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Leading Industrial Dryers Manufacturers in China

Hywell machinery customizes industrial dryers for diverse processing needs
Industrial Dryers play a vital role in many industries involving many processes. From pharmaceuticals to chemical processing to the food industry, high-performance dryers have countless applications.
Generally speaking, the term “industrial dryers” applies to any industrial drying machine that removes liquid or moisture from bulk materials. Industrial dryers are much larger than the average domestic dryer and are not to be confused with at-home laundry dryers or industrial hand dryers.
Usually, industrial dryer machines work through evaporation, or the process by which a liquid is converted into a gas and diffused into the atmosphere. Sometimes, dryers also engage in sublimation, which is when a solid changes directly into a gas.
All of these industrial dryers perform drying action using one of three methods hot air drying, vacuum drying, and infrared drying. Of these, hot air drying is the most common. It works simply, by bringing materials being dried into direct contact with hot air. Examples of hot air dryers include vertical fluid bed dryers, vibrating fluid bed dryers, High-speed centrifugal spray dryer, static fluid bed dryers, hot air tray dryers. and vacuum drying machine is also common. Examples of vacuum dryers include vacuum shelf dryer, High-efficiency vacuum dryers, Conical paddle vacuum dryers, Rota cone vacuum dryers.
If you are looking for a reliable industrial drying machine, you can rely on Hywell Machinery. Buy a dryer machine from us and let us help you grow your business using our customizable and affordable products.
Hywell Machinery company also produces laboratory dryer for product development and research, if youb need it, welcome to consult!

