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  • KZL Grinding Granulator
  • KZL Grinding Granulator
  • KZL Grinding Granulator

    KZL Grinding Granulator

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       Less heat and dust in working process
       The fixed screen is made of stainless steel and it can not be damaged easily
       It can process adhesive, glue, hot and wet raw materials.

        Modularity – A distinctly avant-garde, modular concept: Multi-drive allows you to alternate, depending on your production requirements, between 5 milling heads for     size-specific crushing, fine grinding, de-agglomeration, or controlled sifting. 
        Flexibility – Incomparable versatility: Multi-drive allows you to adapt your milling platform easily and quickly, to suit your current or future production requirements,          regardless of your manufacturing environment or production site.  

    Make dry or wet granule uniform
    Crush and granulate blocks;
    Make granule from wet material;
    Crush heat sensitivity raw materials
    Special note: Not all materials in the above scope can be milled by this equipment. Please make a trial before bulk production.


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