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High Efficiency Vacuum Dryer

The High Efficiency Vacuum Dryer (High-Efficiency Vacuum Shelf Dryer ) for heat-sensitive Materials is a new type of vacuum dryer designed and manufactured by our company to dissolve the following problems in the traditional vacuum shelf drying oven during the drying process: the significant temperature difference inside the oven, the slowly drying speed, the inconsistently dried of upper and lower materials are, and easy to foam and overflow drying tray during the drying process so that extends drying time, This low-temperature high efficiency vacuum drying equipment is mainly designed to drying for the materials with high sugar content, low temperature, easy to overflow, easy to foam, easy to oxidize.
  • MDZ


  • 8419399090

  • SUS304/SUS316L/Titanium

  • Food/Pharmaceutical/Chemical


High Efficiency Vacuum Dryer Overview

      The drying efficiency of high efficiency vacuum dryer is 200% higher than that of a industrial vacuum shelf dryer, and the drying time of the high efficiency vacuum dryer is shortened greatly. More than 80% less energy consumption than the hot air drying oven.

The high efficiency vacuum dryers can use steam, hot water, and electricity as the heat source, and the high efficiency vacuum dryer can complete the online cleaning or soak cleaning function. The high efficiency vacuum dryers have solved the problems of vacuum equipment of high energy consumption and low efficiency and disconnection from the pharmaceutical production process for many years. At present, it is a high-efficiency and energy-saving replacement product with drying and cleaning functions.

     Due to the high viscosity, high sugar content, and poor air permeability of many extract materials. the materials are paste and sticky, and the materials cannot withstand high temperatures; these types of materials cannot be dried by a spray dryer.  If it is dried in the ordinary vacuum shelf dryer, the drying time is usually more than 20 hours. Off course, microwave vacuum dryers have become popular in China and Asia in the past few years. The microwave vacuum dryer can complete the drying of such materials in a short time. In the process of use in pharmaceutical and food factories, it was found that microwaves have major damage to some material components. In recent years, vacuum microwave dryers have gradually withdrawn from the market in some fields.

    In recent years, a high efficient vacuum dryer (also called a pulse vacuum dryer, a high-efficiency vacuum shelf dryer, intermittent supplemental air vacuum dryer) has been developed on the basis of pulsating sterilization equipment. The low-temperature high efficient vacuum dryer is a jacketed box-type device, which operates under low temperature and vacuum conditions, and the drying time is shortened from more than 20 hours in the traditional vacuum tray dryer to about 2-3 hours. This high-efficiency vacuum tray dryer has achieved a great breakthrough in drying speed, and after the materials are manually loaded, automatic control is set.

     High efficient vacuum tray dryers can be widely used for drying materials in various industries. This High-efficiency vacuum tray dryer is especially suitable for drying traditional Chinese medicine extracts with high sugar content, low heat sensitivity, easy overflow, and easy foaming. The drying ability is very advantageous. For example plant extracts with high sugar content, honey.

High Sugar Paste Liquid Drying by the High Efficicency Vacuum Dryers

herb extract dryer


high efficency dryer

Vacuum Drying

after dried herb liquid


high sugar dryer


High Effiency Vacuum Dryers Loading

Pulsating Vacuum Dryer Drying Process

Pulsating Vacuum Dryers After Drying and Discharging

High Efficiency Vacuum Drying Oven Description

The high-efficiency vacuum drying oven is a commonly used industrial vacuum drying equipment with strong adaptability.  The high efficiency vacuum drying oven is suitable for drying small batches and multiple varieties of materials without damage or dust. The high-efficiency vacuum drying oven is especially suitable for drying multi-variety and small batches of heat-sensitive drugs in pharmaceutical factories. The high efficient vacuum dryer oven is composed of a rectangular airtight drying box, and there is a plate drying rack composed of a heating plate layer and an integral mobile trolley. Hot water is introduced into the board layer to heat the baking pan containing the material, and it is dried by heat conduction with the board layer, and the evaporated water vapor is taken away by the vacuum system to achieve the drying effect. Therefore, our company combined experiments and made technical improvements to the traditional vacuum drying box to obtain a new type of high-efficiency vacuum dryer oven. Its equipment has the following characteristics:

1. The outside of the equipment box of the high-efficiency vacuum dryer oven is equipped with ≧45% stainless steel heating jacket, and hot water circulation, which increases the overall heating area of the box, it can quickly increase the temperature in the box, prevent the secondary formation of condensed water, and effectively ensure that the temperature inside the box is uniform. performance and stability, and increase the drying rate.

2. The new type of drying rack of the high high efficient vacuum dryer oven has a flat surface and automatic constant temperature, which ensures that the materials in the baking tray are heated evenly. The drying rack is composed of heating plates, pillars, and imported silicone tubes, with a beautiful appearance and easy maintenance.

