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Sodium Salt Dryer

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Hywell Machinery helps Vietnam customers build sodium salt dryer line

Sodium Salt Dryer

Sodium salt dryer video

Overview of the Sodium Salt Dryer

The customer needs to dry the sodium salt particles. After the sodium salt is cleaned, it is sent to the sodium salt dryer through the centrifuge by the belt conveyor. After drying, the moisture is kept below 0.5%, and the processing capacity is 8-10 tons per hour. There is no saturated steam on site, and only a gas hot blast stove can be used to provide heat.

Challenge of the Sodium Salt Dryer

The customer needed a sodium salt dryer that would solve two important problems. First of all, customers will dry different sodium salts. For example, the salt dryer sometimes dries sodium chloride, but sometimes it dries sodium sulfate, but the initial water after dehydration in the centrifuge is different. The second point is that sodium salt is very corrosive, so the equipment needs to consider anti-corrosion.

Result of the Sodium Salt Dryer

Taking into account the customer's requirements, Hywell machinery engineers designed the sodium salt dryer according to the customer's requirements. The sodium salt drying machine includes a salt conveyor, a vibrating fluidized bed dryer, and a vibrating screen. After the equipment reaches the site, parameters such as output meet the customer's requirements.

How we do the sodium salt dryer?

Customer first is our business value. We are responsible to our customers to understand their requirements for sodium salt dryers. Thanks to our more than 20 years of experience in the drying industry, we can meet almost all customer requirements for sodium salt drying machine.

• In-depth communication with customers to understand their true thoughts for the sodium salt dryers

• One-stop service from design to installation and commissioning of the sodium salt drying machines

• Professional salt drying line manufacturer

General description of the salt dryer

Hywell design an advanced vibration fluid bed dryer for salt drying applications (sea salt, rock salt, vacuum salt /brines, sodium chloride, sodium sulfate) for a large range of capacities. The vibration fluid bed dryer is manufactured in corrosion-resistant AISI-316 and other grades.

The fluidized bed salt dryer consists of one drying section followed by one cooling section and has a total dimension of 7000 mm in length x 500 mm in width. The upper and lower chambers of the salt dryer are separated by a fluidized bed plate with the product located on the upper surface.

Sodium chloride is fed through an annular chute to the inlet port of the vibration fluid bed dryer. The salt drier chute has a rectangular cross-section and slope, which ensures the distribution of the product along the entire width of the fluidized bed as it arrives.

The combined action of the hot air for the fluidized bed rising from the bottom chamber and the vibration of the dryer move the product along the 7.0 m long drying bed and then into the 1.0 m cooling section. Sodium chloride is dried and cooled at the same time.

The dried and cooled product leaves the dryer and is discharged through a chute (discharge chute) into the consumer's loading device. The adjustable measuring descent during unloading controls the product layer thickness and, accordingly, the holding time.

A fixed-speed heating air fan of the salt drying machine delivers filtered air to the electric heater for subsequent hot air to the drying section. The airflow is controlled by a manual air valve that allows hot air to flow to the bottom under the fluidized bed plate.

A fixed-speed cooling air fan supplies filtered air to the cooling section. The airflow is controlled by an air valve that allows cold outside air to flow to the bottom under the fluidized bed plate.

At extremely low intake air temperatures, the motorized air valve allows warm used air to flow back into the cooling air stream to increase the temperature of the cooling air.

The air used in the salt dryer, including moisture, is directed through a pipe from the lower chamber and then passes through a bag filter to collect small contaminants. The fines are returned to the chute through the butterfly valve to recover the full amount of dried sodium chloride.

A fixed-speed exhaust fan is located downstream of the bag filter, it removes the exhaust air into the consumer's exhaust air duct for the final release into the atmosphere. The air outlet valve regulates the flow of the extracted air.

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