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  • XF Horizontal Fluid Bed Dryer
  • XF Horizontal Fluid Bed Dryer
  • XF Horizontal Fluid Bed Dryer

    XF Horizontal Fluid Bed Dryer

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    Fluidizing dryer is also called fluid bed. Through more than 20 years improving and using it .now it has become very import drying device in the fields of pharmaceutical, chemical, foodstuff, grain processing industry and so on . It consists of air filter, fluid bed, cyclone separator, dust collector, high-speed centrifugal fan, control cabinet and so on. Because of the difference of property of the  raw material, it is necessary to equip with the de-dusting system in accordance with the necessary needs. It may select both cyclone separator and cloth bag filter or only choose one of them. In general, if the bulk density of the raw material is heavy ,  it may choose the the cyclone , if the raw material is light in the bulk density , it can choose bag filter for collecting it . The pneumatic conveying system is available on request . There are two kinds of operations for this machine, that are continuous and intermittent type.




    The clean and hot air enters into fluid bed through distributor of valve plate. The wet material from the feeder is formed in the fluid state by hot air. Because the hot air contact with the material widely and strengthen the process of heat transferring , it can dry the product within a very short time .


    If using continuous type, the material enters from the front of bed, fluidized in bed for several minutes, and discharged from the back of the bed . The machine works under the state of the negative pressure.





    Automatic production can be realized. It is continuous drying equipment. Its features are quick in drying speed ,Low in drying temperature ,It can guarantee the quality of products and is in conformity with the requirements of GMP





    Drying process of medicines, chemical raw material, foodstuff, grain processing, feed and so on. For example, raw medicine, tablet, Chinese medicine, foodstuff of health protection, drinks, maize germ, feed, resin, citric acid and other powders. The suitable diameter of raw material is normally 0.1-0.6mm. The most applicable diameter of raw material will be 0.5-3mm.



    Explanation to installation


    All equipment should be put down in level and fixed with foundation screw on the ground. All parts should be sealed well.


    The fan may be installed outdoor or in the special noise free room. The plan can be adjusted slightly in accordance with the real conditions.


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