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Battery Recycling Rotary Kiln

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This Battery Recycling Rotary Kiln is purchased from a new energy factory in China and the rotary kiln is mainly used for recycling and calcining battery cathode materials. 3 months to produce and pass factory FAT and arrange delivery to client site.

Battery Recycling Rotary Kiln Specification

Output of rotary kiln:  600-800kg/h

Heating method: electric heating

Processing material: powder material

Processing atmosphere: nitrogen, oxygen, argon

Temperature of working:1000-1100C

Applicable materials: recycling and calcination of lithium battery materials, positive electrode materials, and negative electrode materials.

01 Shipped rotary calciner highlights

Application of the rotary dryer?


How to ensure accurate control of material calcination temperature?


How to ensure the calcination time inside the rotary drum drying machine?

05 Rotary Drum Dryer Delivery Video

battery materials rotary dryer

Rotary calciner

rotary drum drying machine

Rotary calciner

rotary drum dryer

Rotary calciner

Shipped Battery Recycling Rotary Kiln highlights

(1) The material is calcined under the condition of -70kPa by the rotary dryer.

(2) The material roasting temperature of the rotary kiln can be set arbitrarily between room temperature and 1050 °C, the heating temperature in the furnace is uniform, and there must be no section lower than the roasting temperature.

(3) After the material is roasted, all the material can be unloaded from the discharge end, and it is required that the discharge end to the discharge tank should not be in contact with the air during the operation.

⑷ The material enters the roasting furnace and is continuously fed through the switching of the two feeding tanks. After the material is roasted, the material is discharged continuously through the switching of the two discharging tanks. The inlet and outlet valves are all pneumatic valves.

(5) After calcination, the rotary dryer is equipped with a material cooling device, and the discharge temperature is lower than 80 degrees.

Application of the Battery Recycling Rotary Kiln?

The battery materials rotary dryer main use to Lithium battery, battery anode material, battery negative electrode material, battery recycled anode material, battery recycled negative electrode material, etc.

This Lithium Battery Recycling Powder Rotary kiln is currently mainly used in the waste battery recycling industry produced by electric vehicles. Battery recycling will require high-temperature calcination of recycled materials. According to different material processes, the calcination temperature of the high-temperature rotary kiln is usually 700 degrees to1100 degrees. Moreover, the calcination time of the rotary drum calciner can also be set according to various techniques and materials. Depending on the calcination temperature, the thickness and material of the insulation layer are very important, because the high temperature of the Rotary Calciner cannot be transmitted to the surface of the rotary forging furnace, which not only increases the energy consumption but also increases the danger to the staff.

How to ensure accurate control of material calcination temperature by the Battery Recycling Rotary Kiln?

(1). The Battery Recycling Rotary Kiln is divided into six heating zones or heating sections (zone control, but the furnace is not partitioned).

(2). Set 6 temperature measuring points, the measured values are sent to the control cabinet and output to control the heating power of the furnace. The gradient control method is used to continuously adjust to achieve the purpose of controlling the furnace temperature. 1 material temperature measurement point.

(3). The temperature rise of the surface of the two side walls of the rotary drum kiln shall not exceed 45℃, and the temperature rise of the surface of the furnace top shall not exceed 45℃.

(4) The Battery Recycling Rotary Kiln insulation adopts the combination of refractory bricks and high-temperature refractory fibers. The bottom of the furnace adopts refractory fibers + refractory bricks, the side walls of the furnace are insulated with refractory fiber folded blocks, and the top of the furnace is insulated with circular arch structure and trapezoidal folded blocks.

(5).The Battery Recycling Rotary Kiln is equipped with a special on-site control cabinet, and all detection and control signals enter the on-site control cabinet.

How to ensure the calcination time inside the Battery Recycling Rotary Kiln?

All the spiral plates of the battery rotary kiln are used in the drum to replace the copying plates, and the spiral plates are all linked together. This rotary kiln does not need to use an angle, and all materials are propelled by a spiral plate. The residence time of the material is completely determined by the rotation speed of the spiral plate. The main transmission motor adopts frequency conversion control. Inverter adopts the famous brand

Battery Recycling Rotary Kiln Delivery Video 

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