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What is Bin Blender?

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Bin Blender Introduction

Bin Blender is a kind of mechanically, optically, and electrically integrated equipment that adopts PLC control technology and variable frequency control technology. Blender Bin can automatically complete all actions of the mixing hopper including clamping, lifting, mixing, and lowering.

Blending Bins Manufactured by Hywll machinery are mainly composed of left and right bases, blending drum lifting device, rotary systems, electric control system, and pharma bin.

The IBC Blender is used in the process required to uniformly blend two or more kinds of powder material in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries.

IBC powder mixer have logically structured with reliable and easy operations. Also, it can be used with IBC in various capacities to support productivity enhancement.

IBC bin is perfectly designed to ensures that you can easily mix granules with granules, powder with granules, and even powder with powder.

You can buy movable IBC bins which can streamline the processes of mixing, loading, unloading, and cleaning the bin.

A movable IBC bin can be directly connected to the production line (such as the solid dosage production line) hence saving time while at the same time minimizing the contamination of the material.

Core Components of a Bin Blender

It is important to note that a bin blending system is not one homogeneous unit. Instead, it comprises of different components.These components work in unison to achieve a particular goal. Let’s break down the main components of a bin powder blending system.

1.Blending Container

This is the main component where the actual blending takes place.

Mixing containers come in different designs and specifications.

Each design and specification of the blending container should allow the maximum output of the blended material.

2.Materials charging and discharging ports

As the names suggest these two components provide entry and exit to the blending container.

The two ports should have a sealing that prevents granules and fine powder to escape from the container. Bin blender sampler is an optional item.

3.Control Panel

All the bin mixing systems are modern and have the latest technology control systems.

The control systems ensure that the bin blenders operate automatically without much human interference.

Mixing time and rotating speed is adjustable through the touch screen to ensure the best mixing result;  and the system auto-positioning, auto record printing, failure report, and alarm. Data recordable and printable through a mini printer.

4.Clamping Bars of a bin blender

The main role of the clamping bars is to support the bin blending system and ensure that it remains stable working.

Normally, a IBC bin blending system will experience some vibrations during operation.

Clamping bars ensure that the granules bin blender will remain stable despite the vibration.

Apart from the above components, modern container blenders have some of these features include infrared safety device and the safety interlocking mechanism.

5. Mixing Bin cleaning

It can wash the blender bin by the automatic system(optional item) or by manual.

Applications of Bin Blender

So, where will use the bin blender? What are some of the things that a Pharmaceutical Blender can do?

To give you a better understanding, here are the most common industrial applications of bin blender:

Blending different materials

The bin blender working principle ensures that it blends different materials to the utmost levels.

It performs the blending roles in different industries including food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical among others.

Prevent contamination

It thoroughly mixes different content until you achieve a perfect mixture.

Normally, a blending process can result in the contamination of different materials.

The good news is bin blending can prevent contamination. because different batch or different materials use separated blending container.


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