Hot Selling Industrial Dryers

  • Hot Air Tray Dryer
    Hot air tray dryer adopts the forced circulation of hot air inside the chamber of the oven. In the drying chamber, hot air rises above and the hot air reaches the top of the chamber. Then, hot air is circulated back to the bottom by a fan installed inside the chamber and hence the optimum amount of heat is achieved gradually inside the oven. The drying is the process that the materials heated in the trays with hot air circle, the wet moisture takes out from material will be exhausted outside at the same time.
  • Vibrating Fluid Bed Dryer
    The vibrating fluid bed dryer can make a moist powder layer vibrate on an air distributor plate. The effect of the vibration combined with the upward and forward directed flow of drying air through the perforated plate creates ideal processing conditions and powder transport.
    Uniform product moisture content is achieved by passing treated gas through a perforated plate assuring intimate mixing of the gas and process material. As the treated gas passes through the wet material the moisture is removed and carried away to be treated in a cyclone and baghouse. The dried final product of the vibrating fluid bed dryer is conveyed to the dryer discharge.
  • Vacuum Shelf Dryer
    Hywell Machinery is the lead manufacturer and factory of the vacuum shelf dryer. The vacuum shelf dryer is a vacuum tray dryer working under vacuum conditions. The vacuum shelf dryer dries on the conduction principle. There are several shelves inside the vacuum shelf dryer on which the product-laden trays are placed. The shelf is a pipe shelf to ensure proper heating of the tray.
    Industrial vacuum shelf dryers are suitable for drying heat-sensitive raw materials that can decompose or polymerize or deteriorate at high temperatures. Industrial vacuum tray dryers are widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff, and electronic industries.
  • Rota Cone Vacuum Dryer
    The Hywell Machinery Rota Cone Vacuum Dryers are one of the most energy-efficient, gentle, and cost-effective methods for drying solids to very low moisture levels. Because of the reduced vaporization temperatures possible under a vacuum, Rota Cone Vacuum Dryer is ideal for drying heat-sensitive products including food ingredients and pharmaceuticals. The clean double cone shape provides gentle unobstructed tumbling of the solids and complete discharge with minimal hang-up points. Vacuum leakage is minimized because there is only one seal on the vacuum line. The open design of the rota cone vacuum dryer makes both visual inspection and CIP simple. Rota cone vacuum dryers are also rugged enough to blend and dry powdered metals with bulk densities. Horizontal rotary cone vacuum dryers extend the range of drying applications by starting with pastes.
  • Conical Paddle Vacuum Dryer
    The Hywell Machinery conical paddle vacuum dryer is a high-efficiency vertical-type drying equipment that integrates drying, crushing, vacuum decompression, and mixed powder. The HW series conical vacuum dryer has three to five times the efficiency of the same specification double cone vacuum dryer. The unique paddle design of the vertical, centrally-driven dryer combines extremely fast drying rates with a compact design. The conical screw dryer is a universal vacuum dryer for drying materials such as powders, granules, pastes, and viscous slurries, especially when these products are heat-sensitive, contain solvents, and are toxic or explosive.
  • Vertical Fluid Bed Dryer
    Hywell Machinery FG series vertical fluid bed dryers are ideal for products that are free flowing. This type of fluid bed dryer is referred to as a static fluid bed because the fluid bed dryer remains stationary during operation. The static fluid bed processer provides an effective method of drying relatively free-flowing particles with a reasonable narrow particle size distribution. The feed may take the form of powders, granules, crystals, seeds, pre-forms, and agglomerates. A static fluidized bed dryer can be batch operation. Because there is no mechanical drive system to move the product, the static fluid bed processors are lighter and simpler to manufacture – hence cheaper than the dynamic fluid-bed dryers.
    Units in continuous and batch types for more uniform materials that do not tend to agglomerate.
  • High-Speed Centrifugal Spray Dryer
    The high-speed centrifugal spray dryer is targeted for small-scale production as well as R&D work and is widely used by companies and universities. All high-speed centrifugal spray dryer is available as standard plants. Furthermore, the centrifugal spray dryers can be designed based on a modular concept with a range of optional items. In this way, each individual plant can be custom designed to match our customers’ individual requirements. The high-speed centrifugal spray dryers are available in many flexible configurations enabling process simulations of larger industrial-size spray dryers
  • Battery Recycling Rotary Kiln
    As an experienced rotary kiln manufacturer, Hywell Machinery has outstanding technology for top production. The lithium battery recycling rotary kiln designed and produced is suitable for a wide range of powder calcination and sintering processes. As an electric heating rotary kiln, the lithium battery recovery rotary calciner has precise atmospheric adjustment inside the rotary shell. The inclination angle and rotation speed of the waste battery rotary calciner can be adjusted, the cylinder has good heat transfer and short cycle time, and the production capacity is also higher.
  • High Efficiency Vacuum Dryer
    The High Efficiency Vacuum Dryer (High-Efficiency Vacuum Shelf Dryer ) for heat-sensitive Materials is a new type of vacuum dryer designed and manufactured by our company to dissolve the following problems in the traditional vacuum shelf drying oven during the drying process: the significant temperature difference inside the oven, the slowly drying speed, the inconsistently dried of upper and lower materials are, and easy to foam and overflow drying tray during the drying process so that extends drying time, This low-temperature high efficiency vacuum drying equipment is mainly designed to drying for the materials with high sugar content, low temperature, easy to overflow, easy to foam, easy to oxidize.
  • Static Fluid Bed Dryers
     Static fluidised bed dryers or Continuous fluid bed dryers (dryers and coolers) are used on free-flowing fluidised bulk materials that have a particle size distribution. The static fluid bed dryer remains stationary during operation. Static fluid bed dryers can be continuous or batch operated.
    The other kinds of fluid bed drying machine is a shaking (vibrating) fluid bed dryer or cooler, where the body of the dryer oscillates, assisting the movement of material through the unit and supporting the fluidisation.
    it also has one kind of vertical fluid bed dryer that works as batch operation, but this kind of vertical fluidised bed dryer has some capacity and easy clean so that can reach GMP.
  • Rotary Tray Dryer
    PLG Series continuous rotary tray dryer is a kind of high-efficiency conducting and continuous drying equipment. Its unique structure and operating principle provide advantages of high heat efficiency, low energy consumption, less occupying area, simple configuration, easy operation and control as well as a good operating environment, etc. The rotary plate dryer is widely used in the drying processes in the fields of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals, foodstuff, fodder, the process of agricultural and by-products, etc., and the rotary tray dryer is well received by various industries.

