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What is a High Shear Granulator?

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High Shear Granulator Introduction

The high-shear mixer granulator uses the vacuum conveyor to transfer the material into the container through the vortex effect generated by the rotation of the stirrer to make it fully mixed. After adding the binder, in the intersection area, the granulating cutter will affect the churning material. The dough is fully broken and cut into uniform and dense spherical particles.

It integrates mixing and granulation. It is suitable for mixing and granulating powdered materials in pharmaceutical, chemical, light industry, and other industries, and it is also suitable for dry powder mixing. This machine can meet the requirements of the mixing and granulation of tablets and capsules in the pharmaceutical industry.

The GHL series high platform high-speed mixer granulator is mainly composed of a machine frame, material cylinder, and cylinder cover function components, mixing paddle and its driving device, granulating knife and its driving device, discharging device, electric control system, etc.

The GHL series high position type mixing granulator is applied for mixing and granulating powder materials in such industries as medicine, food, and chemical industry, and is also used for mixing dry powders, it is used for other industries for mixing and granulating.

Features Of High Shear Granulator

Hywell machinery GHL series super blending granulator had the following advantages over conventional solutions.

1. Excellent homogeneity of mixing with no dead points

2.  The rapids granulation machine has a complete discharge and easy cleaning

3. Safety cage to prevent human injury

4. Mixing in independent containers (Laboratory High-Speed Mixers have this function) offers no contamination and emissions, and no extra cleaning.

5. Time-saving, fast exchange of the container(on small models as an Option), due to simple and fast mounting of the container

6. Highly polished inner and outer surfaces of the barrel, no dead comer, easy to discharge materials, easy to clear, no cross-contamination. Confining the requirement of GMP.

7. The super mixing granulator has Low noise and good seal

8. The high mixer granulator has an enclosed structure, without overflow of power dust

9. The super mixing granulation has smooth running, reliable performance, and easy operation

10. The super blending granulator has small cubage, easy to install, convenient to operate and maintain.

11. The time of mixing in dry is 2 minutes and the time of granulating is 1-4 minutes. Compared with the traditional process, 4-5 times efficiency is raised;

12. In the same sealed container, dry mixing, humidity mixing and granulating can be finished, it is in conformity with the requirements of GMP;

13. One- step accomplished in one piece of equipment

14. The interval between the bowl and impeller is controlled to be within 1mm

15. Granulation process requires less bind

16. Granulation is achieved within a short time

17. Greater densification and production of less friable granules

18. The granulator produces reproducible less friable granules with a uniform particle size distribution

19. High shear mixer minimizes the exposure of drug dust to workers due to reduced process dust generation

20. The granulation endpoint is predictable while using a high-shear mixer

21. Saving 25% of adhesives and drying time

22. It can be equipped with a cone mill or swing granulator

23. The high shear granulation connects with the fluid bed dryer by vacuum conveying.

24. Automatic PLC control system, mixing, granulating, and milling.

lab high shear granulator

10L High Shear Granulator


100L High Shear Granulator

Rapid Granulator

600L High Shear Granulator

Applications Of High Shear Granulator

The GHL series High Shear Wet Granulator is widely used in the pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff, and electronic industries.

1. High Shear Wet Granulator for the Food industry

Batters, Flavours, Instant meals, Spices and herb mixtures, Sugar-based confectionery tablets.

2. High Shear Wet Granulator for the Chemical industry

Coloring of plastics, Masterbatches, Powder mixing with liquid addition, Powder paints

3.  High Shear Wet Granulation for the Pharmaceutical industry

Granulate mixtures, Powder mixtures, Wet granulations

4.  High Shear Granulators for the Cosmetics industry

Ceramic dental mixtures, Eye shadows, Face powders.

Working Environment Conditions Of High Shear Mixer Granulator

1. Working environment: in the “D” cleanliness environment at the host.

2. Power supply: 3N 50HZ/TN-S 220V/380V three-phase five-wire system allowable voltage fluctuation range 380V+5% -10%.

3. Operating air source: compressed air should be free of oil, water, and impurities, and the pressure should not be less than 0.6MPa.

4. Process air source: In addition to the compressed air which should be free of oil, water, and impurities, the system should have a filter device.

5. Clean the water source: drinking water, and purified water.

Working Principles Of High Shear Mixer Granulator

The wet mixing granulation process is completed in the same container by the two processes of mixing and granulating. The powdery material is put into the material container from the top of the conical hopper. After the cover is closed, the powder material rotates in the container due to the stirring effect of the stirring paddle. At the same time, the material rolls from the outside to the center in the direction of the cone wall, forming a semi-flow The material is sheared and diffused to achieve sufficient mixing.

During granulation, the powder is gradually moistened due to the injection of the binder, and the properties of the material are changed, which strengthens the extrusion, friction, and kneading of the material by the blade and the barrel wall, and gradually forms a liquid bridge, and the material gradually turns into a loose soft These soft materials with agglomerated structure are not granulated by forced extrusion, but are cut by a pelletizing knife. The soft materials are cut into small and uniform particles in a semi-fluid state to realize the phase transition of the material. Finally, the discharge door is opened, and the wet particles are pushed out of the hopper under the centrifugal action of the paddle.

High Shear Granulation Description

The high shear wet granulation process using high-shear granulator can be divided into 5 stages and they included;

1. Different kinds powder mixing

2. Binder addition or addition of granulating liquid.

3. Wetting of powder and nucleation

4. Growth of granules and densification of the powder.

5. Granule attrition and breakage.

The impeller which is employed in mixing of the dry powder and spreading of the granulating fluid in high-shear granulator normally rotates at a speed ranging from 100 rpm to 500 rpm. The chopper forms part of high-shear granulator and is used to break down the wet lump to produce granules. In fact, the high-speed granulator is usually connected to a screen granulator to sort into regular granules. and then directly send the wet particles into fluid bed dryer.

High Shear Granulator Explain

GHL Series high shear granulator(Super Mixing Granulator)is equipped with a closed container with blending tools driven from above or below

Originally, the granulation liquid was poured into the product. Today, an improved dosed distribution using a spray nozzle is preferred in order to obtain a more even granulate.

The granules are distinguished by a compact structure and high bulk density. They have good flow characteristics and can be optimally pressed. For various applications in pharmaceuticals and related industries.

the GHL series Super Granulation often connect with YK series swaying granulator Machine to get 1.5-5mm wet granules, and then direct to send the wet granules into the drying machine to get dried granules (instant granules), the drying machine can use Vertical Fluid Bed Dryer or Horizontal Fluid Bed Dryer, but it decide by the treating capacity. The final step of the process system is the granules sifter. The granules sifter will separate the large powder particles from the powder, size is determined for the separation. The off size is bagged off and the powder can be either directly packed into big bags or conveyed to a silo system for other packing systems.

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