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  • GHL Super Mixing Granulator
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    GHL Super Mixing Granulator

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    GHL Super Mixing Granulator is equipped with a closed container with blending tools driven from above or below has long been applied by the pharmaceutical industry. The mechanical effect of the blending tools – irrespective of whether in batches or continuous operation – creates a denser granulate than the fluidized bed process.
    Originally, the granulation liquid was poured into the product. Today, an improved dosed distribution using a spray nozzle is preferred in order to obtain a more even granulate.
    The granules are distinguished by a compact structure and high bulk density. They have good flow characteristics and can be optimally pressed. For various applications in pharmaceuticals and related industries.

    1. The machine adapts horizontal cylinder structure. Its structures is reasonable;
    2. Use air filled seal shaft to drive. When washing, it can be changed to water;
    3. Use fluidization to Granulate and the granule is like ball. lts flowability is good;
    4. Compared with the traditional process,25%) of adhesive can be reduced and the drying time can be shorted;
    5. The time of mixing in dry is 2 minutes and the time of granulating is 1-4 minutes. Compared with the traditional process, 4-5 times of efficiency is raised;
    6.  In the same sealed container, dry mixing, humidity mixing and granulating can be finished, it is in conformity with the requirements of GMP;
    7. The whole operation has strict safe and protective measures.
    8. The mixing and cutting speed are controlled through frequency change, so the granules are more even.
    7. Ensure uniform final products.
    8. Granulating process is completed in a closed bowl system, dust free and complying with GMP requirements.
    9. Easy and safe operation, achieve mixing and granulating in one process.
    10. HMI and PLC control system, motor speed is controlled by VFD, and all process parameters can be recorded.
    11.Compressed air and water can be alternatively connected to the machine so as to ensure quick and efficient washing
    We have manufactured decades specifications and 50 different machines to meet different needs. These practical experiences will be very beneficial to customers.
    High process efficiency through extremely fast drying and gentle product handling. Suitable for batches of 10 to 500Liter per batch .Further batch sizes available upon request.

    GHL super mixing granulator is a high efficiency equipment that can mix different powder materials and granulate granule in one procedure. It is widely used for pharmaceutical industry, foodstuff industry and chemical industry, etc..

    Product charging by lifting machine.
    Product charging by vacuum transfer system
    Jacket bowl wall design for heating or cooling
    Wet mill or oscillating granulator or dry mill
    Automatic binder solution spraying system


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