3. The traditional vacuum shelf dryer is manually locked by hand wheel, while the high efficiency vacuum dryer oven is an automatic locking door, which is flexible in rotation, sturdy and durable, easy to operate, and beautiful in appearance.

4. The intelligent pulse vacuum dryer is equipped with temperature and humidity control and automatic voltage stabilization. It integrates the functions of drying and condensing solvent recovery, PLC control, and intelligent storage and formula production functions, realizing the whole process of intelligent control and high degree of automation.

5. The intelligent pulse vacuum drying equipment adopts "high pressure hot air-vacuum pulse convection mode". The principle of vacuum drying is a high-efficiency low-temperature drying and sterilization method. The intelligent pulse vacuum drying equipment can use steam, circulating superheated water, and electric heating as the heat source. At the same time, it can use saturated steam circulation sterilization, ozone sterilization, and other functions, and can realize online cleaning or soaking cleaning functions. Its drying effect is very good. With drying, sterilization, cleaning, and other multi-function all-in-one machine, advanced, high efficiency (shortening drying time), high energy saving, full-featured, the same output requires less equipment, saving 40-60% of the floor space, currently the most ideal, the most popular drying equipment.

In summary, the intelligent pulse vacuum dryer has a reasonable structure, simple operation, and convenient cleaning. It is a new type of vacuum drying machine that meets the requirements of GMP.

pulse vacuum dryer

Pulse Vacuum Dryer

pluse dryer

Interior of Dryer 

Pulse Vacuum Drying Machine Principle

The pulse vacuum drying machine includes the following components: jacketed box, multi-function frame, heat layer, heavy-duty tray, vacuum system, chiller, cleaning system, buffer tank, etc.

The pulse vacuum drying machine has a heat function for the inner layer board and cabinet jacket under the vacuum condition to dry the materials. The vacuum pump of the pulse vacuum drying machine is used for suction and dehumidification to make the working chamber form a vacuum state and reduce the boiling point of water. It can obtain a high drying rate at a low temperature, and the heat is fully utilized. There is no impurity in the drying process. The pulse vacuum drying machine is static vacuum drying, so it will not cause damage to the shape of the dried material. After the material is foamed when in the drying process, it will quickly break through the injection of clean air, which meets the new GMP requirements. Adopt high-performance PLC to detect and control the whole process, the working pressure and temperature are automatically adjusted throughout, and the work report is output in real-time for archiving for reference. the max vacuum of the pulse vacuum drying machine can reach -0.097Mpa.

pulse vacuum drier

Vacuum system

high vacuum dryer

Control valve

Pulse Vacuum Drying Machine Design Aim

With the changes in market demand for vacuum drying machines, the regulation of drug supervision is becoming more and more strict, and the requirements for automation, energy-saving equipment, and the degree of individualization of production equipment are getting higher and higher.

Therefore, Hywell Machinery accurately reflects the needs of market customers in the design process of the pulse vacuum dryer and presents energy saving, environmental protection, high efficiency, automation, and intelligence of drying process and equipment in a new generation.

Pulse Vacuum Dryer Performance Characteristics

1. The pulse vacuum dryer solves the bottleneck of drying efficiency. the pulse vacuum dryer has high drying efficiency, this pulse vacuum dryer technology improves the efficiency by 5 to 10 times compared with the traditional vacuum shelf dryer.

  2. The pulse vacuum dryer solves the problem of conformity between the actual production of materials and the drying process. the vacuum dryer equipment production process is stable and controllable;

  3.  The low-temperature pulse vacuum dryer solves the problem of difficult cleaning. with automatic water inlet soaking and cleaning function, mobile drying inner car design, online cleaning device, more convenient to clean, peripheral feeding car;

  4. The pulsating vacuum dryers solve the problem of drying materials for small and medium batches, and multiple varieties of drying, and the actual production is more flexible;

  5. The high-efficiency pulse vacuum dryers solve the problem of the high energy consumption of pharmaceutical equipment. The drying production cost of this high-efficiency vacuum dryer is reduced by more than 50% compared with traditional vacuum drying equipment.

6. The planeness of the plate of a high-efficiency pulse vacuum dryer is ≤ 1mm, the plate and the plating layer are tightly bonded together and the heat transfer efficiency is high, the hollow partition design makes the plate heating uniform, the temperature uniformity ±1.5℃, and ensures the consistency of material drying.

Pulsed Vacuum Dryer Process Flow

Pulse Vacuum Dryer

Pulsed Vacuum Dryer Specifications


Effective volume

Inner size(mm)

External size

Tray siz(mm)

Qty of layer

Qty of tray

  ( ºC )

Steam pressure
  ( Mpa )








Room Temp-100









Room Temp-100









Room Temp-100









Room Temp-100


1. Accept non-standard customized   vacuum drying oven

1.Hywell machinery reserves the   right to the design without notice

2.All specifications are as accurate as is reasonably possible, but they   are not binding.

