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  • MDZ High Efficiency Vacuum Dryer
  • MDZ High Efficiency Vacuum Dryer
  • MDZ High Efficiency Vacuum Dryer

    MDZ High Efficiency Vacuum Dryer

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    The Intermittent supplemental air high-efficiency vacuum dryer is a new type of vacuum drying equipment designed and manufactured by our company to dissolve the following problems in the traditional vacuum drying oven during the drying process: the large temperature difference inside the oven, the slowly drying speed, the inconsistently dried of upper and lower materials are, and easy to foam and overflow drying tray during the drying process so that extends drying time . This low temperature drying equipment is mainly designed to drying for the materials with high sugar content, low temperature, easy to overflow, easy to foam, easy to oxidize. The equipment can use steam, hot water, electricity as the heat source, and it can complete the online cleaning or soak cleaning function. It has solved the problems of vacuum equipment of high energy consumption and low efficiency and disconnection from the pharmaceutical production process for many years. At present, it is a high-efficiency and energy-saving replacement product with drying and cleaning functions.



    The equipment have heat function of the inner layer board and cabinet jacket under the vacuum condition to drying the materials. The vacuum pump is used for suction and dehumidification to make the working chamber form a vacuum state and reduce the boiling point of water. It can obtain a high drying rate at a low temperature, and the heat is fully utilized. There is no impurity in the drying process. The equipment is static vacuum drying, so it will not cause damage to the shape of the dried material. After the material is foamed when it is drying process, it will quickly break through the injection clean air, which meets the new GMP requirements. Adopt high-performance PLC to detect and control the whole process, the working pressure and temperature are automatically adjusted throughout, and the work report is output in real time for archiving for reference.

    Main configuration

    The intermittent supplemental air high-efficiency vacuum dryer includes the following components: jacketed box, multi-function frame, heat layer, heavy-duty tray, vacuum system, chiller, cleaning system, buffer tank, etc.

     Performance characteristics

    1) Solve the bottleneck of drying efficiency. the equipment have high drying efficiency, this high efficiency vacuum dryer technology improves the efficiency by 5 to 10 times compared with the traditional equipment;

    2) Solve the problem of conformity between the actual production of materials and the drying process. the equipment production process is stable and controllable;

    3) Solve the problem of difficult cleaning. with automatic water inlet soaking and cleaning function, mobile drying inner car design, online cleaning device, more convenient to clean, peripheral feeding car;

    4) Solve the problem of drying materials for small and medium batches, and multiple varieties of drying, and the actual production is more flexible;

    5) Solve the problem of high energy consumption of pharmaceutical equipment. The drying production cost of this equipment is reduced by more than 50% compared with traditional equipment.


    The equipment main use to dry the heat-sensitive materials or materials with high viscosity, easy oxidation and harsh working conditions


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