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  • DG Series Dry Type Granulator
  • DG Series Dry Type Granulator
  • DG Series Dry Type Granulator

    DG Series Dry Type Granulator

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    According to the basic requirements of the dry granulation process, the light powder (free water content <5%) is added to the vertical feeding bin of the granulator through the feeding machine (it also can be manually added), and then decompressed by pre-compression → tableting Molding→sheet crushing→granulation→screening ,this steps completly get the irregular particles without adding binder and water from powder to granule to prepare irregular particles ,This process is just physical change.

    1. Feeding process: The material is intermittently placed in the vertical feeding silo.

    2. Vertical feeding process: the powder is put into the horizontal screw feeder. During this process, part of the gas is discharged from the bottom of the hinge to the hollow part of the hinge, so that the powder can be evenly fed into the horizontal screw feeding port to ensure the screw. The filling is full, uniform, not empty, not blocked, and the density of the powder is initially improved.

    3. Horizontal feeding process: The material after degassing enters the horizontal feeder, and the material is forcibly fed into the tableting system through the rotation of the screw to complete the preloading work.

     4. Tableting process: The material after degassing has the best condition before rolling, and the frictional force of the material entering the nip area and the surface of the pressure roller after pre-pressing is increased, the friction of the material is reduced, and the bite is increased. In the cornering, the material after degassing makes the equipment run more smoothly during the rolling forming process, the sheet strength is uniform, the quality is stable, and the tablet after molding is crushed and granulated by the next process, and the powdering rate is obviously controlled. Water-cooled pressure roller and external joint make the working area free from water leakage and easy to clean.

    5. Crushing process: The forming tablet is cut into small pieces that are easy to granulated by the cutter-type crusher.

    6. Granulator system process: In the Granulator system, the crushed chips enter the granulator. Under the extrusion of the whole knives, the small particles can easily pass through the orifice plate of the granulator, no longer breakage, but large granules continue to be crushed into small granules where the rounding of the desired number of granules is completed. The whole knives are continuously rotated, the efficiency is high, the number of revolutions is adjustable, and the relative particle size is small when the number of revolutions is high, thus completing the entire production process from dry powder to granules.


    1. The processing zone and the power transmission zone are completely isolated so it is neat and tidy and easy to disassemble and clean, and realize the closed production from powder to granule. The table top is neatly arranged, compact, centralized in operation, safe and reliable, and reliable in man-machine interface, and has a large amount of information.

    2, the contact parts are made of high quality stainless steel, the interior is smooth and easy to store, the outer is smooth and easy to clean.

    3. This machine is equipped with hydraulic system. By adjusting the pressure of the hydraulic system to adjust the pressure between the rollers, the density and particle hardness required by different drugs can be obtained. The interface adjustment is convenient and intuitive, and the performance is reliable. The electric oil pump and pressure sensor are used without manual pressure, and the system can automatically adjust and maintain the set pressure.

    4. The control system adopts PLC and color touch screen to improve the performance and reliability of the whole machine control system. The PLC (programmable controller) accepts the operation command through t touch screen, and automatically adjusts the hydraulic pressure, the feeder speed, and the roller speed according to the parameters preset in the memory.

    5, water-cooled pressure roller, the structure of the inlet and outlet is built-in, the material will not heat up during the extrusion process, affecting the material performance.

    6, transparent working area, making observation more direct and convenient, easy to control and adjust the quality of the tablet.

    7. Another feature of the touch screen is that the values ​​and trends of current, speed, pressure and other parameters can be dynamically observed at any time during the operation, and it is easy to adjust at any time to fundamentally grasp the operation of the equipment.

    8. The system provides multi-level password management control from equipment, process to operator, which is convenient for equipment safety operation, production management and product quality control.

    9. All parts in contact with the drug (working chamber) are sealed and independent, and the seals are sealed with two or more stages to ensure cleanliness and prevent pollution.

    10. The whole system structure is designed reasonably, the process flow ratio is reasonable, the production capacity is enlarged step by step according to the material direction, and the operation is reliable.

    11. After granulating and screening the qualified granules will be discharged and unqualified will be back to hopper for second granulating.

    12. It meets to the requirements of GMP.


     DG Roller (Roller Compactor) is a new type high efficient granulating machine, and it is widely used in pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, agricultural feed, fertilize and other powder process industry. Based on many advantages, it's essential for variable active drug production in pharmaceutical industry, especially for thermosensitive and humidity sensitive drugs.


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