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Three Dimensional Mixer

The Three Dimensional Mixer is suitable for mixing dry-powder material in the pharmaceutical, chemical, and food industries. the lab Three Dimensional Mixer is used in mixing evenly and quickly between different proportions and fineness of materials. The working principles of the lab powder mixer when the machine is in operation. Because of the running actions of the mixing tank in multi-direction, the now and derision of the various kinds of materials are sped up in the process of mixing. At the same time, the phenomenon is avoided in that the congregation and segregation of the material in gravity ratio caning due to the centrifugal force in the normal mixer and extremely good effect can be obtained.

  • SYH


  • 8479820090

  • SUS304/SUS316L/Titanium

  • Food/Pharmaceutical/Chemical


Three Dimensional Mixer Introduction

The mixing barrel of the three dimensional mixer moves in multi-direction. For the materials, there is no centrifugal function, without the specific gravity segregation and layer division. For each build-up phenomenon, there is a remarkable weight rate. The mixing rate is high. The material charge rate of the barrel is big. The maximum rate can be up to 90%. The barrel adopts arc shape connections and it's well polished and reaches GMP. the three dimensional mixer is also called 3D powder blender, 3D powder mixer, Multi direction powder mixer.

Hywell Machinery also has industrial 3D powder mixers from 100 liters to a max of 1500 liters if high volume powder mixers are required.

Three dimensional mixers are essential equipment in various industries, ranging from pharmaceuticals to food processing. They are used to mix powders, granules, and other solid materials to produce homogenous products. Three-dimensional mixers are a popular type of mixer that is versatile and efficient in mixing various materials.

Lab Three Dimensional Mixer Video

Lab Three Dimensional Mixer Interchangeable Mixing Drums

For the lab three dimesnional powder mixer sizes SYH-1 to SYH-20L, Hywell Machinery offers the option for the lab powder mixer to work with interchangeable drums. A drum holder is designed to hold the drum with fast assembly. When the mixer rotates, the drum and drum holder are rotated together by the two arms.

Moreover, drums of different sizes can be fit into the same drum holder with the necessary adaptor; for example, the SYH lab 3D powder mixer can work with drum sizes of 0.5L up to 10L, and 10-20L by one drum holder.

How to Change the Three Dimensional Mixer Drums?

Three Dimensional Mixer Working Principles

During the powder mixing process, the powder moves in a random direction from the center to the end of the trough and at the same time from top to the bottom. In such a multi-dimensional way, the SYH series lab three dimensional mixer needs only a short mixing time and relatively low power consumption. The mixer‘s “Gentle” mixing action is good for final products that are sensitive to the high shear of the mixer and tend to break or reduce their particle size, or are highly abrasive.

Interchange Drum Powder MixerInterchange Drum Powder Mixer

Interchange Drum Mixer

Interchange Drum Mixer

Lab Three Dimensional Mixer Specifications


Total   volume (L)

Operation   Volume(L)

Maximum   loading (Kg)

Speed   of mixing (r/min)































1. 1-20L can work with interchangeable drums.

2. Hywell machinery reserves the right to the design without notice

3. All specifications of the lab three dimensonal mixer are as accurate as is reasonably possible, but they are not   binding.

Components of a Three-Dimensional Mixer

The primary components of a three-dimensional mixer include the mixing chamber, motor, control system, discharge system, and safety features.

Mixing Chamber

The mixing chamber is the part of the multi direction powder mixer where the blending process takes place. It can be of different shapes and sizes, depending on the type and size of the mixer. The mixing chamber must be robust enough to withstand the forces generated during the mixing process. For the lab 3D powder mixer, the mixing chamber volume from 0.5L to 20L and also can be interexchange.

Motor and gearbox

The motor provides the power to drive the drum rotating. It is usually an electric motor and can be of different sizes and power ratings, depending on the size and type of mixer. The motor must be designed to withstand the forces generated during the mixing process and be capable of providing a constant and consistent speed.

Three dimensional mixer

Three dimensional mixer

Three dimensional mixer

Three dimensional mixer


Control panel

Control System

The control system of multi direction powder blender is responsible for regulating the speed and duration of the mixing process. It can be either manual or automatic, depending on the type and complexity of the mixer. The control system must be precise and reliable to ensure that the mixing process is consistent and repeatable.

Discharge Valve

The discharge valve is responsible for removing the mixture from the mixer once the mixing process is complete. It can be of different types, including gravity discharge, screw discharge, or air-driven discharge. The discharge valve must be designed to prevent the material from becoming trapped or stuck in the mixer.

