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  • ZL Revolving Granulator
  • ZL Revolving Granulator
  • ZL Revolving Granulator

    ZL Revolving Granulator

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    ZL revolving granulator is developed latest by our company. It can discharge the materials auto, and it is reach with the requirements of GMP, it is one of the best granulator.
    The machine makes the materials mixed into the desired grains. It is especially suitable for the materials that have high viscosity. It is high in the grain making and shaping rate, perfect in the grain exterior appearance. Its automatic material discharge will avoid the grain damage caused by manual material discharge. The machine is suitable for the flow production. The machines structure is reasonable and its external appearance is beautiful. 

    1. The whole structure is compact, small in volume, easy to operate and move.
    2. Auto discharge the material, avoid the shortcome of the old equipment to discharge by hand.
    3. Be suit to continuoud operation

    It is suit to the powder which concerns water or viscosimeter, chinese traditonsl medicine, foodstuff industry, juice of granule, check extraction

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