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V Powder Mixer

The Hywell Machinery V powder mixer, sometimes also called Y shaped Mixer or V cone blender, is one type of the well-known Tumbler Mixer (the other type is the EYH series rocking mixer) which is very popular for the intimate blending of free-flowing dry powders, granules, and crystals. It is featured by the very simple design and easy to clean construction. V series powder blenders are featured by a gentle high-flowing mixing process for solids/solids in a proportion of up to 1:100 with the possibility of using an intensifier bar to enhance the mixture and solids/liquids in powder or granulate form with different specific weights

V Powder Mixer is characterized by low energy input and this operation works well with formulations that are free-flowing and have similar physical properties. Portable units are available to working volumes of up to 300 liters and stationary units may be designed for batch volumes exceeding 5,000 liters. The barrel of V type mixing machine adopts arc shape connections and its well polished and reach GMP.

  • V


  • 479820090

  • SUS304/SUS316L/Titanium

  • Food/Pharmaceutical/Chemical


V Powder Mixer Principles

The V Powder Mixer is composed of two drum formed and welded together. The shape of the container is asymmetric with respect to the axis. The motor and reduce are connected by belts. When the motor to drive reducer , The reducer rotate with the coupling to make the barrel rotary continuously. Due to the rotating motion, the powder particles are continuously alternated, divided, and merged in the inclined cylinder; the materials are randomly transferred from one area to another area, and at the same time, the powder particles are slipped between the particles, and the particles are superimposed multiple times in the space. It is continuously distributed on the newly generated surface, so that shearing, diffusion and mixing are repeated. The V mixer machine is our widely absorbing, digesting foreign advanced technology, combined with the new type conditions of successful research and development. Reasonable structure, stable performance, convenient operation. The whole machine features novel design, compact structure, and good appearance, the evenness of mixing reaches 99% , and thevolume charge maximum factor reaches 0.6.

Due to the characteristic shapes of V powder mixer formed by two normally identical sections joined at a specific angle, axial flows are created inside which separate and join the product to be mixed, and which together with the radial action of the mixture, results in a rapid and uniform mix Discharge is via an outlet at the base of the two cylinders, where a butterfly valve is fitted with lever control or pneumatic activator. Contact us to learn more about our complete lines, Mixers and high shear granulator mixing solutions for customers in the adhesive, food, and chemical industries.All V powder blender can be supplied with appropriate safety railings and Safety railings with limit switch/safety switch interlock.

Hywell Machinery also have the laboratory powder mixer for the factory or experimental agency product development stage, please pay attention to hywell company's lab scale V type mixing machine.

V Model Blender

V Model Blender

V Type Mixer

V Type Mixer

V Shell Mixer

V Shell Mixer

V Type Powder Mixing Machine Video

V Powder Mixer Specifications


Total volume (L)

Operation Volume(L)

Maximum loading (Kg)

Speed of mixing (r/min)























































































1.10-50L can work with interchangeable drums.

2.Bigger size up to 5000L are available against request

3.Hywell machinery reserves the right to the design without notice

4.All specifications are as accurate as is reasonably possible, but they are not binding.

Components of a V Powder Mixer

1.Mixing Chamber

The mixing chamber is the main component of a V-type powder mixer. It is a V-shaped container that is designed to hold the powder or granules that need to be mixed. The shape of the mixing chamber ensures that the powder or granules are efficiently mixed, and there is minimal dead space.

2.Agitator (Optional )

The agitator is the component of the mixer that is responsible for mixing the powder or granules. It is usually a paddle or ribbon-shaped structure that rotates around a central shaft. The agitator is designed to lift and tumble the powder or granules, ensuring that they are evenly mixed. this part is optional, normal powder mixing is not needed for this part.

Mixing chamber

Mixing chamber

Driving unit

Driving unit

Chamber feed port

Chamber feed port

3.Discharge Valve

The discharge valve is located at the bottom of the mixing chamber and is used to discharge the mixed powder or granules. It is usually a simple butterfly valve that is manually operated. for the medicine powder mixing process, the discharging valve needs a GMP model that can disconnect and clean each part of the valve.