Safety Features

Three-dimensional mixers come with various safety features to prevent accidents and injuries. These features include emergency stop buttons, safety guards, and interlocks that prevent the mixer from operating when the safety guards are not in place.

Applications of Three Dimensional Mixers

Three-dimensional mixers are widely used in various industries for mixing different types of materials. Here are some of the common applications of three-dimensional mixers:

Pharmaceutical Industry

In the pharmaceutical industry, three-dimensional powder mixers are used to mix powders and granules to produce pharmaceutical tablets and capsules. Three-dimensional mixers ensure that the active ingredients are evenly distributed, resulting in consistent and high-quality products.

Food Processing Industry

In the food processing industry, three-dimensional blenders are used to mix dry ingredients, such as flour, sugar, and spices. Three-dimensional mixers ensure that the ingredients are mixed uniformly, resulting in consistent and high-quality products.

Chemical Industry

In the chemical industry, 3D powder mixers are used to mix various chemicals, such as fertilizers, pesticides, and pigments. Three-dimensional mixers ensure that the chemicals are mixed uniformly, resulting in consistent and high-quality products.

3D lab mixer
lab 3D powder mixer

Three Dimensional Mixer Feature

The SYH three dimensional mixer had the following advantages over conventional solutions.

1. Excellent homogeneity of mixing with no dead points

2. Complete discharge and easy cleaning

3. Mixing in independent containers offers no contamination and emissions, no extra cleaning.

4. Time-saving, fast exchange of the container, due to simple and fast mounting of the container

5. The whole machine's novel design, compact structure, and good appearance, the evenness of mixing reaches 99%, and the volume charge factor reaches 0.8.

6. Smooth running, reliable performance, easy operation.

7. Highly polished inner and outer surfaces of the barrel, no dead comer, easy to discharge materials, easy to clear, no cross-contamination. Confining the requirement of GMP.

Three Dimensional Mixer Options

Hywell machinery three dimensional blender had the following options

1. Total volume Sizes from 0.5 to 20 lit.

2. Free of cross-contamination due to the independent drums for different batches when highly hygienic processing is required (for size SYH-20 and smaller)

3. Drums can be built in SUS304,SUS316L ,Titanium, Duplex stainless steel.

4.  Optional portable safety guard and other standard safety features

5.  Optional variable speed shell

6. Optional sanitary butterfly valve

7. Optional stainless steel cart to transport the shell and for easy loading ( interchangeable drums from 1L-20L ).

How do The Three Dimensional Mixer Works

Hywell machinery lab 3D powder blender consists of a mixing drum that is rotated by two arms, and one arm (the drive arm) is driven by a motor with a belt connection. The slave arm is driven to not only rotate but also move horizontally. During the three dimensional mixer operation, the products inside the drum move in random directions from the center to the end of the trough and at the same time from the top to the bottom, creating a 3D way. so that the materials will carry out the three dimensions and complex movements along the barrel body so as to realize the various movements of the materials. Through disseminating, gathering, agglomerating, and mixing to realize uniform mixing. the mixing uniform can reach 99.9%.


Three-dimensional mixers are versatile and efficient equipment for mixing a wide range of materials. They are commonly used in various industries, including pharmaceuticals

and food processing. When choosing a three-dimensional mixer, it is important to consider factors such as capacity, material of construction, mixing time, energy efficiency, and ease of cleaning. Additionally, proper maintenance and care of the mixer are crucial to ensure its longevity and efficiency.

Overall, three-dimensional mixers are a valuable investment for any industry that requires efficient and uniform mixing of materials. By following the guidelines and tips provided in this comprehensive guide, you can make an informed decision when choosing a three-dimensional mixer and ensure its proper maintenance and care for long-term use.


1. What is a three-dimensional mixer?

A three-dimensional mixer is equipment used to mix materials in three dimensions, providing uniform mixing.

2. What industries commonly use three-dimensional mixers?

3-dimensional mixers are commonly used in industries such as pharmaceuticals, food processing, and chemicals.

3. What factors should be considered when choosing a three-dimensional mixer?

Capacity, material of construction, mixing time, energy efficiency, and ease of cleaning are some of the factors that should be considered when choosing a three-dimensional mixer.

4. How can I maintain and care for my three-dimensional mixer?

Regular inspections, cleaning after every use, lubrication of moving parts, and prompt replacement of worn or damaged parts are some of the ways to maintain and care for a lab 3D powder mixer.

5. What are the advantages of using a lab three-dimensional mixer?

The advantages of using a three-dimensional mixer include efficient and uniform mixing of materials, suitability for a wide range of materials, low energy consumption, and ease of cleaning and maintenance.


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