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From the mixer , dryer to granulator, from unit machine to production line, we have them all,  Hywell is a Chinese manufacturer of industrial drying ,mixing ,granulator equipment. our flagship products include the vibrating fluid bed dryer, belt dryer, fluidizing dryer, vacuum dryer,  spray dryer , two dimensional mixer, V type mixer, and granulator and so on. this high-performance machines have found extensive applications within industries such as food, medicine, and chemical engineering, years of experience have refined our technology for different kinds production line that include herb drying ,granulator packing line , Instant particles production line, fruit slice puffing line. 

Sustained development and a strong emphasis on research and technology have bolstered our quality standards, we seek to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction through professionally developed drying ,mixing and granulating solutions . our mission is to provide premium products and services for clients everywhere.

The aim of hywell company is to pool the talent and wisdom of the whole world, serve the cause of human health, make exquisite manufacture, make all-out efforts, perform our duties wholeheartedly, set the human beings as the fundamental factor, exhibit our uttermost sincerity and true love, extend the brand, maintain the advanced level in the same trade, offer rewards to society and create benefits for both the country and the people.


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