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IBC bin also called Pharma Bin, Hywell machinery manufacture all kinds of transport, storage containers. The Pharma Bin made of stainless steel, easy to clean and maintain without dead angle and concave-convex face.
The Pharma Bin are used to store and transport raw materials, containers are specially developed for the requirements of the pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic and food processing industries. The IBC container equipped with a flexible trolley to transport materials. The IBC hopper is the important part of the ibc mixer, and one IBC blender can match some sets powder hoppers, which can be stored and transferred at shortly time. it can be used to mix different materials inside the hopper by the IBC mixer
  • SUS304/SUS316L/Titanium
  • Food/Pharmaceutical/Chemical

IBC Bin Introduction

The store Bin complies with the various sizes and shapes that are required to manufacture products in mass. Find out a suitable solution from various containers. the Pharma transport bin is effectively avoid dust and cross contamination, reduce labor intensity.

The powder store Bin satisfies strict requirements for pharmaceutical products, chemical materials, and food products, and it is an ideal solution to the powder handling process. Capacity from 300 Liters to 2000 Liters is available choose.

The precisely fabricated design can be adapted to the respective requirements, it includes standard design and specific client requirements. Hywell machinery constructs on request customized single containers and small series capacities. Together with our container mixers (IBC blender) .The IBC Bin has a fine polished finish with adequate bin angle for complete discharge and easy washing.

Store Bins Ultimate Buying Guide

IBC Drums are two important containers in any manufacturing and processing plant.

Whether it is a food processing plant, chemical plant, cosmetic plant, pharmaceutical plant or any other, you will need to get a suitable bin or drum.

In most cases, you will have to buy both the bins and the drums. Pharma bins are designed for storage and transfer functions. Pharma drums are usually found at the intermediate stage of a manufacturing process.

Perhaps this is the reason why they are classified as Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC).The content is stored in them temporarily as it awaits to be transferred to the next processing phase. Just because of their vital role, you need to be extra when buying the IBC drums. Get a drum that will add some value to the granulation line of solid dosage forms.

Considerations when buying the Bin

Apart from the functionalities, there are several attributes that you should look at when buying pharmaceutical bins and drums.


When it comes to the issue of weight, you want a container that you can handle with ease. Being lightweight means that it will give you maximum flexibility. it can install the drum and bin anywhere you want.

2. Simple design and easy cleaning

As much as you would like to have a fancy drum, you should go for a simple design. You will have an easy time when cleaning, maintaining and dismantling.


Despite being lightweight, the bins should be durable. They should be able to serve you for a considerable number of years.

4. Easy to fill and empty

Over time, you will always be required to fill and empty the bin. Its design and structure should allow you to do so without struggling.

5. Bin Lids

All the openings on the bins should have openings. This is to prevent contamination of the content that is in them.

6.Smooth finish

The IBC bin should have a smooth and seamless finish. The degree of roughness should not exceed a certain limit.

Application of Bins and Drums

They are used in many different industries ranging from food processing to chemical industries.

Here is a compilation of the most common applications of pharmaceutical drums and bins.

They are used to store and handle bulk chemicals and other dangerous materials

For loading powder and vacuum feed into the high shear mixer from the bin

After dry conical mill from FL fluid bed dryer that can store the granules and send into packing machine.

For the mixing hopper of IBC mixer.

storage bin

storage tank


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