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Heat sensitive material drying machine

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Hywell Machinery build the heat sensitivity vacuum dryer for an Russia customer!

ribbon screw vacuum dryer


The customer learned about the vacuum drying machine that we can dry the heat sensitivity powder through our company website, and put forward the treat capacity per hour and specific requirements such as max drying temperature and so on. Because the materials is Pharmaceutical excipients, so it must reach GMP, Client factory have the Rota Cone Vacuum Dryer and vacuum shelf dryer, but drying time is too long and drying speed is too slowly.


The customer needed a new vacuum dryer that could solve three important problems. First of all, the drying speed of the customer's current vacuum tray dryer and double cone vacuum dryer is too slow, and new vacuum equipment is required to shorten the drying time. Secondly, the material is a heat-sensitive material, so the maximum drying temperature during the drying process is 50 degrees. Finally, the vacuum dryer must be energy efficient and reach GMP.


Considering the customer's requirements for drying speed and energy saving, Hywell machinery engineers selected the HW series Conical Paddle Dryer (Ribbon Vacuum Dryer) according to the parameters provided by the customer. After signing the contract, our company produces HW series Ribbon Vacuum Dryer according to the customer's order requirements. After passing the FAT, it was sent to the customer site, the drying time just need 1/4 of Rota cone vacuum dryer. the customer was very satisfied

How We Did It

Customer first is our business value. We are responsible to our customers to understand their requirements for Pharmaceutical drying equipment. Thanks to our more than 20+ years of experience in vacuum drying machine, we can meet almost all customer requirements for the heat sensitivity dryer.

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