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Dust-free powder mixer production line

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Dust-free powder mixer production line

The dust-free powder mixer production line is an advanced production equipment system used to achieve efficient, dust-free material mixing and production in the powder processing industry. The production line consists of multiple components such as a dust-free feeding station, vacuum feeder, IBC powder mixer, hopper elevator, packaging machine and IBC hopper cleaning machine, which will be introduced in detail below.

Dust-free feeding station

The dust-free feeding station is the starting point of the entire production line, and its main function is to safely introduce raw materials into the production line from the external environment. The equipment adopts a sealed structure to effectively prevent dust leakage and external pollution, ensuring a dust-free production process. The flexible design of the dust-free feeding station can adapt to raw material containers of different specifications and shapes to ensure the safe delivery of raw materials.

Vacuum feeding machine

The vacuum feeder is the key equipment to transport raw materials from the dust-free feeding station to the IBC powder mixer. It uses the principle of vacuum suction to quickly and efficiently transport raw materials to the target location, avoiding the problems of secondary pollution and flying dust. Equipped with an automated control system to achieve precise material quantity control and improve production efficiency.

Flow chart of dust free powder mixing line

Mixing volume less than 1000L

dust-free powder mixer production line

Mixing volume bigger than 1000L

dust-free powder mixer line

IBC powder mixer

The IBC powder mixer is the core component of the production line and is used to mix different raw materials evenly. The equipment adopts a closed structure and performs mixing operations in a dust-free environment, avoiding the risk of contamination and cross-infection. It has multiple mixing methods and adjustable mixing time to meet different process requirements and ensure the best mixing effect.

Hopper elevator

The hopper elevator is the key equipment to transport the mixed powder materials from the IBC powder mixer to the next process. It adopts an advanced lifting structure to achieve fast and stable hopper lifting, ensuring that materials in the hopper do not agglomerate or stratify. Equipped with a safe and reliable operating system to ensure the smooth progress of the production process.

Packing Machine

Packaging machine is a device that packages mixed products. Depending on product characteristics and requirements, different packaging forms can be used, such as bags, barrels, etc. The high degree of automation and precise packaging control of the packaging machine can ensure the quality and efficiency of product packaging.

IBC hopper cleaning machine:

The IBC hopper cleaning machine is used to clean used IBC hoppers to ensure that the inside of the hopper is hygienic and dust-free. The equipment uses high-pressure water flow and cleaning agents to thoroughly clean the residue in the hopper to ensure the purity of the material for the next use.

To sum up, the dust-free powder mixer production line achieves efficient and dust-free mixing production of powder materials through the combination of a variety of advanced equipment, providing a reliable solution for the powder processing industry. With the continuous advancement of technology and the growth of market demand, it is believed that the dust-free powder mixer production line will be more widely used and developed in the future. Because different hoppers are recycled, different types of materials can be mixed, and cross-contamination is effectively avoided.

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