ZF Square Vibrating ...
  • ZF Square Vibrating Sieve
  • ZF Square Vibrating Sieve
  • ZF Square Vibrating Sieve

    ZF Square Vibrating Sieve

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    This machine is comprised of screen box, Vibration source and damper, vibrating frame and screen box are connected with 4-12 group soft rubber dampers fixed up and down, and the centrifugal force is generated therein, the floating amplitude is controlled by the damper, by which, material realizes a process of throw and lamination filtration downward, and therefore reaching the optimized grading and screening effect.


    1.  Continous production, automatic grading , sieving
    2.   Low noise
    3.  Enclosed structure, without overflow of power dust
    4.  Fast start-up, and very stable stop
    5.  Small cubage, easy to install, convenient to operate and maintain.
    6. The series screen with high usage rate, its screen opening can not be easy blocked, and it is easy to replace its mash.

    Designed and modified by importing the advanced foreign technology and in combination with GMP standard, this machine is widely used for grading and screening of industrial raw materials in such trades as pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff, metallurgy and electronics etc..




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