5.Driving unit

the driving unit includes the motor and gearbox and chain and so on.The motor is the component of the powder mixer that drives the V-shell drum.


The frame is the structure that supports the mixing chamber, the agitator, and the motor. It is usually made of stainless steel or mild steel and is designed to provide stability and support to the entire mixer.

7. Control Panel

The control panel of the Y shape mixing  is composed of a Start button, a Stop button, an Emergency Stop button, and power indicators.


Pneumatic valve


Manual valve


Control panel

V Powder Mixer Construction Material

Hywell Machinery are able to offer our V type powder mixer with contact part to be built in SS304, SS316L, Titanium, Duplex stainless steel, etc. Electrical parts of control system of the Powder mixing machine can be adapted to the customer’s needs.

V Powder Mixer Feature

Hywell machinery V Powder Mixing Machine had the following advantages over conventional solutions.

1. Excellent homogeneity of mixing with no dead points

2. Complete discharge and easy cleaning

3. Safety fence to prevent human injury

4. Time-saving, fast exchange of the container, due to simple and fast mounting of the container

5. Mixing in independent containers (on small models as an Option) offers no contamination and emissions, no extra cleaning.

6. Drums of V cone powder mixer can be built in SUS304,SUS316L ,Titanium, Duplex stainless steel.

7. The whole machine novel design, compact structure, and good appearance, the evenness of mixing reaches 99% , and the volume charge factor reaches 0.6.

8. Smooth running, reliable performance, easy operation.

9. Highly polished inner and outer surfaces of the barrel, no dead comer, easy to discharge materials, easy to clear, no cross contamination. Confining to the requirement of GMP.

10. Especially suitable to v shell mix powders or granules which are easily oxidizable, crystallized, volatile, poisonous or with irritating smell

V Powder Mixer Options

Hywell machinery V Type Mixing Machine had the following options.

1. Mirror finish on stainless steel surfaces.

2. Intensifier bar (Agitator): V Blenders can be supplied with intensifier bars to assist with deagglomeration

3.Spray nozzles: it can add the spray liquid noizzles to spray the liquid into powder.

4. All stainless steel support structure.

5. The V cone powder blender can design and manufacture the explosion-proof (it use the  explosion proof motor, explosion proof control system).

6. Higher horsepower and heavy-duty design for handling higher bulk densities.

7. The V powder blender can be supplied with appropriate safety railings and Safety railings with limit switch/safety switch interlock

8. Optional sanitary butterfly valve

9.Free of cross contamination due to the independent drums for different batches when highly hygienic processing is required (for size V-50 and smaller)

10. Mixing in independent containers (on small models as an Option) offers no contamination and emissions, no extra cleaning.

11. Control system of V type mixer machine has more choices, such as push button or HMI+PLC.

12. The feeding system for the powder blending machine can be by manual or pneumatic conveyor or vacuum feeder.

v powder mixer

Intensifier Bars

V -800 powder mixer

Interlock Safety Railings

Vacuum feederVacuum feeder

How The V Shell Blender Works

The Hywell Machinery series V blending Machine has a “V” chamber made up by two cylinders. Powders and granules are fed into the V chamber either manually or by a vacuum conveyor. A gear motor drives V blenders to roll in 360 degrees. This multi-dimensional motion makes the powders and granules inside tumbling up and down and colliding to each other all the time, and achieve uniform mixing in short time.

Design with Interchangeable Mixing Drums for V Powder Mixer

For the lab mixer machine size of V-20, V -30, and V-50, Hywell Machinery offers the option for the powder mixer to work with interchangeable drums. A single driving machine can achieve mixing from 20 liters to 50 liters by changing barrels of different volumes. The detail can visit our lab v type mixing machine.

V Powder Mixer Application

1. V Powder Mixers for Pharmaceuticals

Biological Solids, Carcinogenic Substances, Concentrated Active Ingredients, Active Agents, Generics, Intermediate Products, Sterile Products, Toxic Substances, Supplements, Active ingredients.

