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        The air enters into the top of the dryer after been filtered and heated,  the material liquid be pumped to the top of the tower by high pressure pump, the feeding solution becomes fine beads or small droplets through the pressure nozzle. When the hot air contacts with the droplets, the temperature of air declines significantly, the humidity of air increases greatly, and then the air will be exhausted by exhaust fan. The fine powder in the air will be collected through different separating devices ,There’re different fine powder separation and recovery devices, such as cyclone, bag filter, cyclone + bag filter, cyclone + water scrubber, and cyclone + bag filter + water scrubber etc. we will supply the different fine powder separation and recovery devices as per the characteristics of product and requirements of customer. Depend on the product features and requirements, we might install secondary drying and cooling system (such as ZLG vibration fluid bed or pneumatic transportation), formulation system or powder sieving system etc after the spray dryer, or dehumidifier. The particle size of the product from pressure spray dryer is normally within the range of 120mesh to 40 mesh.



    1. The drying speed is high, 95%-98% of water can be evaporated at a moment . The time of completing the drying is only several seconds. This is especially suitable for drying the heat sensitive materials.

    2. The final products have good uniformity, flow ability & solubility. And the final products are high in purity and good in quality.

    3. The production procedures are simple and easy operation and control. The moisture of liquid contents of 40-60% (for special materials, the contents might be up to 90%).it can be dried into the powder or particle products once a time.

    4. The product particle diameters, looseness and water contents can be adjusted through changing the operation condition within a certain range. It is very convenient to carry out control and management.

    5. For the heating system for the machine , It can configure it based on the customer site conditions  such as steam ,electricity , gas furnace and so on.

    6. Control system has more choices, such as push button, HMI+PLC and so on



       Food Industry:Fatty milk powder, protein, cocoa milk powder, subsitute milk powder ,egg white (yolk), food and plant ,oats ,chicken juice, coffee ,instant dissoluble tea ,seasoning meat ,protein ,soybean ,peanut protein , hydrolysate and so forth .Sugar ,corn syrup ,corn starch ,glucose .pectin ,malt sugar , sorbic acid potassium and etc. 
    Medicine: Traditional Chinese medicine extract ,ointment ,yeast, vitamin ,antibiotic, amylase ,lipase and etc .


    Optional Choices
    1.For the main electrical components , we have international brand choices such as ABB , Siemens or Schneider or others.
    2.For the material for the machine , we have choices onAISISUS304 , AISISUS304L, AISISUS316,AISISUS316L,carbon steel and so on .
    3.For the control system , we have choices on push button, PLC+HMI and so on .
    4.We can design the explosion-proof system for our spray dryer based on the customer request.
    5.For the fitting system for the spray dryer, we can supply it. such as feeding system , pneumatic conveying system and so on .
    6.For the heating system for the machine , it is very flexible. we can configure it based on the customer site conditions ,such as steam ,electricity , gas furnace and so on , all of them we can design it to match our spray dryer.
    7.If without heating system , it can as a cooler to make particle with cooling air.

    Attention to order
    1.Liquid name and property: solid contents (or water contents), viscosity, surface tension and PH value.
    2. Dry powder density residual water contents allowed, particle size, and maximum temperature allowed.
    3. Output: shift time daily.
    4. Energy that can be supplied: steam pressure, electricity properly, fuel of coal, oil and natural gas.
    5. Control requirement: whether or not the inlet and outlet temperatures should be controlled. Powder collection requirement: whether it's necessary to use cloth bag filter and the requirement of the environment of the exhausted gas.
    6. Other special requirements.


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