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  • SZG Rotating Vacuum Dryer
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    SZG Rotating Vacuum Dryer

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    SZG Series Rotating Vacuum Dryer (Vacuum Double Cone Dryer, Conical Vacuum dryer, Rotary Conical Vacuum Dryer ) is a new generation drying device developed by our factory on the basis of combining the technology of similar equipment. It has two connecting ways, i.e. belt or chain. Therefore it is stable in operation. The special design guarantees two shafts realize good concentricity. we also developed SZG. It can carry out steeples speed change and constant temperature control.

    As for working medium, it may be thermal oil or steam or hot water. For drying the adhesive raw material, we have designed specially a stirring plate buffer for you. The biggest may be 8000L. Let heat source (for example, low pressure steam or thermal oil or hot water) pass through the sealed jacket. The heat will be transmitted to raw material to be dried through inner shell; Under driving of power, the tank is rotated slowly and the raw material inside it is mixed continuously. The purpose of reinforced drying can be realized; The raw material is under vacuum. The drop of steam pressure makes the moisture (solvent) at the surface of raw material reach the state of saturation and evaporate. The solvent will be discharged through vacuum pump and recovered in time. The inner moisture (solvent) of raw material will infiltrate, evaporate and discharge continuously. The three processes are carried out unceasingly and the purpose of drying can be realized within a short time.


    1.      Compared to other dryer, its heat efficiency will be 2 times higher.The heat is indirect. So the raw material can not be polluted. It is in conformity with the requirement of GMP. It is easy in washing and maintenance.

    2.     Vacuumized pipe rotates together with tank, it avoids the material pollution because of the wear of tank and vacuum pipe and the wear of sealing strip.

    3.     The sealing of tank two sides adopt advanced rotary joint sphere plumb ago sealing technology.

    4.     The active support of motor can adjust the best tensioning degree of belt.

    5.     Inner tank, jacket and axle sleeve are welded together. Use large scale boring machine to process the flatness of axle sleeve and the concentricity of tank. It can ensure the radial run out of the main axle two sides is less than 0.2mm.

    6.     There is diaphragm type vacuum meter to show the vacuum degree in the tank, it can avoid the phenomenon of false vacuum.

    7.     Machine materials : AISISUS304 , AISISUS316L, and other material .

    8.    For the electrical component  , we mainly use international brand such as ABB ,Siemens or SchneiderOption.

    6.    Smooth running, reliable performance, easy operation.

    7.   Highly polished inner and outer surfaces of the machine, no dead comer, easy to clear, no cross contamination. Confining to the requirement of GMP.

    8.  Control system has more choices, such as push button , HMI+PLC and so on.

    It is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff and electronic industries

     The machine is suitable for vacuum mixing and drying of power and granule raw materials of pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, foodstuff industry etc. Particularly it is suitable for row materials that have the follow requirements:

    1.Themal sensitive raw materials that cannot be dried at high temperature.

    2.Raw materials that is easy to oxidize and dangerous.

    3.Raw materials that solvent and toxic gases are needed to recover.

    4.Raw materials that have special requirement for crystal shape.

    5. Raw materials that have special requirement for the content of residual colatile.

    Product charging by vacuum transfer system
    Jacket bowl wall design for heating or cooling


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