and mixing blades can be removed using tools such as scrapers or brushes.

3. Install the cleaning device: manually move the cleaning ball of the lower cleaning station into the hopper.

3. Cleaning process

Turn on the switch of the CIP cleaning station for automatic cleaning interior of the bin.

4. Manual surface cleaning

Use a hand-held cleaning gun to spray dust on the surface of the hopper. You can use a damp cloth or detergent to wipe down the device case to keep it clean and tidy

6. Drying and assembly

 Place the cleaned parts in a well-ventilated area to dry. After making sure the parts are completely dry, assemble the parts according to the equipment manual or instructions for use. Make sure all parts are installed and tightened correctly.

IBC Bin Mixer Cleaning Process Video

Drying Method of the IBC Bin Powder Mixer

After cleaning, the square cone hopper (IBC Bin) should be left to dry naturally. Hywell Machinery also has an integrated cleaning and drying machine. This clean IBC bin device can automatically clean the hopper. After cleaning the hopper, it can switch to the process of automatic hot air drying inside the hopper. The specific usage process is as follows:

1. Move the hopper to the designated position of the cleaning station.

2. Open the upper cover of the IBC bin, lower the cleaning nozzle, and put it into the hopper.

3. Set the cleaning time and turn on the cleaning button. After the automatic cleaning time ends, the cleaning process ends.

4. Set the drying temperature and drying time, and turn on the drying button. After the automatic drying time ends, the drying process ends. If PLC control is adopted, all cleaning and drying settings can automatically complete the cleaning and hopper drying process.

IBC Bin Mixer Cleaning and Drying Process Video

Attention to order of powder bin mixer

1. When inquiry the FZH Series powder bin mixer, it needs to supply the materials state powder or granules.

2. When inquiry the FZH Series powder bin mixer, it needs to supply the density of materials.

3. When inquiry the FZH Series powder bin mixer, it needs to supply the capacity per batch or capacity per hour.

5. When inquiry the FZH Series powder bin mixer, it needs to decide which kinds of feeder that needed to load materials into the mixer.

6. When inquiry the FZH Series Bin Mixing machine, it needs to decide which kinds of steel for machine-304 stainless steel or 316L stainless steel.

7. Other special requirements.

FZH IBC Powder Bin Mixer Video


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