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  • FLP Lab Granulator and Coator
  • FLP Lab Granulator and Coator
  • FLP Lab Granulator and Coator

    FLP Lab Granulator and Coator

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     FLP multifunction granulating coating testing machine is composed of Fluidized drying - Fluidized granulating - Top spray granulating - bottom spray coating - drying function etc. It is suitable for the granulation of pharmaceutical, foodstuff, health products, and chemical industry.  Such as Tea polyphenols granulating, Omeprazole slow-release, Chinese traditional capsule’s granulating, Coating for cold relief capsule granule, radix isatidis  granulating, Chinese traditional medicine moisture proof coating, antibiotic granulating and coating etc.


    Multi-function such as granulating, pelletizing, coating, drying in one machine.

     Powder material granulating.

    Powder material coating.

    Powder material pelletizing.

    Chinese medicine spray drying, granulating and coating.

    Make 10-30 meshes big granule.

    Film coating of Powder, granules and pellets, enteric release, slow and control release coating.

    Taste masking, odor, moisture-proof, anti-oxidation, prevent water, heat insulation, coloration and separation coating


    Powder, granule, pellet agglomerate material drying.


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