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  • FL Fluid Bed Granulator
  • FL Fluid Bed Granulator

    FL Fluid Bed Granulator

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    The powder granule in vessel (fluid bed) appears in the state of fluidization. It is preheated and mixed with clean and heated air. At the same time the solution of adhesive is sprayed into the container. It makes the particles become granulating that contains adhesive. Being of unceasing dry through hot air, the moisture in the granulating is evaporated. The process is carried out continuously. Finally it forms ideal, uniform and porous granules.

    The flow ability is improved and the dust is reduced, because of Granulator. Because of powder

    Granulating, its solubility is improved,

    Mixing, Granulator and drying processes are completed in one step inside the machine.

    The operation is safe because the anti-static filter cloth adopted.

    It's safe for operator if explosion take place, because explosion device is adopted.

    The loading and unloading are quick, light and clean, meet the requirements of GMP.

    Pharmaceutical industry : tablet capsule, low sugar or no sugar granule of Chinese traditional medicine.
    Foodstuff: cocoa, coffee, milk powder, juice of granulate, flavoring and so on.
    Other industries: pesticide, feed, chemical fertilizer, pigment, dyestuff and so on.
    Drying: powder or granule state of wet material
    Coating: protection layer, color, controlled release, film, or bowels solved coating of granules and pills.



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