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What are the differences rotary basket granulator and oscillating granulator?

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Introduction of different of rotary basket granulator and oscillating granulator

Many customers who want to turn wet materials into granules, when they want to produce powder into instant granules are very confused as to whether it is an oscillating granulator or a basket granulator. and what the two kinds of granulating machines are different. From the perspective of a granulator equipment manufacturer, Hywell Machinery company compares two general-purpose wet powder granulators. The comparison methods mainly include working principle, particle strength, particle size, particle yield, and material applicability.

Working principle of Oscillating granulator

The swing granulator uses mechanical transmission to make the drum swing back and forth, extrude the material from the screen, and crush the wet powder or lumpy dry material into the required particles. The screen uses a metal mesh, which can be assembled and disassembled. it can be adjustable tightness.

Working principle of basket granulator

Through mechanical transmission, the grinding knife and the pressing blade rotate in opposite directions. The 

pressing blade forms a certain angle so that the material is pressed downward into the grinding knife. The large-angle spiral blade on the grinding knife pushes the material to the screen barrel wall, and then passes through the blade to push the material It is extruded from the sieve holes to form granules.

Granules strength of two kinds granulator

Because the rotary granulator relies on paddles to squeeze the material through the mesh holes to obtain granules, the granule strength of the basket granulator is better than that of the oscillating granulator for the same materials.

Particle size of the two kinds granulator

Our company's knife model rotary basket granulator can adjust the rotation speed through the frequency converter to appropriately adjust the particle length, but the oscillating granulating machine cannot adjust the particle length at all. Therefore, when the screen apertures and materials of the two granulators are the same, and the diameter of the particles produced is the same, the length of the particles produced by the rotary granulator will be longer.

Granulation yield of two kinds granulators

Because the wet granulator will undergo a drying process after making the granules, and because the granules made by the basket granulating machine are tighter than those of the swing granulator, the granule yield of the rotary basket granulator is slightly higher than that of the swing oscillating granulator.

Material suitability of the two kinds granulators

Comparing the two traditional granulator equipment, the oscillating granulator is suitable for granulating dry and brittle materials. However, the rotary basket granulator cannot be used because the basket granulation machine will squeeze all the dry materials into powder. For materials with relatively high heat sensitivity, the basket granulator cannot be used. Rotary extrusion granulation will generate heat and cause the material to be heated and block the screen, but this rarely happens with the oscillating granulator. For example, the PTFE powder granulator can only use a swing granulator.


In summary, the selection of basket granulators and oscillating granulator should be comprehensively selected based on material characteristics, particle strength, and particle size. Two granulation equipment have always existed in the pharmaceutical, food, and chemical industries, each with its own advantages and disadvantages, so it cannot be said that the rotary granulator or the oscillating granulator is better.

1. For wet materials that need to produce granules with high strength and long length, the basket granulator is definitely the first choice.

2. For granules that need to be slightly looser, definitely use a rotating rocking granulator.

3. For crushing and granulating dry and brittle materials, oscillating granulator is recommended.

Regarding the selection of a granulator, please contact Hywell Machinery Company to recommend the best granulator based on our many years of experience and material characteristics.

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