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Vietnam old customer ordered 2 sets identical 96-trays vacuum shelf dryer

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Vietnam old customer ordered 2 sets identical 96-trays vacuum shelf dryer

The Vietnam old customer of Hywell Machinery Co., Ltd ordered 2 sets of 96-trays vacuum shelf dryer in 2019. In 2022, Client place an new order to purchase 2 sets identical 96 trays square vacuum shelf dryers. Repeated orders from our old customers for our company's square vacuum tray dryers show that customers recognize the quality of our vacuum dryers. The vacuum tray dryer for this order is produced according to the contract requirements. This vacuum shelf drying machine completes the packaging and sends to Shanghai port.


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Vacuum shelf dryers

What is a vacuum shelf dryer ?

Vacuum Shelf Dryers Consisting of a square or round vacuum chamber with customized fixed internal shelves; the wet material to be dried is loaded into pans or trays and manually placed on the shelves of vacuum shelf dryer. The top part of each shelf is flat with a coil jacket on the underside to circulate steam or liquid heating medium for the desired operating temperature.

Due to hundreds of various types of products and demands of inducing and controlling a vacuum environment, almost all aspects of a vacuum shelf drying machine mechanical design and ancillary support equipment can be customized to meet each individual process design needs.

The overall dimension of each vacuum chamber is driven by the required shelf surface area for drying. The shelf size, spacing between each shelf, and selected chamber geometry (square or round) will determine the overall chamber size.

Delicate, heat-sensitive materials are dried safely at extremely low drying temperatures. Operating under vacuum, the product is protected from oxidation and atmospheric contamination and released solvents are fully recovered.

vacuum tray dryer are specified for products requiring uniform, low-temperature drying with no agitation or compression. Among those products are pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, vitamin extracts, specialty food items, fine chemicals and glandular products.

Hywell machinery company have the two types of vacuum pan dryers; one is a square tray type vacuum dryer and the other is a circular vacuum dryer. The round shape vacuum dryer cannot load too many tray, so it is more suitable for drying less material per batch.  Specific using of circular shape vacuum dryer or square shape vacuum dryers, Hywell machinery's engineer will give recommendations according to material characteristics and single batch capacity.

The FZG vacuum shelf dryer is one of the more popular vacuum equipment that developed many years ago. But the drying speed of FZG vacuum pan dryer is relatively slow. Hywell has developed a new type high-efficiency vacuum shelf dryer;  the drying efficiency of high-efficiency vacuum dryer is very high and the drying time is 1/3 of the FZG series vacuum tray dryer.

How do the vacuum pan dryer works?

Pure water has the maximum vaporization rate when it is boiling. Under normal conditions, pure water starts to boil at about 100°C. Under vacuum conditions, because the partial pressure of water vapor in the system is much lower than the partial pressure of water vapor on the surface of the material, the boiling point of water is lower than 100°C. For example: when the surface drops to -0.07MPa, the water starts to boil at 70°C. So despite the lower operating temperature, the vacuum dryer oven still has a larger drying capacity.


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Where the Tray vacuum dryer used?

Tray vacuum dryer is suitable for drying heat sensitive raw materials that can decompose or polymerize or deteriorate at high temperature. The vacuum drying machine is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff and electronic industries. Particularly it is suitable for row materials that have the follow requirements:

1. Shelf vacuum dryer use for themal sensitive raw materials that cannot be dried at high temperature.

2. Shelf vacuum dryers use for the raw materials that is easy to oxidize and dangerous.

3. Tray vacuum dryers use for the raw materials that solvent and toxic gases are needed to recover.

4. Vacuum tray dryer use for raw materials that have special requirement for crystal shape.

5. Pan vacuum dryer use for raw materials that have special requirement for the content of residual colatile.

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