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Rota Cone Vacuum Dryer

The Hywell Machinery Rota Cone Vacuum Dryers are one of the most energy efficient, gentle and cost effective methods for drying solids to very low moisture levels. Because of the reduced vaporization temperatures possible under vacuum, Rota Cone Vacuum Dryer are ideal for drying heat-sensitive products including food ingredients and pharmaceuticals.  The clean double cone shape provide gentle unobstructed tumbling of the solids and complete discharge with minimal hang up points. Vacuum leakage is minimized because there is only one seal on the vacuum line. The open design makes both visual inspection and CIP simple. Rotary Vacuum Dryers are also rugged enough to blend and dry powdered metals with bulk densities. Horizontal Rotary Vacuum Dryers extend the range of drying applications by starting with pastes.

  • SZG
  • 8419399090
  • SUS304/SUS316L
  • Food/Pharmaceutical/Chemical

Rota Cone Vacuum Dryers Introduction

The Rota Cone Vacuum Dryer is a high efficiency horizontal type drying equipment which integrates drying, vacuum decompression and mixed powder.

The Hywell Machinery double cone vacuum dryer has a few advantages that make it suitable. It is an extremely gentle dryer/mixer for minimal particle size degradation. The drying phase is by vacuum with a solvent recovery system to allow for the recovery of the solvents that were used to dissolve the active ingredients.  The discharge from the vessel is from the bottom of the cone by a full port valve. It also allows for the entire batch to discharge quickly with minimal residual material left behind.

rotary vacuum dryer

Rotary Vacuum Dryer

double Cone Vacuum Dryers

Rotary vacuum drying system

Rotary Vacuum Dryers Description

SZG Series Rotating Vacuum Dryer is a new generation drying device developed by our factory on the basis of combining the technology of similar equipment. It has two connecting ways, i.e. belt or chain. Therefore rotary vacuum dryers is stable in operation. The special design guarantees two shafts realize good concentricity.  It can carry out speed control and constant temperature control.

As for working medium, it may be thermal oil or steam or hot water. For drying the adhesive raw material, we have designed specially a stirring plate buffer for you. The biggest may be 8000L. Let heat source (for example, low pressure steam or thermal oil or hot water) pass through the sealed jacket. The heat will be transmitted to raw material to be dried through inner shell; Under driving of power, the tank is rotated slowly and the raw material inside it is mixed continuously. The purpose of reinforced drying can be realized; The raw material is under vacuum. The drop of steam pressure makes the moisture (solvent) at the surface of raw material reach the state of saturation and evaporate. The solvent will be discharged through vacuum pump and recovered in time. The inner moisture (solvent) of raw material will infiltrate, evaporate and discharge continuously. The three processes are carried out unceasingly and the purpose of drying can be realized within a short time.

Vacuum Double Cone Dryer specifications


Total volume (L)

Operation Volume(L)

Maximum loading (Kg)





















































1.Hywell   machinery reserves the right to the design without notice

2.All   specifications are as accurate as is reasonably possible, but they are not   binding.

Heating method of vacuum dryer oven

    For the heating method of the tray vacuum dryer, it can use the steam or hot water or heat transfer oil as heat source. However, the above heat sources cannot be provided by end user. Hywell machine can provide electric heating heat transfer oil furnace or electric heating hot water tank. Specific can be designed according to customers.

Condensation recovery unit

If the material contains a large amount of solvent or relatively expensive solvent. The vacuum drying equipment can optionally be equipped with a condensation recovery device, the condensor use to cool the solvent into a liquid through the condenser and recover it.

Tube model condenser of vacuum dryer

There are two types of vacuum dryer condensers in Hywell company. One is the traditional tube condenser. This condenser is made of seamless steel pipes that arranged inside the condenser cover. The outside of the tube is equipped with cooling fins to increase the condensation efficiency.

Hose wound tube condenser of rotary vacuum dryer

The other is a metal hose condenser. The condenser is undoubtedly a seamless metal hose wrapped inside the condenser. so the same heat exchange area, the outside size of hose wound condensor is smaller than the tube condenser and cost is also cheaper. now Hywell company almost use this kinds Hose wound tube condenser.

mixing vacuum dryer

Tube model condenser 

Hose condenser

Hose wound tube condenser

Conical Vacuum dryer construction material

    Hywell Machinery are able to offer our HW series Rotary Conical Vacuum Dryer with contact part to be built in SS304, SS316L, Titanium, Duplex stainless steel, etc. Electrical parts of control system of the drying machine can be adapted to the customer’s needs.

