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Drying Technical requirements for compound fertilizer by vibrating fluidized bed dryer

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Vibrating fluid bed dryer material requirements

Vibrating fluidized bed dryer uses 316L stainless steel for the contact with wet materials, such as distribution plate material 316L and upper fluid bed dryer ; 304 stainless steel for contact with dry materials, which is the minimum requirement, the seller selects the correct material according to the material parameters provided by the buyer to ensure drying The machine has a 20-year service life.

The vibrating fluidized bed dryer requires that it can be easily cleaned manually after the material sticks to the wall and scars when the feed moisture is too high.

The vibration fluid bed dryer must be designed with necessary reinforcement and support, and there will be no vibration and swing beyond the specified indicators during operation.

The operating temperature of the vibrating fluidized bed dryer should be less than 80℃ but the working temperature can set as materials by the control panel of the fluid bed drying machine. The seller shall provide the design data of the dryer's thermal insulation, and the thermal insulation shall be completed by the buyer.

Hywell machinery company have different kinds drying machine for different material, we can design and recommend best drying machine base client materials.

Technical requirements of screw conveyor

316L is required for the contact part of the screw conveyor with the material.

The conveying length of the screw feeder is based on. The buyer plans and arranges the equipment of the ammonium sulfate workshop according to the plan and elevation layout plan provided by the seller, and the conveying length of the screw feeder is determined according to the final arrangement. It is guaranteed that the feed volume fluctuates within the range of 50~130%, and when the water content of the feed material fluctuates within the range of 3~10%, the screw conveyor can run stably without clogging and corrosion.

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