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GM-100 Drying Sterilizing Oven Delivery
Publishing date: 1/19/2011

At the end of June, GM100 Series Dry Heat Aseptic (Eliminating Heat Source) Oven had successfully sent to Bangladesh.  According to require of clients, this machine design is 3.6 square , and  also is our company always a model of manufacture.

The GM100 series is one of the main product of our company, not only we have good cooperation with domestic many manufacturer, but also it is exported to all over the world (for example: Japan, Vietnam, USA, Canada and so on). This machine unique design is that the hot air is filtered through HEPA, thus guaranteeing that the hot air will reach grade 100 in clean requirement. And  the machine can completed from Heating--Dry – sterilization by automatical control.

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