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  • FZH Bin Mixer
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    FZH Bin Mixer

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    This machine consists of stand, rotary frame, driving, braking, control system components. The driving system to automatically mixed according to the set time, speed and other data. Mixed operation ended, rotary frame vertical stop, hopper fall to the ground automatically, the machine stops, and print process data
    optional. Loosen the lock device of rotary rack, promotes the hopper to the next process. One set machine can 


    1. This machine is our widely absorbing, digesting foreign advanced technology, combined with the new type conditions of successful research and development. Reasonable structure, stable performance, convenient operation.

    2. The machine without dead angle. The rotary body (mixing hopper) into a 30 degree angle with the axis of rotation, mixed material in the hopper with rotary turning, along the bucket wall tangential movement, have a strong turnover and high-speed tangential movement, so as to achieve the best effect of mixing.

    3. Using PLC automatic control, and set the infrared safety device and anti misoperation device discharge valve, ensure safety in production.

    4. Through the process of material can be different in the same container, do not require frequent feeder, feeding program. Control of dust and cross pollution effectively, reduce the loss of material, hierarchical control material, optimize the production process, in full compliance with the GMP requirement of pharmaceutical production.
    5. The structure is reasonable; adopt double hoisting devices, motor rotation, flexible coupler. The performance is stable, the upkeep and maintenance and simpler, and there's no problem of leakage.
    6. Adopt programmed control system, technical parameters setting system, machine stops system for safety, automatic accurate positioning system, operation, and automatic record printing system, that fully meet processing equipment of pharmaceutical companies. Fully automatic production is realized, and the operation is very simple.
    7. To ensure the quality of the machine, we adopt high quality out purchased parts for this machine.
    8. Equipped with fine manufactured hopper that fully meet the requirements of GMP, no residues of discharge, and it's easy for cleaning or washing
    9. We supply series product for material conveying. It forms advanced process together with the hopper mixing machine.
    10. The whole machine features novel design, compact structure, and good appearance, the evenness of mixing reaches 99% , and the volume charge factor reaches 0.8.

    11. Smooth running, reliable performance, easy operation.

    12. Control system has more choices, such as push button , HMI+PLC and so on.

    13. The feeding system for this mixer can be by manual or pneumatic conveyor or vacuum feeder or screw feeder and so on

    14. Machine materials : AISISUS304 , AISISUS316L, and other material .

    15 For the electrical component , we mainly use international brand such as ABB ,Siemens or Schneider.


    It's widely used as the mixing machine for solid medicine powder in pharmaceutical industry worldwide. The mixing uniformity is high, the material vessel is movable, these are very convenient for material loading, mixing, discharging and cleaning. It's easy to integrate with the upstream and downstream process, the problem of cross pollution and fly-dust caused by multi-material-transferring are solved. Various of material vessel might be equipped with this machine, so to meet the mixing requirement of large batch capacity, and multi-varities.


    Attention to order
    1. When order the FZH Series Bin Mixer, Client need to supply the materials state: powder or granules.
    2. When order the FZH Series Bin Mixer, Client need to supply the density of materials.
    3. When order the FZH Series Bin Mixer, Client need to supply the capacity per batch or capacity per hour. 
    4. When order the FZH Series Bin Mixer, Client need to decide which kinds feeder that needed to load materials into mixer.
    5. When order the FZH Series Bin Mixer, Client need to decide which kinds steel for machine-304 stainless steel or 316L stainless steel.
    6. Other special requirements.


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