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What is a High Shear Granulator?

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High Shear Granulator Introduction

GHL Series high shear granulator(Super Mixing Granulator)is equipped with a closed container with blending tools driven from above or below

Originally, the granulation liquid was poured into the product. Today, an improved dosed distribution using a spray nozzle is preferred in order to obtain a more even granulate.

The granules are distinguished by a compact structure and high bulk density. They have good flow characteristics and can be optimally pressed. For various applications in pharmaceuticals and related industries.

the GHL series Super Granulation often connect with YK series swaying granulator Machine to get 1.5-5mm wet granules, and then direct to send the wet granules into the drying machine to get dried granules (instant granules), the drying machine can use Vertical Fluid Bed Dryer or Horizontal Fluid Bed Dryer, but it decide by the treating capacity. The final step of the process system is the granules sifter. The granules sifter will separate the large powder particles from the powder, size is determined for the separation. The off size is bagged off and the powder can be either directly packed into big bags or conveyed to a silo system for other packing systems.

High Shear Granulation Description

The high shear wet granulation process using high-shear granulator can be divided into 5 stages and they included;

1. Different kinds powder mixing

2. Binder addition or addition of granulating liquid.

3. Wetting of powder and nucleation

4. Growth of granules and densification of the powder.

5. Granule attrition and breakage.

The impeller which is employed in mixing of the dry powder and spreading of the granulating fluid in high-shear granulator normally rotates at a speed ranging from 100 rpm to 500 rpm. The chopper forms part of high-shear granulator and is used to break down the wet lump to produce granules. In fact, the high-speed granulator is usually connected to a screen granulator to sort into regular granules. and then directly send the wet particles into fluid bed dryer.

High Shear Wet Granulator

high shear granulator

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