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Thailand old customer ordered the vertical fluidized bed dryer

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Thailand old customer ordered the vertical fluidized bed dryer

An old Thailand customer of Hywell Machinery Co., Ltd is placing a new order in 2022 to purchase a vertical fluid bed dryer. Old customers have ordered our company's drying machine and granulators many times, indicating that customers have recognized the quality of our industrial dryer and granulation machine. The vertical fluid bed dryer is heated by steam, and the contact material is made of 316L stainless steel. The air inlet of the fluid bed drying machine is equipped with primary and medium-efficiency filters, as well as high-temperature and high-efficiency filters. The material truck is equipped with a material mixing system to prevent material agglomeration. After the production, assembly, and testing of this vertical fluidized bed dryer is completed, it is packed in wooden boxes. The containers are loaded at the Hywell factory and sent to Shanghai port.

The GHL high shear granulator connect with the vertical fluidized bed dryer that make the Solid Dosage Granulation Line.


Materials tank

cloth filter

Cloth filter

control chest

Control panel

FAT of Vertical Fluid Bed Dryer Before Delivery

Why Hywell Machinery is Famous for High-Quality Fluid Bed Drying Machines?

Hywell machinery manufactures premium quality fluid bed drying machines. It export fluid bed drying machine to our clients in the USA, Ukraine, Russia, and Vietnam.

Our fluid bed drying machine is one kind of machine in a fluid bed drying system. A fluid bed drying machine principle is the optimal method for controlled, gentle, and drying of wet solids.

Hywell machinery Provides Free Technical Support and Installation Service of Fluid Bed Drying System to our Esteemed Clients

We also provide consultancy and technical support services related to the fluid bed dryer system to our clients without any additional cost. We design and chart the whole pharmaceutical production line so that our customers can have the best production efficiency.


Touch screen


Heater chest


Loading container

Our Fluid Bed Dryer Systems are Safe and Unique in Design

Hywell machinery is proud to serve many pharmaceutical companies in the world. The main reason for the higher number of retained clients for our fluid bed dryer machine is that we provide full customization in the design of fluid bed dryers for different kinds of processes for different companies.

Our Fluidized bed dryer systems are made of stainless steel, contact product part of the vertical fluidized bed dryer parts is made of stainless steel 316L material, and another part is stainless steel 304 with a 3-4mm thickness which ensures a higher lifetime and value for our esteemed customers.

What are the advantages of a vertical fluid bed dryer?

-Uniform drying

whereby all the granules and powders dry up uniformly.

-Fast drying process

Drying process whereby large volumes of granules and powders can be dried within a short period.

-High efficiency

A fluid bed dryer is capable of drying the granules and you will not incur high electricity costs.

-Strong and durable

The stainless steel material that is used on most components of the fluid bed dryer keeps it strong and durable.

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