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Thailand customer ordered the Air Classifier Mill to get 200mesh powder

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Thailand customer ordered the Air Classifier Mill

An old Thailand customer of Hywell Machinery Co., Ltd is placing a new order in 2022 to purchase a superfine pulverizer (Air Classifier Mill). These customers have ordered our company's industrial dryers, wet granulators, and pin mill many times, indicating that customers have recognized the quality of our dryers and pulverizers. This air classifier crusher is made of 304 stainless steel, and the air classifier pulverizer can crush the material into 300-400 mesh because the powder is not chosen by the sieve hole, and it chooses the powder size by the air classifier. The air classifier mill is packed in wooden boxes after production, assembly, and testing. The containers are loaded at the Hywell factory and sent to Shanghai port.


Air Classifier Mill


Air Classifier Mill


Air Classifier Crusher

How Does the Air Classifier Mill Work?

The Air Classifier Mill is a vertical grinding mill incorporating an internal air classifying wheel with an independent drive.

The product is fed into the grinding chamber by either a feed screw or a pneumatic conveying system via a rotary feed valve.

The product is impacted by the high-speed grinding media, which causes the feed product to fracture and be thrown by the centrifugal force to the wall of the grinding chamber, which in turn, causes the product to fracture further.  The fractured particles are entrained in the induced airflow liberating the outside wall of the internal baffle assembly, which is fitted with air baffles to laminar the airflow.  The laminar airflow and particles pass to the internal classifier, which is rotating, in the same direction as the rotor disc.  Oversized particles rejected by the centrifugal force applied by the classifying wheel are thrown to the inner wall of the baffle and move down by gravity and by the pressure created by the classifier. These oversized particles are then re-entrained into the grinding zone where further impact occurs.

The material to be crusher is conveyed from the hopper to the grinding chamber by the variable feed screw mechanism. The grinding occurs when the product meets a pin or bar-type rotor disc. As particles are reduced in size they are entrained by the Airstream which enters below the rotor and is carried up between the inner wall and shroud ring with baffles, the particles are then deflected by an air dispersion ring to the separator assembly. Acceptable product is drawn through the exhaust and is collected by a high-efficiency bag filter. Oversize particles are carried downward by the internally circulating air stream and return to Rotor for additional grinding.


Control panel




Cloth bag filter

Air Classifier Crusher Advantages

Hywell machinery air classifier crusher had the following advantages over conventional solutions.

1.    Fineness Powder of Air classifier crusher

Air classifier crusher milling and classifying in one system. Required product size is achieved by the adjustment of the classifier wheel.

2.    Compact structure of Air classifier crusher

Small space occupation, low installation power, wide application, and high-performance cost.

3.    High milling efficiency constructure of Air classifier crusher

Different beater designs, pin shapes, hammer shapes, and tooth shapes, for different materials.

4.    Electrical component

we mainly use international brands such as ABB, Siemens, or Schneider.

Air classifier crusher operation video

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