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Case Study: 5000kg High Volume Powder Mixing Solutions

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Hywell Machinery helped a Malaysian customer to build a powder mixer line of 5000kg batches.



The customer contacted our company and proposed a powder mixer that needs to mix 5,000 kg of powder per batch, and needs to provide detailed requirements for automatic feeding and dust-free discharge,different kinds powder automatic weight. Their factory need two powder blending production lines.


Our customer needed two sets powder blender that must solve four important problems. First, the factory where the customer has been completed, with a height of 3.5 meters. In a workshop with a height of 3.5 meters, a powder blending machine with a capacity of 5 tons per batch must be installed. Second, this mixer line requires automatic feeding. Third, because the powder have four kinds, and capacity is big, so the mixing machine have the auto weight system for different kinds powder. Finally, this powder blending solution had to solve the problem of dust flying during the rapid unloading process.


Considering the workshop space, Hywell machinery engineers chose a one dimensional mixer (powder drum mixer) according to the customer's requirements. After signing the contract, our company produced the relevant powder mixing equipment line according to the requirements (this order includes automatic feeding system, powder mixer with dust-free discharging system and auto weight system), and complete FAT in our factory by client engineer. This two sets powder mixer equipment use two sets frame shipping container shipped to the customer's factory, it has been well received by the customer after the installation and commissioning.

the one dimensional mixer also can use for the spices powder production line used to mix different kinds spices powder.

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