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Fluid Bed Dryer / Granulator / Coater

The fluidized bed granulation coater (spray liquid) is a method for making free-flowing granulate from liquids. fluid bed granulation can be used in different applications in various industries since the product properties can be varied in many ways by setting process technical parameters and configurations. The granules made by the fluid bed granulator machinery are suitable for making tablets, and the granules are also for final coating by the same machine.
Many industrial applications require converting liquid substances into a stable product form with exactly defined properties – whether for further processing as a solid for Pharmaceutical, food products, animal feed, or cleansing agents, for increasing stability in chemical substances, or for handling thermally sensitive products such as enzymes, proteins or micro-organisms. Spray granulation in the fluidized bed permits liquids to be directly made into free-flowing granulate with specific product properties. Generally, the granules also have instant properties.
  • FLP
  • 8479899990
  • SUS304/SUS316L/Titanium
  • Food/Pharmaceutical/Chemical

Fluidized Bed Dryer & Granulator and Coater Introduction

FLP multifunction granulating coating machine is composed of a Fluidized dryer - Fluidized granulation - Top spray granulator - bottom spray coating - drying function, etc. It is suitable for the granulation of pharmaceuticals, foodstuffs, health products, and chemical industries. Such as Tea polyphenols granulating, Omeprazole slow-release, Chinese traditional capsule granulating, Coating for cold relief capsule granules, Chinese traditional medicine moisture-proof coating, antibiotic granulating and coating, etc.

Fluidized Bed Dryer & Granulator and Coater Drying Funcation

Fluidized Bed Dryer & Granulator and Coater can be use for the wet powder or granules drying.

Bottom Spray Coating

When the hot air passes through the bottom plate of the container and partition column, it will generate the siphoning effect. The pellets will fall down and then be sucked back to the partition column again, while the bottom spray gun will spray the coating binder upward to achieve the coating purpose.

Side Spray Powder Coating/Film Coating

The side spray is better for coating with high firm content. The cores (seeds) are placed on the turntable disc and hot air is blown upward between the turntable disc and the granulation area. The coating solution is sprayed on the rolling cores through the pump and spray gun. The process involves simultaneous coating and drying of the cores, the repeated actions achieve the desired coating thickness or granule size. Powder coating is achieved by charging powder and spray binder at the same time.

Fluid Bed Spray Granulating Coater Description

Heated and purified air flows into the column by a suction fan, the pellet or powder will be in uniform fluid condition inside the column, use one set of filter bags to prevent the leak of powder, and discharge the evaporated water to get drying purposes. If add one more spray gun can spray the binder or active ingredient downward into the uniform fluid powder, whenever the powder combined in granules will be dried to get the required moisture content.

Top Spray Granulator

The top-spray granulator (the function is same as the fluid bed granulator) agglomerates finer particles into larger, free-flowing granulates in a one-pot process. Ingredients are mixed and preheated by an upward flow of heated air. Granulation occurs by spraying liquid into the fluidized powder. The granules are subsequently dried with heated air. The top-spray granulators can also be used for top-spray coating, layering from liquids, and instantly. Special features include a selection of air distributors and one-pot processing.

Bottom Spray Coating

When the hot air passes through the bottom plate of the container and partition column, it will generate the siphoning effect. The pellets will fall down and then be sucked back to the partition column again, while the bottom spray gun will spray the coating binder upward to achieve the coating purpose.

Drying of Fluid bed spray granulators: Warm air is blown through a perforated distributor to rapidly and gently dry the formulation until the required residual moisture content is reached. Moisture evaporated from the product is exhausted with the drying air. Special features include a selection of air distributors and short processing times.

Side Spray Type

Place the cores on the turntable. Hot air is blown upward between the turntable and the granulation area. The air causes the cores to roll, the binder solution is sprayed on the rolling cores through the pump and spray gun, coating and drying simultaneously. If powder coating is required, the fixed volume powder will be sprayed at the same time as let solution coating the powder on the cores to produce a pellet and get coating and drying purposes.

Safety operation

With fluid bed systems, safety always must be considered the highest priority. Due to the static charge of the product, there always remains the risk of an explosive environment within the fluid bed chamber. The safety risk is heightened when solvents are used as the binding solution. Hywell machinery designs fluid beds to an over-pressure and the explosive situation (correctly termed “deflagration”) is contained within the fluid bed chamber. Hywell machinery also offers a vented design, which safely directs the over-pressure situation to an open, safe place.