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Custom Industrial Dryers For Various Industries

Custom Industrial Dryers For Food and Beverages

Hywell machinery food industrial dryer leads the industry in innovation, performance, & quality. we can give custom food dryers and beverage drying machines as your requirement for the whole drying process line or single dryer equipment. Hywell machinery industrial powder dryers can boost performance and profitability at many junctures in the food manufacturing process. Hywell dryers process also offers state-of-the-art technology and processing solutions for:
Breadcrumb drying machine for food manufacturers
Fluid bed dryer for food additives
The milk spray dryer for milk factory
Spices dryer machine and seasoning dyer equipment for spices factory.

Custom Industrial Drying Machine For Pharmaceutical

Hywell machinery pharmaceutical dryer leads the industry in innovation, performance, & quality. we can give custom pharma dryers as your requirement for the whole drying process line or a single pharma drying machine that reaches GMP.
Dryers are used to remove liquids or moisture from bulk solids, powders, parts, continuous sheets, or other liquids by evaporation or sublimation. Dryers can be broken up into two main types: direct heating dryers and indirect heating pharma dryers. Direct dryers convectively heat a product through direct contact with heated air, gas, or a combusted gas product. Indirect dryers conductively heat a product through contact with a heated wall. Industrial pharmaceutical drying equipment plays a vital role in pharmaceutical industries. the pharmaceutical dryer that can reach GMP as a client requirement.

Custom Industrial Dryer For Chemical

Hywell machinery chemical drying machine leads the industry in innovation, performance, & quality. we can give custom chemical drying equipment as your requirement.
Hywell chemical drying equipment also offers state-of-the-art technology and processing solutions for:
Cosmetics dryers for cosmetics manufacturers
Feed dryer for livestock feed
Pet food drying machinery for pet food
Nutritional powder drying machinery for Nutritional supplements
Protein dryer machine and vitamins powder driers for protein factory
Cleaning agents industrial driers and detergents industrial drier for household cleaning agents and detergents factory
Insecticide dryer equipment for pesticide factory.

Customize Your Industrial Dryer From a Chinese Manufacturer

 Industrial Drying Machine Capacity

At Hywell Machinery, we can customize the capacity of your drying machine to follow your whole process line. It is an essential aspect that our design specialists must consider when conceptualizing the custom design of the dryer equipment. We manufacture different dryer machines in volumes to reach different industries. Hywell machine is the dryer manufacturer and we also can supply drying lines as continues. We have the laboratory dryer and lab vacuum dryer. It is specially used for product development or experimental institutions at the front end of the factory.

 Industrial Dryer Heating Method

Commercial dryers remove liquid or moisture from bulk materials. Removing moisture also means evaporating moisture. Evaporating water requires hot energy. For hot air dryers or vacuum dryers, external heat is required to remove moisture. For Commercial dryer machines, the heating method is also very important. The heating method has steam heating, electric heating, heat transfer oil heating, and LPG furnace heating. It depends on the situation of the customer's site. But before customizing the commercial drying equipment, the client needs to determine the specific heating method.

 Industrial Drying Equipment Material

For optimum performance, your custom commercial drying equipment needs to be designed with the right steel. For different industries and different materials, commercial hot air ovens choose suitable steel. Hywell can provide dryers in SS304, SS316L, titanium, duplex stainless steel and other materials. For special materials, It can use stainless steel to spray carbide to increase the wear resistance of the equipment.

