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Rotary Tray Dryer

PLG Series continuous rotary tray dryer is a kind of high-efficiency conducting and continuous drying equipment. Its unique structure and operating principle provide advantages of high heat efficiency, low energy consumption, less occupying area, simple configuration, easy operation and control as well as a good operating environment, etc. The rotary plate dryer is widely used in the drying processes in the fields of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, agricultural chemicals, foodstuff, fodder, the process of agricultural and by-products, etc., and the rotary tray dryer is well received by various industries.
  • PLG


  • SUS304/SUS316L/SUS310S

  • Food/Battery/Chemical

  • Yes


Rotary Tray Dryer Working Principle

The wet material to be processed is fed continuously from a feeder on the top plate of the rotary tray dryer. Rotating arms with plows spread the product in a circular pattern across the heated surface of the horizontal plate. The product is conveyed towards the outer rim of the small-diameter top plate, where it falls over the edge onto the second, larger plate directly below. On this plate, the product is moved inwards towards the central opening through which it cascades onto the next, smaller plate. The product flows continuously through the vertical dryer. It is turned over repeatedly, and each particle comes into contact frequently with the drying surface of the heated plates. Moisture evaporates from the product during transport through the dryer. Finally, the dried product falls from the last plate onto the bottom surface of the housing, where it is conveyed by means of plows to the discharge port. At the same time, the air passes through the primary, middle, and high-efficiency filters, the air will be heated by the heating system and the air temperature is raised to the set temperature. and then enters the vertical rotary tray dryer machine and evaporates part of the moisture. The moisture exhausts from materials and will be removed from the moist discharge port on the top cover of the rotary tray dryer, and sucked out by the vacuum pump(Optional) or exhaust fan on the top cover. The dried product discharged from the bottom layer of the rotary tray dryer machine. The final dried materials can be directly transferred to the storage tank by the vacuum system so that no dust flies.

The continuous rotary tray dryer is also named as vertical plate dryer, vertical disc dryer, rotary plate dryer, continual plate dryer, and continuous disk drying machine.

Rotary Tray Dryers Video

Rotary Tray Dryer for Lithium Carbonate Working Video

Rotary Tray Dryer Structure

PLG Series rotary tray dryer consists of a wet materials feeding materials system, Drying main machine, Air filtering system and heating system, Air exhausting and fine dust collecting system, a control system, and so on, the feature for each system as below:

1. Feeding materials system of the continual plate dryer

The screw conveyor is composed of a spiral body, a feed port, a discharge port, bearings, transmission, etc. The spiral body and the shaft form a whole, and its structure is mainly composed of spiral blades and pipes. The material enters the screw conveyor from the feed port and advances along the spiral rotating blades. When the material in the feed port moves toward the axis, its density becomes larger, and the gap between the spiral blades and the tube shell becomes smaller, effectively the sealing performance is greatly increased to prevent material leakage. During this process, the centrifugal force generated by the spiral rotation interacts with the self-gravity of the material, causing the material to transfer from the axis to the periphery of the pipe. When the material reaches the end, it is discharged into the disc dryer through the discharge port. the feeding materials speed can be controlled by the inverter base the continuous rotary plate dryer

2.     Drying main machine of the rotary tray drying machine

The main machine of the rotary disc dryer is composed of stamped drying discs, transmission devices, heating devices, rake arms and rake leaves, etc.

(1). Stamped drying plate

The stamped drying plate of the rotary plate dryer is made of stainless steel, with a thickness of 6mm on the upper surface and 4mm on the lower surface. Pan edge height: 45mm. The lower plate of the stamped drying plate punches out a number of regular convex structures, and then the upper and lower plates are stacked together, and the convex parts are welded to the upper plate. This not only increases the stiffness and strength of the disk, but also increases the heat carrier disturbance and improves thermal efficiency. In order to prevent the disc surface from being uneven: the outer retaining ring of the large disc surface and the inner blanking ring of the small disc surface are both formed by one-time drum pressing of steel plates. The upper edge of the large disc surface is pressed into an arc, and the lower edge of the small disc surface is pressed into an arc, which greatly enhances the rigidity of the disc surface. At the same time, it is also flatter.

(2). Rake arm and rake leaves of the rotary vertical tray dryer

     The rake arm is made of stainless steel, and the rake arm is connected to the main shaft with a threaded connection for easy maintenance and replacement. There are 4 pieces of rake arms on each layer, forming an angle of 30 degrees with the rake arms of the lower layer.

     Rake leaves are also an important part of the disc dryer, which directly affects the heat transfer and mass transfer performance of the product.

     The rake consists of a tie rod, blades, counterweights, etc. The tie rod and blade are fixed by bolts.

     Thickness of rake blade: 6mm, each rake arm is equipped with 7-8 pieces of rake blades.

