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    The fresh air is filtered by the two or three filters and then enter into the heating system for heating . After heated , the hot air enter into the drying chamber and blow up the material in the bowl of the FBD and let the material into fluidization conditions .during this period , the material is dried . When customer use the machine , they can set the procedure and parameters according to the process requirements , and then start the machine .

    1. Inlet AHU
    The inlet AHU consists of Primary filter(G4), Post filter (F8), high efficiency filter(H13 )and heater with accurate temperature control. The inlet air flow, speed and pressure is variable and controllable. For the heater , it can be steam radiator ,electrical heater , gas furnace and so on .
    2. Main Body Structure
    The main body structure consists of bottom bowl, movable product bowl with trolley , fluidized chamber, expansion chamber/filter housing. The bottom bowl, product container and fluidized chamber are inflatable silicon gasket sealed with compress air inspection sensor to assure the reliable sealing.
    3. Product Filter
    The double structured bag filter in two pieces (in case request, stainless steel filter available) is inflatable silicon gasket sealed between the expansion chamber inner surfaces with compress air inspection sensor to assure the reliable sealing. A dust sensor is mounted on the exhaust piping and interlocked from control sys to secure the product safety during processing stage.
    4. Exhaust AHU
    The exhaust dust collection filter is optionally designed for protect environment.

      1.Fluid bed to achieve fast heat transmission of medium.
      2.Seal negative pressure operation, there is no dust.
      3.Because of using anti-static material as filter, it is safe in operation;
     4.The equipment has no dead corner so it is easy to clean fully and there is no cross pollution;
     5.It is in conformity with the requirements of GMP.
     6. HMI and PLC control system, motor speed is controlled by VFD, and all process parameters can be recorded.

     7. For the bag filter , we choose anti-static filtering cloth . Adopting double chamber filtering bags system, remove dust completely.
     8. For the machine ,we have CIP and WIP for customer to choose .
     9. Adopting multi-fluid nozzle, it guarantees that the formed granule is uniform and the content of powder is very low.

    10.The processes of mixing , granulating and drying are completed in one step inside the machine.             
    11.For the loading material , we have choices on vacuum feeding , lifting feeding ,negative feeding and manual feeding for customer .
    12. This machine adopts PLC automatic control, all the operation according to the requirements of the user to set the process parameters automatically, can print all the process parameters, the original record is true and reliable. In full compliance with the GMP requirement of pharmaceutical production.
    13. Turn to the Ex-type of Fluidized bed dryer , Hywell install the explosion release vent on the machine . once the explosion happened , the machine will release the explosion to outside automatically and safely ,it will make very safe condition to the operator .



    Attention to order
    1. When order the
    FG Fluid Bed Dryer , Client need to supply the materials name

    2. When order the FG Fluid Bed Dryer, Client need to supply the density of materials.
    3. When order the
    FG Fluid Bed Dryer, Client need to supply the capacity per batch or capacity per hour.

    4. When order the FG Fluid Bed Dryer, Client need to decide which kinds steel for machine-304 stainless steel or 316L stainless steel.

    5. Other special requirements.            


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