Fluid Bed Granulation Coater Structures

1. Inlet air system

The inlet air system of the Fluid bed Granulation coater (coating and drying) consists of a Primary filter, Intermediate filter, high-temperature high efficiency filter (H13 ), and heater with accurate temperature control. The inlet airflow, speed, and pressure are variable and controllable. For the heater of Fluid bed granulation, a Fluidized Bed Granulation coater can be a steam radiator or electrical heater.

2. Main Body Structure

The main body structure of the fluidized bed coater consists of a bottom bowl, a movable product bowl with a trolley of granulating, a moveable product bowl with a trolley of coating, a fluidized chamber, and an expansion chamber/filter housing. The bottom bowl, product container, and fluidized chamber are inflatable silicon gaskets sealed with a compress air inspection sensor to assure reliable sealing.

3. Product Filter of Fluid Bed Powder Coating

The double structured bag filter in two pieces (in case request, stainless steel filter available) is an inflatable silicon gasket sealed between the expansion chamber inner surfaces with a compress air inspection sensor to assure the reliable sealing or fix cloth bag on the middle chamber to replace the inflatable the gasket seal.

Fluid Bed Dryer Granulator Coater Specifications










Dia of container




















Fan power










Steam pressure



Steam consumption










Compressor air   pressure



Compressor air   consumption












 No more than   75dB Separated of fan

 Working temp  (C)

Normal temperature   -100  adjust

Installation size

Pls refer to   installation drawing for detailed information

1.Hywell machinery reserves the right to the design without notice

2.All specifications of fluid bed dryer granulator coater are as accurate as is reasonably possible, but they are not binding.

Fluidised Bed Coater Construction Material

Hywell Machinery is able to offer our FLP series fluidized bed Dryer / Granulator / Coater with contact parts to be built in SS304, SS316L, Titanium, Duplex stainless steel, etc. For the control system of fluidised bed coaterS, Hywell machinery has choices on push button, PLC+HMI, and so on, and For the main electrical components of the super mixer granulator, it can choices the famous brand such as ABB, Siemens or Schneider, or others.

Fluid Bed Dryer Granulator Coater Advantages 

Hywell machinery FLP series Fluid Bed Dryer / Granulator / Coater had the following advantages over conventional solutions.

1. Bag filter shaking mode of fluidised bed coating: double shaking or air purge type

2. Contact material of fluidized bed coating: SUS316L, inner polishing surface Ra <0.4.

3. Sample taking by sampling device, for ease of sampling.

4. The material bag filter is made of polyester fibers and stainless steel fibers with anti-static electricity conductivity cloth.

5. Multi-purposes: one machine can perform multiple functions, drying, granulation, powder coating, pellet film coating, and pellet enteric coating.

6. Complete discharge and easy cleaning

7. Highly polished inner and outer surfaces of the barrel, no dead comer, easy to discharge materials, easy to clear, no cross-contamination.

8. The powder coating fluidizer has enclosed structure, without overflow of power dust

9. Air inlet system equipped with pre-filter, mid-filter, and HEPA 99.97% 0.3μ to ensure the cleanness of inlet air.

10. Top spray: adopted single-head spray gun, even spray pattern and fast granulation.

11. The Fluid Bed Dryer / Granulator / Coaters have smooth running, reliable performance, and easy operation.

12. The loading and unloading are quick, light, and clean, meeting the requirements of GMP.

13. the Fluid Bed Dryer / Granulators / Coater has the explosion release vent on the machine. once the explosion happened. the machine will release the explosion outside automatically and safely, and it will make very safe conditions for the operator.

14. For the loading materials, it has choices on vacuum feeding, lifting feeding, negative feeding, and manual feeding for customers.

15. This machine adopts PLC automatic control, all the operations according to the requirements of the user to set the process parameters automatically, it can print all the process parameters (optional), and the original record is true and reliable.

16. For the FLP series multifunction granulating coating machine, has CIP for the customer to choose from (Optional).

Fluid Bed Coater Application:

The fluid bed powder coating machine is widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff, and electronic industries.

Top Spray

Pharmaceutical: For medicines, biopharmaceutical, and Chinese medicine’s granulation or drying.

Food: Instant food, juice powder, seasoning, food additive, lactic acid bacteria’s granulation or drying.

Bottom & Side Spray

 Medicines and healthy food for a controlled release of active ingredients.

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