(3). Heating system of the rotary tray dryer machine

  The integral steam pipeline is placed inside the cylinder and is connected to each drying plate using flanges. Material: 304 stainless steel. Only the steam inlet and outlet flanges extend outside the cylinder. Steam pressure: 0.8MPa,

     (a). The inlet and outlet flanges and pipes of the drying plate are made of 304. Flange connection is used to connect to the main pipeline. The gasket is a metal gasket.

     (b). The drying plate and oil supply pipeline system must undergo a pressure test before leaving the factory. The pressure test pressure is 1.0MPa.

      (c). The drying plate steam inlet and outlet groups 3 and 4 each have one unit, and the bottom drying plate has a single unit (customers can pass either steam or cold water.)

3. Air filtering system and heating system of the continuous rotary tray dryer

 Before the fresh air enters the heater, it should pass through the pre- and post-filter first, and then enter the heater for heating. For the heating method, there are steam, high-temperature oil, and hot water. Which method to choose depends on the customer's site conditions. To ensure the drying medium enters the drying chamber with high purity, the heated air should go through the high-temperature high-efficiency filter (HEPA-Optional) before entering the drying chamber of the continuous rotary tray drying machine.

4. Air exhausting and fine dust collecting system of continuous rotary tray dryer

Material collecting systems of continuous rotary plate dryers, there are several types. Such as cyclone, cyclone + bag filter, cyclone+ bag filter + water scrubber, and so on. The method depends on the material property itself. For the filtering system for the outlet air, we have a filter on request.

5. Control system of continuous rotary tray drying machine

HMI+PLC, each parameter can be displayed on the touch screen of the rotary disk dryer drying equipment. Disk dryers are usually equipped with automatic control systems to monitor and regulate the drying process. The control system can monitor the temperature, humidity, and other parameters of the dryer in real-time, and adjust it according to the set drying requirements. By controlling the temperature and wind speed of the heating device, precise control of the drying process can be achieved and the drying effect and production efficiency can be improved.

Rotary Tray Dryer Parameter


Diameter (mm)

High (mm)

Drying area(m2)

Driving power(Kw)

Exhaust fan(Kw)















































































1.Hywell   machinery reserves the right to the design without notice

2.All specifications of rotary tray dryer are as   accurate as is reasonably possible, but they are not binding.

Rotary Tray Dryer Application

1.    Continuous rotary tray drying machine for Organic chemical products:

Resin, melamine, aniline, stearate, calcium formate and other organic chemical raw materials and intermediates

2. Continuous rotary tray dryer for Inorganic chemical products:

Calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, white carbon black, sodium chloride, cryolite, various sulfates, hydroxides, lithium carbonate.

3.   Continuous rotary tray dryer for Medicines and foods:

Cephalosporins, vitamins, medicinal salts, aluminum hydroxide, tea, ginkgo leaves, starch

4.  Continuous rotary tray dryer for Feed fertilizers:

biological potassium fertilizer, protein feed, grains, seeds, herbicides, cellulose

Rotary Tray Dryer Feature

1. Easy to adjust and control, good applicability

- The drying efficiency can be improved by adjusting the thickness of the material layer, the rotary speed of the main shaft, the quantity of harrow arm, shape, and size of harrow plates.

- Each drying layer can input hot medium or cool medium individually for heating or cooling. The temperature control is accurate and easy to adjust.

- The residence time of materials can be adjusted accurately.

- Single material flowing direction to prevent material return and mixing. The drying process is uniform and the quality is stable, no re-mixing is required.

2. Easy to operate

- Simple operation for turn on and turn off.

- After material feeding is stopped, the remaining material inside of the machine can be easily discharged out by the harrows.

- You can clean and observe inside from the large-scale viewing window.

3. Low energy consumption

- The material layer is thin and the rotary speed of the main shaft is low so it requires low power and electricity consumption.

- The material is dried by conducting heat so it has high heating efficiency.

4. Good operation environment

(1). Normal pressure type

The speed of airflow inside of the machine is low and the humidity is high in the upper end and low in the bottom end so the dust can't float to the top which keeps no dust in the exhausted air.

(2). Closed type

The rotary disk drying machine is equipped with a solvent recovery device that can recover organic solvent easily from the wet air. The solvent recovery device has a simple structure and a high recovery rate. For the flammable, explosive, and poisonous materials, the nitrogen can be used as a medium for closed circulation and keeps a safe working condition.

(3). Vacuum type

The tray dryer operates under vacuum conditions and it is particularly suitable for drying heat-sensitive materials.

5. Easy installation

- The dryer is delivered in a complete piece so it is quite easy to install and fix at the site.

- The disc plates are arranged in layers and they will be installed vertically so it takes a small area from the workshop.

6.  Other Features

•    Easily adjusted and automatically maintained drying conditions

•     it can automatically adjust to varying feed rates

•     Environmentally sealed, and explosion-proof models

•     Easy startup and operation on different materials

•     Low maintenance costs because of its unparalleled reliability

•     Can use any heating medium: steam, high-temperature oil, or hot water

•     Manufactured in a wide range of materials

•     Vertical construction, little space requirements. Outdoor or indoor installations


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