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What is the Fluidized Bed Granulators

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Fluidized Bed Granulators Introduction

If you are in the pharmaceutical, chemical, or food processing industry, you might have heard of a fluidized bed granulator. This technology is widely used in the manufacturing process of various products, especially for producing granules with specific properties.The Fluidized Bed Granulator is an important industrial process that is used to create granules from powders.

Fluidized Bed Granulator Introduction?

The fluidized bed granulator is also called a fluid bed dryer granulator or fluid bed granulator. A fluidized bed granulator is a type of equipment used to create granules by spraying liquid onto a bed of particles, which are then fluidized by an upward flow of gas. The liquid that is sprayed onto the bed can be a binder, a solvent, or a coating material, depending on the intended use of the granules. The fluidization process helps to create a homogenous mixture of the liquid and solid particles, resulting in a uniform size and shape of the granules.

Fluid bed granulation

Fluidized Bed Granulator

Fluidized Bed Granulator

Fluid Bed Granulator

fluidised bed granulator

Fluidized Bed Granulators

How does a Fluidized Bed Granulator work?

A fluidized bed granulator works by suspending solid particles in a chamber, which are then fluidized by an upward flow of gas. Once the particles are fluidized, a liquid is sprayed onto the bed of particles, which results in the formation of agglomerates. The agglomerates are then broken down by the gas flow and sieved to obtain the desired size of the granules. The granules can then be dried or further processed as required. This process is typically done in four stages:

1. Preparation of the Powder

The first step in the process is to prepare the powder that loads inside the cart of the fluid bed granulator.

2. Fluidization of the Powder

Once the bed is prepared, clean air that passed the HEPA filter and reaches the setting temperature is passed through it to fluidize the particles.

3. Granulation Stage

During the Granulation Stage, the liquid binder is introduced into the fluidized bed using the spray nozzle. The particles begin to stick together to form granules. This stage typically lasts for 10-30 minutes.

4. Drying of the Granules

After the liquid is sprayed onto the particles, the granules are dried using a fluidized bed dryer. The dryer is heated to a temperature that is sufficient to remove the moisture from the granules. The dried granules are then collected and stored for further processing.

Video of the Working Principle of the Fluid Bed Granulator

Advantages of the Fluidized Bed Granulator

The Fluidized Bed Granulator has several advantages over other types of granulators:

1. Uniform Granule Size

The Fluidized Bed Granulator creates granules that are uniform in size, which is important for many industries.

2. High Granulation Efficiency

The Fluidized Bed Granulator has a high granulation efficiency, which means that a high percentage of the particles are converted into granules.

3. Low Dust Generation

The Fluidized Bed Granulator generates very little dust, which is important for industries where dust can be a hazard.

4. Controlled Granule Density

The fluidization granulation process allows for better control of the granule density, which can be adjusted by changing the gas flow rate or the liquid spraying rate.

5. Efficient Drying

Fluidized bed granulation allows for efficient drying of the granules, as the gas flow can be adjusted to provide the required drying conditions.

6. Reduced Dust and Waste

Fluidized bed granulation produces less dust and waste than other granulation methods, as the process is contained within a closed system.

Types of Fluidized Bed Granulators

There are two main types of fluidized bed granulators: top spray and bottom spray.

Top Spray Fluidized Bed Granulators

In top spray fluidized bed granulators, the liquid is sprayed onto the top of the bed of particles. This type of granulator is suitable for producing free-flowing granules.

Bottom Spray Fluidized Bed Granulators

In bottom spray fluid bed dryer granulators, the liquid is sprayed from the bottom of the bed of particles. This type of granulator is suitable for producing compact and dense granules.

Applications of Fluid Bed Dryers

Fluid bed dryers are commonly used in a variety of industries for a range of applications, including:

  • Pharmaceutical industry

        Fluid bed dryers are commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry to dry      granules and powder, coat particles with a film or sugar, and agglomerate      particles to form granules.

  • Food industry

    Fluid bed      dryers are used to dry, roast, and puff food products such as cereal,      snacks, and coffee beans.

  • Chemical industry

    Fluid      bed dryers are used to dry and process a wide range of chemicals,      including pigments, dyes, and polymers.


Fluidized bed granulation is a versatile and efficient method for producing granules with specific properties. It has several advantages over other granulation methods, including uniform granule size, controlled granule density, efficient drying, and reduced dust and waste. However, it also has some disadvantages, such as a higher capital cost, complex operation, and a limited particle size range. There are two main types of fluidized bed granulators, top spray and bottom spray, each with its own unique advantages and disadvantages.

Overall, fluidized bed granulation is a valuable technology for various industries, particularly in the production of granules with specific properties. However, it is important to consider the cost, complexity, and particle size range when deciding if it is the right option for your specific manufacturing needs.


1.  Can a fluidized bed granulator be used as a fluidized bed dryer? 

Yes, the fluidized bed granulator not only has the function of granulation but also can be used alone for the drying of granular powder. A fluidized bed dryer is an industrial drying equipment used to dry materials by suspending them in a hot air stream. The process involves placing wet material on a porous bed and passing hot air through it, which fluidizes and dries the material quickly

2.  How does a fluidized bed granulator differ from other granulation methods? 

A fluidized bed granulator uses an upward flow of gas to fluidize particles and create uniform granules, while other methods may use different processes such as compression or agglomeration.

3.  What types of materials can be processed using a fluidized bed granulator? 

A fluidized bed granulator can process a wide range of materials, including pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and food products.

4.  Can a fluidized bed granulator be used for coating applications? 

No, fluidized bed granulators are commonly not used for coating applications. if need the coating process, please check our fluid bed granulator coater.

5.  Is a fluidized bed granulator suitable for producing large granules? 

No, fluidized bed granulators are best suited for producing granules in the range of 50-500 microns and may not be suitable for larger granules.

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