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Which is frequently asked questions on rapid mixer Granulation?

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How do Rapid Mixer Granulator Work?

high-shear granulation work by the forceful movement of two parts in opposite directions within the same plane to create a shear force. In a high shear mixer, the rotor circulates at high speed to propel materials outwardly directly to a stationary stator that carries out the actual shearing.

The technique used in a high shear mixer is such that the varying rotor speed allows the mixing equipment to gain sheer energy that will be used in homogenizing solid or gas into a liquid that cannot be achieved without the help of a high shear mixer, this later forms granule.

High shear mixers work for dispersion, homogenization, particle size reduction, and dispersion.

Where can I use a Rapid Mixer Granulator Machine?

A high shear mixer is both used for the manufacturer of pharmaceutical products such as drugs and capsules and food instant granules.

What are the laboratory models of high shear mixers?

It involves the use of laboratory high shear as a practical way to test the technology in need of liquid processing on different applications. It is a fast and convenient way for the R&D department to assess the formulation and processing strategies before embarking on scaled production. our laboratory high shear granulator have the interexchange model that use one main machine to use materials tank from 5-20L.

How much does a high shear granulation cost?

The money you will spend on a standard and quality High Shear Mixer Granulator Machine is dependent on what you need it for and the processing application. Irrespective of the amount spent in procuring a Rapid Mixer Granulator , you can relax because you are bound to enjoy a high return on investment. It will help you save time by shortening the production time. Also, it will improve your overall productivity, and help you save more on energy consumption and maintenance charges. If you are ready to purchase the high shear mixers, kindly get in touch with us and we will be glad to take your orders.


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