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Pin Mill

The pin mill also categorized as a disc mill is a kind of milling equipment and the Pin Mill is suitable to grind crystal and brittle materials. The output fineness can be changed by the replacement of the filtering screen and adjustment of the rotor speed. With a wild range of applications for a variety of products, and the features of optional grind disc replacement for proper materials. Especially, this pin mill machine is easy to clean (water rinse) and do maintenance.

  • 30B


  • 8437800000

  • SUS304/SUS316L/Titanium

  • Food/Pharmaceutical/Chemical


Pin Mill Introduction

Pin mill uses a series of pin breakers attached to discs instead of hammers in the rotating grinding head to achieve a high energy impact between the mill and the particles.  It is traditionally employed to disintegrate starch-protein bonds that exist in the material and produce fine flour. Pin mill work by a similar principle as hammer mills (impacts and shearing) but with typically faster tip speed rotor-stator configuration of intermeshing pins which impact the particles as solids are directed through the intermesh pins. The mill product leaves by centrifugal forces to the periphery and is then collected or further processed.  This method of milling is most likely to produce materials in the micronized regime (as less than 100 mesh) and with uniform product size.

Ideal for pulverizing any materials (except highly oily or sticky ones). Due to the variety and interchangeability of internal components, this equipment has wide production adaptability, ranging from granular material to super-fine particles. The system is designed to prevent contamination of materials, increase efficiency, lower manpower requirements and maintain material quality.

The pin mill is also categorized as a disc mill, pin mill machine, Universal Pulverizer, pin grinding machine,pin crusher.

Our company's universal crusher includes two types of curshing equipment: one is the pin mill, and the other is the coarse crusher. The function of the coarse crusher is to crush materials larger than 5 mm to less than 5 mm, so that it can enter a pin mill or other types of crushers for further fine grinding.

In fact, the internal teeth of our grinder come in various types, including rod-shaped (commonly referred to as "pin type"), blade-type, and micro-hammer type. Depending on the specific material, we recommend different types. For materials that may contain some oil and are heat-sensitive, we typically suggest the blade type. For precise recommendations tailored to your material, please contact Haiwell Machinery Company, and we will provide you with the best choice based on your material.

pin mill

Pin type

pin millMicro hammer type

pin mill

Blade type

Pin Mill Crushing Machine Video

Coarse Crusher Working Video

Pin Mill for sugar video

Pin Mill Principles

This pin mill uses the relative motion between movable and fixed teeth discs, the raw materials to be crushed undertake comprehensive actions such as impacted by teeth, friction, impact between raw materials, and finally the raw materials are crushed and passed the sieve. Its features are simple and solid in structure, stable in operation, and high crushing efficiency. The crushed raw material can be discharged through the grinding chamber. Moreover, different sizes of raw material to be crushed can be got through a screen with different mesh. Moreover, the dust-collecting crusher set is made from stainless steel. It makes the products of medicines, foodstuffs, and chemicals, and so on in conformity with the requirements of the standard and meet the requirements of GMP.

1. By means of relative motion between movable and fixed fluted discs, the material is crushed by impact and friction of the teeth and impact among the materials. The crushed material enters the catcher automatically under the effect of rotating centrifugal force.

2. Crushed material by centrifugal force, automatically enter the trap bag, the dust is filtered and recovered by a dust collector through a cloth bag.

3. The pin crusher adopts high-quality AISI304 or AISI316L stainless steel, the production process has no dust and can improve the utilization of materials, and reduce business costs. Replacement of different particle sizes is determined by the number of screens.

4. Inside the enclosure (crushing groove) all alveolar by precision machining so as to achieve a smooth surface, easy to clean and change the ordinary mill rough wall, easy to accumulate dust.

5. The powder disc mill structure is simple, robust, and smooth operation, the crushed material is quick and evenly, with good results.

6. The pinmill just can crush the materials into 20-100mesh dry powder, if it wants to get more than 100mesh to 500mesh, please use our air classifier mill

Our grinder can be categorized into two types based on the presence of a dust removal system. The first type includes a dust removal system, which effectively eliminates the generation of dust during operation, thanks to its integrated fine powder dust removal system. The second type is a standalone unit that doesn't have a dust removal system. In this case, a long fabric bag is used to collect fine powder, and because fabric bags are employed, they serve the dual purpose of material collection and dust filtration.


Pin mill


pin mill


pin mill

Pin Mill Specifications






Capacity   (kg/h)





Input   materials size (mm)





Output   materials Fineness  (mesh)





Power   of crush (Kw)





Power   of dust collection (Kw)





Size   (mm)





Weight   (Kg)





1.Hywell machinery reserves the right to the design without notice

2.All specifications are as accurate as is reasonably possible, but they are not   binding.

Pin Mill Pulverizer Application

Pin mills find applications in various industries due to their versatility and ability to handle a wide range of materials. Some common applications include:

1. Food Processing Industry

Pin mills are used in the food processing industry to grind spices, sugar, grains, and other food ingredients. They are widely employed in the production of seasonings, condiments, and powdered beverages.

2. Pharmaceutical Industry

Pin milling are used in pharmaceutical manufacturing to grind active ingredients and excipients. They are often utilized in the production of powders for tablets, capsules, and suspensions.

3. Chemical Industry

Pin milling machine are employed in the chemical industry for grinding chemicals, pigments, dyes, and other fine powders. They are essential in processes such as particle size reduction, mixing, and blending.

4. Cosmetics Industry

Pin mills play a crucial role in the cosmetics industry by grinding pigments, powders, and other ingredients used in the production of makeup, skincare products, and personal care items.