 Industrial Drying Machinery Volume

The volume of the drying equipment is designed according to the output, but the most important parameters for designing the capacity of the commercial drying machinery are as follows: the primary moisture content of the material, the final moisture content of the material after dried, and the maximum temperature that the material can withstand. The above three parameters are inseparable from the selection of commercial drying machinery capacity. Tell us the relevant parameters, Hywell's professional engineers will help you choose the commercial drying machinery and design the detailed layout of the commercial drying machine.

 Industrial Drying Machine Finish

Hywell Machinery manufactures a variety of commercial drying machines for the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. View all commercial drying machines below or use the site navigation menu to view by category. Hywell have a wide range of commercial drying machine used in different industries and materials!

Get Industrial Dryers Step-by-step

1.We Respond to Your Industrial Dryer Inquiry Within 12 Hours

We understand that time is an invaluable resource for your business and thus fast service delivery is important. Our short response times aim to provide easy access to our services.

2.We Deliver Customized Industrial Dryer Designs

Our objective is to deliver a customized dryer machine design that meets all your requirements. We aim to bring your vision to life because customer satisfaction is important to us.

3.We Achieve Efficient Efficient Dryer Machine Manufacturing

The Hywell Machinery factory is equipped with skilled workers and advanced equipment to ensure that we produce high-quality dryer machines efficiently. It also enables us to deliver the powder drying machine with short turnaround times.

4.We Offer Custom Industrial Dryer Equipment Packaging

Hywell Machinery manufactures a variety of wet powder dryer machines for the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. All this powder dryer equipment will be packed to follow the international transfer standard.

Benefits From Your Committed Industrials Drying Machinery Manufacturer

screw vacuum dryer
rotary dryer
fluid bed dryer

  Drying Machinery  Price

Our high-quality food drying machine is available at wholesale rates which saves you money and reduces your costs of production.

  Fast Production Turn-around

Hywell machinery manufacture your powder fluidized bed dryer fast to ensure that the production of your business are not delayed or disrupted.

  Free Industrial Lab Dryer Testing

Hywell Machinery offers you a free industrial drying machine for sample powder testing, and to confirm that the dryer machine reaches your design requirements.

  Minimum Drying Machine Order Quantity

All our clients are important to us and thus our MOQ is 1 set fluid bed dryer to accommodate large and small orders. because we are drying machine factory.

  High Industrial Vacuum Dryer / Hot Air Dryer Quality

We are meticulous with our quality checks and manufacturing standards. Our goal is to offer you the best industrial vacuum dryer / hot air dryer.

  Worry-free Aftersale Services

The Hywell Machinery team is always on hand to guide you through after-sale procedures of the dryer such as warehousing, shipment, and just-in-time delivery.

Which Industrial Dryers is Right for Your Process?

What Does an Industrial Dryer Do?

Industrial dryers are used in a variety of industries to remove moisture or water from a product. These dryers come in different types, sizes, and designs and are used in many applications such as food processing, paper and pulp manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and chemical processing.


Table of contents


What is an industrial dryer?


Types of industrial dryers


How do industrial dryers work?


Applications of industrial dryers


Benefits of industrial dryers


Factors to consider when choosing an industrial dryer






What is an Industrial Dryer?

An industrial dryer is a machine that is used to remove moisture or water from a product. The purpose of using an industrial dryer is to reduce the moisture content of a product to a desired level. This is achieved by subjecting the product to high temperature or pressure, or by exposing it to dry air.
Industrial drying machines are used in a variety of industries such as food processing, chemical processing, paper and pulp manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals. These dryers come in different types, sizes, and designs, depending on the product being dried and the desired level of moisture content.

Types of Industrial Dryers

There are several types of industrial dryers, each with its own unique design and functionality. Hywell Machinery company have the follow type drying machine: battery recycling rotary kiln, high-speed centrifugal spray dryer, vacuum shelf dryer, high efficiency vacuum dryer, conical paddle vacuum dryer, rota cone vacuum dryer, vertical fluid bed dryer, vibrating fluid bed dryer, static fluid bed dryers, hot air tray dryer.

How Do Industrial Dryers Work?

