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3-5mm bread crumb dryer line

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Hywell Machinery helps an Malaysia customer to build the 3-5mm bread crumb drying line 

bread crumb fluid bed dryer


This customer is an old customer of our company and has already purchased a 1-3mm bread crumb drying equipment line before from Hywell machinery. Because the customer received an order for 3-5 mm bread crumbs from Europe, it is urgent to build a bread crumb drying equipment line that can meet the customer's order.


Our customer needed a new crumb dryer machine that solved three important problems. First of all, the XF-80B static boiling dryer purchased from our company that cannot dry 3-5 mm bread crumbs, because the air volume is large and fragile, so the problem of bread crumbs breaking during the crumb drying process must be solved. Secondly, because the customer has already received an order for 3-5mm bread crumbs, the time is tight, and it needs to be completed within 2 months from communication to installtion completion. Finally, the crumbs produced by the crumb drying line must have the required moisture content and need to be uniform.


Considering the keep granules shape of face, the engineer of hywell machinery selected the ZLG series vibration boiling dryer (vibration fluid bed dryer) according to the parameters provided by the customer. After signing the contract, our company quickly produced the ZLG series crumb vibration fluid dryer and sent it to the customer's use site. the customer's expectation was fully met and  the customer is very satisfied

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Customer first is our business value. We are responsible to our customers to understand their requirements for food drying equipment. Thanks to our more than 20+ years of experience in bread crumb dryer equipment, we can meet almost all customer requirements for the fresh bread crumb dryer.

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