5.Crushing of flammable and explosive materials

For the crushing of flammable and explosive pollution, the design of the crusher needs to consider explosion protection. Then the explosion-proof design needs to take into account the explosion-proof of the motor, the explosion-proof of the control system, and the need for anti-static belts.At the same time, our crusher cabin needs to adopt a jacket design. When the equipment is working, the jacket is passed through water for timely cooling. This can greatly reduce the risk of crushing flammable and explosive materials.


Explosion-proof control cabinet

15Explosion-proof motor


Jacket of  crush bin

Pin Mill Feature

Hywell machinery B series pharmaceutical pin mill machine has the following advantages over conventional solutions.

1. Different types of knife make sure it suits for different materials.

2. Easily to replace the screen, simple operation and convenience washing.

3. Machine have light weight and moving flexible

4. the Pin Mill Machine have high efficiency and low energy, low noise

5. The end material can come out from the main grinding cavity directly, it can get different particle size by changing the different screen mesh .

6. Whole closed operation ensures a clean workshop, different type of dust-collector make the different dust collecting.

7. Water cooling device of axis to make sure the continuous operation for break the axis and working chamber because the high temperature of axis.

8. Special design such as the safety switch is accepted and also safety and credibility performance.

9. Highly polished inner and outer surfaces of the machine, no dead comer, easy to discharge materials, easy to clear. Confining to the requirement of GMP.

10. The B Series Pin grinding machine also connect with screw feeder or belt conveyor to send materials into pin mill .

11. The B Series universal pulverizer also connect with ZS Round Vibration Sieve to separate again to get uniform materials.

Advantages of Pin Mills

Pin mills offer several advantages that make them a preferred choice in various industries:

1. Versatility

Pin mills can handle a wide range of materials, from soft and fragile to hard and abrasive substances. This versatility allows for the efficient grinding of diverse products within a single machine.

2. Particle Size Control

Pin mill crushers provide excellent control over particle size distribution. By adjusting the rotational speed, the gap between pins, and the feed rate, operators can achieve the desired fineness and uniformity of the ground particles.

3. High Grinding Efficiency

Pin mills are known for their high grinding efficiency. The impact and attrition forces generated by the rotating pins result in rapid size reduction, leading to increased throughput and productivity.

4. Minimal Heat Generation

Pin-grinding machines generate minimal heat during the grinding process, making them suitable for heat-sensitive materials. This helps preserve the quality and integrity of the ground product.

5. Compact Design and Easy Maintenance

Pin mills are compact in design, requiring relatively small floor space. They are also easy to clean and maintain, with quick access to internal components for inspections and adjustments.

Disadvantages of Pin Mills

While pin mills offer numerous advantages, they also have some limitations:

1. Limited Coarse Grinding Capability

Pin mills are primarily designed for fine to ultra-fine grinding. Their effectiveness in coarse grinding is limited compared to other types of grinding equipment.

2. High Noise Levels

The high rotational speeds of the pins in a pin mill can result in high noise levels during operation. Proper safety measures, such as wearing hearing protection, should be taken in environments where noise levels are a concern.

3. Potential for Wear and Tear

Due to the high-speed impact and attrition forces involved, the pins in a pin milling equipment can experience wear and tear over time. Regular maintenance and replacement of worn parts are necessary to ensure optimal performance and longevity of the machine.

4. Limited Control over Fine Particle Shape

While pin mills excel in achieving fine particle size reduction, they offer limited control over the shape of the ground particles. For applications where particle shape is critical, alternative grinding methods may be more suitable.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Pin Mill

When selecting a pin mill for a specific application, several factors should be taken into consideration:

1. Material Characteristics

The properties of the material to be ground, such as hardness, moisture content, and abrasiveness, play a significant role in determining the type and specifications of the pin mill required.

2. Desired Particle Size

Consider the target particle size distribution and the fineness requirements of the ground product. Different pin mill configurations and settings can achieve varying degrees of particle size control.

3. Capacity and Throughput

Evaluate the required production capacity and throughput rates to ensure that the selected pin mill can handle the desired volume of material within the given time frame.

4. Equipment Design and Construction

Examine the design and construction quality of the pin mill, considering factors such as durability, ease of maintenance, access to internal components, and hygiene requirements.

5. Cost and Return on Investment

Assess the cost of the pin milling equipment, including purchase price, operational expenses, and potential maintenance costs, in relation to the expected benefits and return on investment.

Maintenance and Cleaning of Pin Mills

Proper maintenance and regular cleaning are crucial for ensuring the optimal performance and longevity of a pin mill. Here are some essential maintenance and cleaning tips:

  1. Follow the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule, including routine inspections, lubrication, and replacement of worn parts.

  2. Clean the pin mill thoroughly after each use to prevent cross-contamination and buildup of residual materials.

  3. Use appropriate cleaning agents and methods suitable for the specific material being processed.

  4. Pay attention to safety procedures when performing maintenance tasks, such as shutting off power, locking out/tagging out equipment, and wearing protective gear.


In conclusion, the pin grinding equipment is a versatile and efficient grinding machine widely used in various industries. Its ability to handle a wide range of materials, excellent particle size control, high grinding efficiency, and compact design make it a preferred choice for size reduction processes. However, it's important to consider the limitations, such as limited coarse grinding capability and potential wear and tear. By carefully evaluating factors like material characteristics, desired particle size, capacity, and equipment design, businesses can select the most suitable pin mill for their specific needs. Proper maintenance and cleaning are essential for ensuring optimal performance and longevity. With reputable manufacturers offering quality pin mills, industries can rely on these


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