Industrial dryers work by subjecting the product being dried to high temperature or pressure, or by exposing it to dry air. The moisture content of the product is reduced as the product is exposed to these conditions.
The type of industrial dryer used will depend on the product being dried and the desired level of moisture content. For example, rotary dryers are used for drying products that are wet or sticky, while spray dryers are used for drying liquid, and fluid bed dryers are used for drying products that are granules. vacuum dryers are used for drying products at lower temperatures.

The Applications of Industrial Dryers

Industrial dryer machines are used in a wide range of applications across many different industries. Some of the most common applications of industrial dryers are:

Food Processing

In the food processing industry, industrial dryer machines are used to remove moisture from products such as fruits, vegetables, and grains. By reducing the moisture content of these products, they can be stored for longer periods of time without spoiling.

Chemical Processing

Industrial dryers are also commonly used in the chemical processing industry to remove moisture from chemicals and other substances. This helps to improve the quality and stability of these products and makes them easier to store and transport.


Industrial drying machines are used in the pharmaceutical industry to dry products such as powders and tablets. By reducing the moisture content of these products, they can be stored for longer periods of time without degrading.

The Benefits of Industrial Dryers

There are many benefits to using industrial dryers in various applications. Some of these benefits include:
• Increased productivity: Industrial drying equipment can help to speed up the drying process, allowing products to be processed more quickly and efficiently.
• Improved product quality: By removing moisture from products, industrial dryers can help to improve the quality and stability of these products, making them more marketable.
• Reduced storage costs: By reducing the moisture content of products, they can be stored for longer periods of time without spoiling, reducing the need for expensive storage facilities.
• Energy savings: Some types of industrial drying machines are designed to be energy-efficient, reducing the cost of energy needed to dry products.
Factors to Consider When Choosing an Industrial Dryer.

When choosing an industrial dryer, there are several factors to consider, including:

• The type of product being dried
• The primary moisture content
• The final moisture content
• The required drying time
• The treatment capacity of the dryer
• The cost of the dryer and its operating costs
• The heating method of dryer



Industrial dryer equipment is an important tool used in many different industries to remove moisture from products. By understanding the different types of industrial dryers available, their various applications, and the factors to consider when choosing a dryer, businesses can make informed decisions about which dryer to use to meet their specific needs.


1. Can industrial dryers be customized to meet specific requirements?
Yes, industrial dryers can be customized to meet specific requirements, such as the size of the drying chamber, the type of heating source, the method of material feed, and the control system. Customization allows for greater flexibility in meeting specific production needs.

2. How can I maintain my industrial dryer?

To maintain an industrial dryer, it is important to clean and inspect it regularly to ensure that it is operating efficiently and safely. You should also replace any worn or damaged parts, and follow the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule.
4. What industries use industrial dryers?
Industrial dryers are used in a wide range of industries, including food processing, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, textiles, minerals, and agriculture. They are also used in the production of plastics, rubber, and other materials that require drying as part of the manufacturing process.
5. What is an industrial dryer used for?
An industrial dryer is a machine used to remove moisture or water from a range of materials such as chemicals, food, minerals, and pharmaceuticals. The drying process helps to preserve the quality and extend the shelf life of the materials.
6. What are the different types of industrial dryers?
There are several types of industrial dryers, including rotary dryers, fluidized bed dryers, flash dryers, spray dryers, and vacuum shelf dryers.
7. How do industrial dryers work?
The specific working mechanism of an industrial dryer depends on the type of dryer being used. In general, however, industrial dryers use heat and airflow to remove moisture from products.
8. What are the benefits of using an industrial dryer?
Some benefits of using an industrial dryer include increased productivity, improved product quality, reduced storage costs, and energy savings.
9. What factors should be considered when choosing an industrial dryer?
When choosing an industrial dryer machine, factors to consider include the type of product being dried, the desired level of moisture content, the required drying time, the size and capacity of the dryer, and the cost of the dryer and its operating costs.

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