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20+ years experience Customized and manufacturing the dryer for food, Pharmaceutical and Chemical industry.
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Leading Drying Machinery Manufacturers in China

Hywell Machinery is among the top powder mixing machinery manufacturers in China. We have been designing and supplying both small and large companies food-grade and GMP- grade industrial mixing machinery . We offer industrial mixing machine in different sizes including rotary drum mixer, V powder mixer, 3D powder mixers, fixed bin blender, IBC Bin mixer, Rocking mixer, sigma mixer, as well as large mixing machine.
The company’s powder mixing machine manufacturing plant can produce different steel model such as 304 stainless steel mixing machine, 316L stainless steel powder mixer, and titanium powder mixer. As an experienced powder mixer supplier, Hywell Machinery can cater to the special needs of the food, beverage, pharmaceutical industries including milk, spices, and medicine manufacturers.
Hywell Machinery has been working as a trustworthy industrial mixer manufacturer and supplier in China for more than 1 decades. With our years of experience in the powder mixer industry, we can guarantee the production of high-quality Chinese industrial powder mixer. Aside from manufacturing powder blender in our own mixing machine factory, we also offer customization and design services to our customers.
If you are looking for a reliable industrial powder mixing machine, you can rely on Hywell Machinery. Buy powder blending machine from us and let us help you grow your business using our customizable and affordable products.

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Custom Drying Machinery For Various Industries

Custom Powder Mixer For Food and Beverages

Hywell machinery food powder mixers lead the industry in innovation, performance, & quality. we can give custom food powder blender and beverages powder mixing machine as your requirement for whole mixing process line or single powder mixer.

Custom Powder Mixing Machine For Pharmaceutical

Hywell machinery pharmaceutical mixing machine lead the industry in innovation, performance, & quality. we can give custom pharma mixer as your requirement for whole mixing process line or single powder mixer that reach GMP.

Custom Powder Blenders For Chemical

Hywell machinery chemical mixing machine lead the industry in innovation, performance, & quality. we can give custom chemical mixer machine as your requirement for whole blending process line or single powder blending machine that reach GMP.

Customize Your Drying Machinery From a Chinese Manufacturer

 Dry Powder Mixers Capacity

At Hywell Machinery, we can customize the capacity of your mixer machine to follow your whole process line. It is an important aspect that our design specialists have to consider when conceptualizing custom design the Powder Mixer Machine. We manufacture the mixer machine of volumes between 1L up to 30000ml. The mixed capacity is 0.3kg to 9000kg per batch. We have the laboratory powder mixers. It is specially used for product development or experimental institutions at the front end of the factory.

 Commercial Mixing Machine Function

Commercial Mixing Machine is a kind of equipment for mixing various powder materials. Commercial Mixers is widely used in many industries and is one of the necessary equipment for powder material mixing.

 Powder Blender Material

For optimal performance, your custom powder blenders need to be designed with the right steel. For different industries and different materials, the powder blenders choose the right steel. it is able to offer the powder blending machine to be built in SS304, SS316L, Titanium, Duplex stainless steel, etc.

 Dry Powder Mixer Volume

The volume of your powder mixing machinery need to correspond with your factory processing lines. Additionally, they should match your quantity or volumetric requirements. As such, we design the free custom powder mixing machinery for you.

 Powder Mixers Finish

Hywell Machinery manufacture a variety of powder mixing machine for food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. View all powder mixer machines (powder mixing machinery) below or use the site navigation menu to view by category.
Hywell Machinery have a wide range of powder mixing used in different industries and materials!

Get Drying Machinery Step-by-step

1.We Respond to Your Powder Mixers Inquiry Within 12 Hours

We understand that time is an invaluable resource for your business and thus fast service delivery is important. Our short response times aim to provide easy access to our services.

2.We Deliver Customized Powder Mixer Designs

Our objective is to deliver a customized dry powder mixer design that meets all your requirements. We aim to bring your vision to life because customer satisfaction is important to us.

3.We Achieve Efficient Powder Mixer Manufacturing

The Hywell Machinery factory is equipped with skilled workers and advanced equipment to ensure that we produce high quality Powder mixer machines efficiently. It also enables us to deliver the powder mixer machinery with short turnaround times.

4.We Offer Custom Powder Mixer Packaging

Hywell Machinery manufacture a variety of powder mixer machine for food, pharmaceutical and chemical industries. All this powder mixing machine will be packed to follow the internation transfer standard.

Benefits From Your Committed Drying Machinery Manufacturer

v powder mixer
V -800 powder mixer
V type mixer

  Wholesale Mixing Machinery Price

Our high-quality dry powder mixer is available at wholesale rates which saves you money and reduces your costs of production.

  Fast Production Turn-around

Hywell machinery manufacture your dry powder blender fast to ensure that the production of your business are not delayed or disrupted.

  Free Industrial Powder Mixers Testing

Hywell Machinery offers you a free industrial powder mixers of sample powder testing ; and to confirm that the machine reach your design requirements.

  Minimum Powder Blending machine Order Quantity

All our clients are important to us and thus our MOQ is 1 set to accommodate large and small orders.

  High Industrial Powder Blenders Quality

We are meticulous with our quality checks and manufacturing standards. Our goal is to offer you the best industrial powder blenders.

  Worry-free Aftersale Services

The Hywell Machinery team is always on hand to guide you through aftersale procedures such as warehousing, shipment, and just-in-time delivery.

Custom Drying Machinery at Hywell Machinery

As one of the leading industrial blender manufacturing company in China, Hywell machinery can customize industrial blenders for our customers. Not only do we manufacture the mixers, we can also design, store and transport the industrial mixer machine for you. Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable Chinese powder blending equipment manufacturer, our company will be your best choice because we have the following advantages:

#1 Customizable Size

Hywell machinery can produce industrial mixers of various volumes. We have different kinds of mixing equipment, which can produce 3D powder mixer, V powder mixer, tumbler mixing machine, conical blender.

#2 Made of non-toxic materials

Our powder mixer equipment is made of stainless steel and is suitable for mixing food, beverage, pharmaceutical products. Base different industry and different kinds mixed materials, our industrial blender machine can be built in SS304, SS316L, Titanium, Duplex stainless steel, etc.

#3 Variety of control Appliances

We can produce industrial blending machine with different control systems according to customers' preferences. For the control system of industrial mixing machine, Hywell machinery have choices on push button, PLC+HMI and so on, and For the main electrical components of the mixing powder machine, it can choices the famous brand that such as ABB , Siemens or Schneider or others .

#4 Durable & Airtight

Hywell Machinery is a powder mixing machine design and manufacture company that produces durable and resistant powder mixer. Our bottles offer GMP to prevent contamination of the products mixed inside them.

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