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    Ribbon vacuum dryer is a high efficiency vertical type drying equipment which integrates drying, crushing, vacuum decompression and mixed powder. It is have three to five times efficiency of the same specification double cone vacuum dryer.The vertical stirring vacuum dryer is a kind of vertical vacuum dryer worked by batch .the machine mainly consists of the barrel with the jacket , stirring impeller ,drive system and vacuum system(if the solvent needs recovery , it should equip with the condenser device ). The wet material in the cylinder are stirred continuously by the stirring impeller during the working . The heat transferring happened between the material and the inner wall of the cylinder and make the moisture from the material is evaporated , and wet air is pumped outside by the vacuum system.


    1. The working process of drying machine use intermittent operation, after the wet materials enter into the stock bin, through the wall jacket to heat and dry the materials. transmission shaft heating is also available, which can heat more sufficiently.

    2. Hywell company specially designed this equipment for processing the slurry materials , high viscosity and high-moisture material ,meanwhile , the solvent from the material needs to recovery . We have already apply for the patent for this equipment .

    3.High efficiencyThe machine is set for drying, mixing and distillation in one of the efficient multifunctional closed vertical vacuum drying equipment complied with GMP requirement. its drying efficiency is as 3-5 times as the same specifications of other dryer. The loading capacity is double times as the same specifications of other dryer.

    4.High mixing precisionIt can reach high mixing uniform, Even mixing of different density and different particle shape material in the same batch of products, can achieve the required mixing precision in our machine. Even adding very litter materials in a large quantity of material such harsh conditions, the machine can reach perfect mixing uniform.

    5.Low shear strength stirringIt adopt low shear strength stirrer, which can gently mix the materials with low speed rotary and energy consumption. the mixing strength and time not much .

    6.Sealed designThe machine is total sealed design with all the connections include the loading and discharge nozzle fixed, which can fulfill the requirement of the materials and safe environment.

    7.Energy saving: Compared with traditional drying equipment, for example,bipyramid vacuum drying machine, tray vacuum drying machine, hot air oven and so on.

    1. In the same condition of volume, charge materials can be increased more than one time.

    2. In the same condition of energy consumptions, it can be increased to two times to five times in drying production.

    3. Drying time is less than one third of traditional drying machine.

    1. Highly polished inner and outer surfaces of the barrel, no dead comer, easy to discharge materials, easy to clear, no cross contamination. Confining to the requirement of GMP.
    2. Control system has more choices, such as push button , HMI+PLC and so on.
    3. The feeding system for this mixer can be by manual or pneumatic conveyor or vacuum feeder or screw feeder and so on
    4. Machine materials : AISISUS304 , AISISUS316L, and other material .
    5. For the electrical component , we mainly use international brand such as ABB ,Siemens or Schneider.
    6. For the cleaning, the machine can install the spray ball to auto cleaning, but client supply the CIP system.


    It is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff and electronic industries
    The machine is suitable for vacuum mixing and drying of power and granule raw materials of pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, foodstuff industry etc. Particularly it is suitable for row materials that have the follow requirements:

    1.Themal sensitive raw materials that cannot be dried at high temperature.

    2.Raw materials that is easy to oxidize and dangerous.

    3.Raw materials that solvent and toxic gases are needed to recover.

    4.Raw materials that have special requirement for crystal shape.

     5. Raw materials that have special requirement for the content of residual colatile.


     Materials is easy caking and granuled when drying process, while ,the HW machine can be completely avoid these penomenons.


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