Heating Method of Pulsed Vacuum Dryers

 For the heating method of the pulsed vacuum dryers,  The pulsating vacuum dryers can use steam or hot water or heat transfer oil as a heat source. However, the above heat sources cannot be provided by the end user. Hywell machine can provide electric heating heat transfer oil furnace or electric heating hot water tank. Specific can be designed according to customers.

Pulse Vacuum Drying Oven Construction Material

   Hywell Machinery are able to offer our MZ series pulse vacuum drying oven with contact part to be built in SS304, SS316L, Titanium, Duplex stainless steel, etc. Electrical parts of control system of the vacuum drying machine can be adapted to the customer’s needs.

shelf vacuum dryer

Plate rack

tray of vacuum dryer


How do the pulse vacuum dryer oven works

    First set the temperature adapted to the material characteristics, the whole system is fully automatically controlled, when the vacuum in the box of the pulse vacuum dryer oven reaches the saturated evaporation state of water or solvent, the water will be evaporated at a low temperature and high efficiency. The reasonable heating method adopts the plate heating method, increases the effective heat exchange area, and adopts the high-pressure hot air-vacuum convection method to prevent the loss of heat energy in the box, and at the same time, the water vapor in the box is quickly vacuumed away, and it plays the role of vacuum drying and replacement over and over again, which greatly improves drying. efficiency!

High Efficiency Vacuum Shelf Dryer Advantages

Hywell machinery MZ series high-efficiency vacuum shelf dryer had the following advantages over conventional solutions.

1. High-efficiency vacuum shelf dryer is a short drying time and has low energy consumption;

2. The material is evenly dried;

3. The temperature of heat-sensitive materials can be selectively heated and dried;

4.  high efficient vacuum shelf dryers have large heat exchange area and a high utilization rate of heat energy;

5.  Drying in high vacuum and low-temperature state, less loss of active ingredients, and good quality of dried products;

6.  After drying by the high efficient vacuum shelf dryers, the product is crunchy, easy to crush, and has good instant solubility and high yield;

7. Good temperature control performance by the high efficient vacuum shelf dryer, no carbonization of dry products;

8. The formula process is automatically controlled throughout the process, and the product quality is stable;

9. The high-pressure hot air pulse function prevents the loss of heat energy in the box, effectively reduces energy consumption, dries the product evenly, and has no overflow tray

10. The operation and cleaning of the high efficient vacuum shelf dryers are more scientific and convenient.

11. Cold water and hot water filtration and circulation system, which greatly saves production water and reduces production costs;

12. Condenser online cleaning management process to prevent the accumulation of scale and sticky walls, improve the vacuum degree, and ensure the stability of equipment production

13.  Make a suitable vacuum system according to the composition of the dry material to improve the production stability and prolong the service life of the equipment

14. The plate-layer of the high-efficiency vacuum shelf oven connection adopts the imported silicone tube without locking structure connection, which avoids the dead angle of sanitation, and the maintenance is convenient and quick.

15.  50% moisture materials can be dried in 2-3 hours when the drying temperature is 50-70 degrees by this high-efficiency vacuum shelf oven, and get the crisp dried materials.

16.  Dry Temperature Sensitive Products - Because all liquids vaporize at a lower temperature at reduced pressures, it is possible to vaporize the liquids at very low temperatures.

17. Reduced Energy – Since the evaporation of the liquid under a high vacuum occurs at a much reduce temperature, the temperature differential is increased without raising the temperature.

18. Single Enclosed Environment – Active pharmaceutical ingredients, drugs, and toxic chemicals are easily isolated in a vacuum dryer. The closed system also assures the maximum collection of solvents is achieved, protecting operators and the environment.

19.  Avoid Oxidation – A high-efficiency vacuum tray dryer is ideal for avoiding the oxidation of chemicals and with the addition of an inert gas purge, an oxygen-free environment can be maintained.

20. The heat source for evaporation may be low-pressure steam or surplus heat steam. but the high-efficiency vacuum tray dryer also can use hot water or thermal oil as a heat source. If the client has no heat source. Hywell machinery can design and supply the electrical heating thermal oil or hot water to supply the heat source for the MDZ Series high-efficiency vacuum tray dryer.

21.  The MDZ series high-efficiency vacuum tray dryer belongs to the static vacuum dryer. The materials load inside the tray, So the shape of the raw material to be dried should not be destroyed.

Intermittent Supplemental Air vacuum Dryer Application

   intermittent supplemental air vacuum dryer is suitable for drying heat-sensitive raw materials that can decompose or polymerize or deteriorate at high temperatures. intermittent supplemental air vacuum dryer is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff, and electronic industries. Particularly it is suitable for raw materials that have the following requirements:

1. Thermal-sensitive raw materials that cannot be dried at high temperatures.

2. Raw materials that are easy to oxidize and dangerous.

3. Raw materials that solvent and toxic gases are needed to recover.

4. Raw materials that have special requirements for crystal shape.


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