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Instant Granule Production Line

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Hywell Machinery helps Middle East customers build instant tea production line

install granules drying line


Customers know about our company through friends who use our company's powder mixer, because they see the reliable usability of our company's machinery. The customer need to make an instant black tea production line. This production line requires that the black tea fine powder and auxiliary powder enter the equipment to obtain 5 grams of instant black tea granules per bag.


The customer needed an instant granule process line that could solve two important problems. First of all, the customer does not have any experience in making instant tea granules, so we do experiments according to the formula to get granules that reach requirment. Secondly, it requires to provide all equipment of the whole granule drying line (including powder mixing machine, powder wet mixer, continuous granulation equipment, instant granule dryer, granule screening machine, packaging machine, pulverizer, material conveyor).


Taking into account the customer's requirements, Hywell machinery engineers designed the overall instant granulation line according to the parameters provided by the customer. This instant granulator line includes Powder vacuum feeder, 3D mixer, High shear granulator, Swing granulator, and granule belt conveyor. XF series static fluidized bed dryer,  Rotary Vibrating Screen, 30B pin mill, scale packing machine (outsourced). After signing the contract, our company produces this production line according to the customer's order requirements. After passing the FAT, it be sent to the customer site. Very satisfied customer

How we do it

Customer first is our business value. We are responsible to our customers to understand their requirements for instant granule drying lines. Thanks to our more than 20 years of experience in the industry, we can meet almost all customer requirements for instant tea drying lines.

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