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How to solve cross-contamination during powder mixing?

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1. What is cross-contamination?

An error results in the misidentification of one material as another. Cross-contamination is defined as the contamination of a material with another product material before, during, or after production begins.

2. Specific reasons leading to material crossover

Proximity or location of similar items

Items with the same color or color combination

Use the same device or equipment for multiple products

Common mistakes when dispensing medications

Inadequate staff training

The same person operates two machines at the same time

contaminated equipment

From the above analysis, it can be seen that the reasons for possible cross-contamination of materials occur when the personnel are very experienced and the materials are clearly marked. That is, if the same equipment produces different materials, cross-contamination is most likely to occur. This article mainly explains how to avoid using the same equipment to produce different materials during the mixing of powders and the transportation of powders after mixing but without the risk of cross-contamination.

3. What is powder mixing?

Powder mixing is a process in which two or more components are mixed in a dry state or in the presence of a small amount of liquid by external forces to continuously reduce their heterogeneity. It is the most important indicator for evaluating the performance of a mixer.

4. Cross-contamination-free powder mixer-IBC Bin Powder Mixer

FZH series IBC bin powder mixer has an excellent mixing effect and is used for mixing solid powder and granular materials in pharmaceutical production. The mixing uniformity is high and there is no cross-contamination and dust. It can meet strict batch number management and comply with GMP requirements for pharmaceutical production.

This dry powder mixing machine can clamp several IBC bins of different sizes and volumes, and automatically complete all actions such as lifting, clamping, mixing, lowering, and unclamping. Only one mixing machine and multiple hoppers of different specifications can be configured to meet the mixing requirements of large quantities and multiple varieties. the IBC bin powder mixer is currently an ideal equipment for general mixing in pharmaceutical factories. At the same time, it is widely used in the chemical industry, light industry, food, and other industries.

Working principle

The powder mixing machine consists of a frame, a clamped rigid rotary frame (hereinafter referred to as the rotary frame), a lifting/clamping system, a driving system, a braking system, a control system, etc.

After pushing the square cone-shaped mixing hopper (the following hopper) containing materials into the rotary frame and positioning it, the control system of the IBC Bin powder mixer will send a signal that the hopper is positioned in place. At this time, press the "Confirm" button on the operation screen to lift/clamp The system will automatically lift the hopper into place and clamp it; after the hopper is fully clamped, the drive system will mix according to the set time, speed and other parameters; when the set mixing time, speed and other parameters are reached, the system will mix; when the set mixing time, speed and other parameters are reached, the system will At the mixing time of; At the same time, the printer automatically prints the complete data of the batch mixing; at this time, remove the hopper to complete the mixing cycle.

5. Cross-contamination-free-Closed Turnover Powder Mixer Video

6. Features

1. The bin powder mixer machine has a novel design, simple and compact structure, beautiful appearance, mixing uniformity of more than 99%, and a volumetric loading factor of 80%.

2. Low rotation height, smooth operation, reliable performance, and easy operation.

3. The inner and outer walls of the hopper are mirror-polished, with no dead corners, easy to discharge, easy to clean, no cross-contamination, and comply with GMP requirements.

4. The system is controlled by PLC, the drive system is composed of a photoelectric position control sensor and the motor has the functions of mixing time and discharging position control. The discharging port is in the best discharging position when the machine is stopped.

5. The feed cover has a bolt-locking clamp structure, which is easy to disassemble and assemble, and has good sealing performance. There is no leakage when tested with 80% of the volume filled with water. It is easy to clean and works reliably during the mixing process.

6. The hopper inlet and outlet and other equipment adopt a silicone soft connection structure to avoid dust flying.

7. The discharge butterfly valve with patented technology is easy to disassemble and assemble, easy to operate, has good sealing performance, has no leakage when tested with water at 80% of the volume, and is easy to clean. It has been installed on hundreds of mixers and is well received.

8. Overload the alarm, with an isolation guardrail, alarm, and buzzer.

9. It has a mixed data printing function.

7. How to avoid cross-contamination in an IBC hopper lift mixer?

The hopper lift powder mixer can hold several hoppers of different sizes and volumes. Just configure one machine and multiple hoppers of different specifications to meet the mixing requirements of large quantities and multiple varieties. Because different materials use different mixing hoppers, the source of cross-contamination is completely avoided. There are no sources of pollution such as residues from the cleaning process.

8. How to avoid cross-contamination during the transportation process after powder mixing?

The hopper of the hopper lift mixer is independent and has wheels, so it can be transferred to different working areas. There is no need to use commonly used transfer equipment to transfer powder. Such as a vacuum feeder and screw feeder to transfer the mixed powder to other rooms. Therefore, from the time the raw materials are loaded into the hopper directly until the materials enter the packaging machine, they are mixed, transferred, and lifted to the packaging machine in a single hopper. So there is no possibility of contact with other materials, thus avoiding cross-contamination.

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