     If some materials are highly corrosive need to be dried, such as materials with strong acid and strong alkali (PH <4 and >10). Hywell machinery's double cone dryer can be lined with enamel for the contact material parts to increases the corrosion resistance of equipment (inorganic vitreous materials are melted and condensed on the base metal and A composite material that bonds firmly to metal).  The drying equipment industry usually named lined with enamel dryer as enamel double cone vacuum dryer or lined enamel dryer.

Line enamel rotary vacuum dryer

Line Enamel Rotary Vacuum Dryer

Lined enamel double cone vacuum dryer

Lined Enamel Double Cone Dryer

How do the Rotary Conical Vacuum Dryer works

    The double-cone dryer is a double-cone rotary tank. When the tank is in a vacuum state, steam or hot water is passed into the jacket for heating, and the heat is in contact with the wet material through the inner wall of the tank. The vapor that evaporates after the wet material absorbs heat is evacuated by a vacuum pump through a vacuum exhaust pipe. Since the tank body is in a vacuum state, and the rotation of the tank body causes the materials to continuously turn up and down, inside and outside, the drying speed of the materials is accelerated, the drying efficiency is improved, and the purpose of uniform drying is achieved.

Double cone vacuum dryer Advantages

Hywell machinery SZG series Double cone vacuum dryer had the following advantages over conventional solutions. Vacuum dryers offer many benefits including:

 1. Dry Temperature Sensitive Products

    Because all liquids vaporize at lower temperature at reduced pressures, it is possible to vaporize the liquids at very low temperatures.

  2. Reduced Energy

    Since the evaporation of the liquid under vacuum occurs at a much reduce temperature, the temperature differential is increased without raising the temperature.

3.  Safe for Friable Products

The low speed at which tumble dryer operate, just a few revolutions per minute, makes Rota-Cone Dryers ideal for delicate and friable solids such as crystals, macromolecules or agglomerated solids.

4.  More Complete Discharge

Unlike agitated dryers, Rota-Cone Dryers have very little surface area and no agitator to trap product. The simple unobstructed 45 degree cone allows all products to freely discharge.

5.  Low Cross Contamination

Because there is only one moving part, the tumble dryer is an inherently simple and clean design, which improves yield and reduced cross contamination.

6.   Easily Inspected Interior

All surfaces of the Rota-Cone® Vacuum Dryer can be inspected from one vantage point – the loading hatch.

7.  Single Enclosed Environment

Active pharmaceutical ingredients, drugs and toxic chemicals are easily isolated in a vacuum dryer. Loading and discharging connections can be automated, sealed and purged for worker protection. The closed system also assures the maximum collection of solvents is achieved, protecting operators and the environment.

8.  Avoid Oxidation

The Rota-Cone Vacuum Dryer is ideal for avoiding oxidation of chemical and with the addition of an inert gas purge, an oxygen free environment can be maintained.

Rotary cone vacuum dryer options

1.  Construction Material & Sanitary Finishes:

We are able to offer our rotary cone vacuum dryer with contact part to be built in Carbon steel, SS304, SS316/316L, Titanium, Duplex stainless steel, etc. Standard of internal and external finish can be adopted to the customer’s needs.

2.  Feeding & Discharge Options:

cone vacuum dryer can have a variety of feeding & discharging methods that match the demands of the filling & production line.

3.  Drive Systems:

Rotating cone vacuum dryer have a drive system by geared motor,belt or chain transmission, etc.

4.  Heating & Cooling Jackets:

Double cone vacuum dryer are available with jackets for heating / cooling operation.

5.  Custom Engineered Dimensions:

Dimensions of our rotary vacuum dryer can be defined according to customer’s requirements.

6.   Rota Cone Vacuum Drying Machine Sizes:

Rota Cone Drying Machine from 100 to 5000 lit. total volume with bigger size as per request &. more.

fast clamp gauge of dryer

Fast clamp gauge

drive system of cone dryer

Driving system

Rota Cone Drier Application:

The Rota Cone Drier is suitable for vacuum mixing and drying of power and granule raw materials of pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, foodstuff industry etc. Particularly it is suitable for row materials that have the follow requirements:

1.Themal sensitive raw materials that cannot be dried at high temperature.

2.Raw materials that is easy to oxidize and dangerous.

3.Raw materials that solvent and toxic gases are needed to recover.

4.Raw materials that have special requirement for crystal shape.

5. Raw materials that have special requirement for the content of residual colatile.

blending vacuum dryer
rotary vacuum drying machine


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