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  • HW Conical Screw Vacuum Dryer
  • HW Conical Screw Vacuum Dryer

    HW Conical Screw Vacuum Dryer

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    This kind of machine has completely changed the defect of large volume,high energy consumption, long working hours,inefficient,loud noise,easy packing ,much missing dots,the uneasy cleaning and inconveniently maintaining.

    At present,it ia multipurpose drying macine which has the powes energy loss, maximal efficiency,the best effect in the same kind equipments home and abroad.


    Machine constitute

    It consists of stainless steel  vertical container,mixing stir device, discharge device,gear device,senate gas system and so on.


    System characteristic

    Heating System-- based on the traditional tank jcket heating, be added with the internal heat of the proopeller ,so that th entire area becomes 140 percent of the container,hreatly enhancing the efficiecy of the heating.

     Stir system-- propeller agitator makes the materials upgrade and continues to make it to cut and distributed,Ensure that all maerials within the hopper are fully moved,and makes materials in a no external compression space in addition to the upgrading of the propeller from the oustide,avoding the invalid friction between the materials and tank. A unique hybrid that meets the propellr mixing effects,can increas the heat transfer area and the effect of shear smash, and avoid heat sensitive materials or asa result of particle agglomeration phenomena.

    Senate gas sysem

    the multipurpose high effective drying machines have joined the uniques senate gas system, greatly imporving the drying rate materials.

    Energy saving

    compared with traditional drying equipment,for example,bipyramid vacuum drying machine ,tray vacuum drying machine , hot air oven and so on.

    1. In the same condition of volume, charge materials can be increased more than one time.

    2.In the same condition of energy consumptions, it can be incrase to two times to five times in drying production.

    3.Drying time is less than one third of traditional drying machine.



    Materials is easy caking and granuled when drying process, while ,the HW machine can be completely avoid these penomenons.


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