2. V Powder Mixing Machine forFoods

The V cone blender is widely used in the food industry for the mixing of dry ingredients, such as flour, sugar, spices, and powdered milk, Seasonings, Spices, Tea Mixes, VitaminMixes, Breakfast Cereals, Enzymes, Flavours, Herbs, Minerals, Nutra-ceuticals ,Sugar, Aspartame, Fragrance, Spice, Dextrin, Chocolate mixes. It is also used for the blending of different types of powders, such as cake mixes, bread mixes, and protein supplements.

3. V Type Powder Blender for Chemicals

Drugs, Dyestuffs, Leather Auxiliaries, Metal Powders, Pigments, Plastic Granules, Plastic Pellets, Agrochemicals, Ceramic Powders, Detergents, ,Plastic Powders, Detergents, Cleaning compounds, Graphite, Alumina, Inorganic powder, Dye stuff, Silica, Adhesives, Agricultural supplements.

Advantages of Using a V Powder Mixer

There are several advantages to using a V powder mixer. These include:

High Mixing Efficiency

The unique V-shaped design of the mixing chamber and the agitator ensures that the powder or granules are evenly mixed, and there is minimal dead space. This results in a highly efficient mixing process that saves time and energy.

Easy to Clean

V powder mixers are easy to clean due to their simple design. The mixing chamber and the agitator can be easily accessed for cleaning, ensuring that there is no cross-contamination between batches.


V-type powder mixers are versatile and can be used to mix a wide range of dry powders and granules. They are commonly used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, food processing, and chemical manufacturing.


V powder mixers are relatively affordable compared to other types of mixing machines. They also have low maintenance costs, making them a cost-effective solution for many industries.

Disadvantages of Using a V Powder Mixer

There are also some disadvantages to using a V-type powder mixer. These include:

Limited Capacity

V-type powder mixers have a limited capacity compared to other types of mixers. They are typically used for small to medium-sized batches.

Not Suitable for Sticky or Wet Powders

V-type powder mixers are not suitable for mixing sticky or wet powders as they can clog the agitator.

Maintenance of V Powder Mixer

Cleaning and Sanitizing

Regular cleaning and sanitizing of the V cone blender are essential to ensure its optimal performance and prevent contamination. The machine should be thoroughly cleaned after each use, using appropriate cleaning agents and methods. It should also be sanitized periodically to eliminate any microorganisms that may be present.

Lubrication and Inspection

Regular lubrication and inspection of the V powder blender machine are necessary to ensure its smooth operation and prevent wear and tear of its components. The machine should be inspected regularly for any signs of damage or wear, and the lubrication points should be checked and lubricated as needed.

Replacement of Parts

The V powder blender has several worn parts that need to be replaced periodically to maintain its optimal performance. These include the screw, the bearings, the seals, and the drive motor. It is essential to follow the manufacturer's recommendations for replacement intervals and use only genuine parts.


1.  What is the V powder Mixer?

The V Powder blender is a V shell conical blender used for the uniform mixing of dry powders and granules in the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.

2.  How does the V powder Mixer work?

The V shell mixer works by lifting the material from the bottom of the cone to the top and dropping it back down, creating a swirling motion that mixes the particles together.

3.  What are the advantages of the V powder mixer machine?

The advantages of the Y-shaped mixers include high efficiency, uniform mixing, versatility, and reduced cross-contamination.

4.  What are the common applications of the V type powder blender?

The common applications of the V type powder blending machine include the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, and chemical industry.

5.  How do I maintain and troubleshoot the V type mixer?

Regular cleaning, lubrication, inspection, and replacement of worn parts are essential to maintain the optimal performance of the V-type powder blender. To troubleshoot common issues like poor mixing, overheating, and motor problems, adjustments to the rotating speed, lubrication, and motor load may be necessary.

6.  Is the V powder blender suitable for blending sensitive or hazardous materials?

Yes, the Y-shaped powder mixer is suitable for blending sensitive or hazardous materials as it has reduced cross-contamination and can be easily sanitized.

7.  Can the V powder mixer be used for wet blending?

No, the Y-shaped powder mixer is not suitable for wet blending as it is designed for the mixing of dry powders and granules.


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