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  • GM-100 Drying Sterilizing Oven
  • GM-100 Drying Sterilizing Oven
  • GM-100 Drying Sterilizing Oven

    GM-100 Drying Sterilizing Oven

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    With heating resource of electricity, it can dry and sterilize under 250℃ for a long time. Parallel flow of internal hot air to ensure hot air in effective space to be at class 100 cleanness.Operating temperature is program-controlled to automatically operating temperature.Automatic control procedures are: heating-moist removing-temperature stabilizing-temperature lowering-stop machine etc., all of these are automatically controlled.Detailed operations can be acquired on operating manual or via technical training.


    1. Drying oven is aseptic under the temperature of 250℃, thus proving a reliable guarantee for elimination of heat source.

    2. Drying temperature is controlled by designed program or PLC and temperature at two internal points will be recorded automatically.

    3. High efficiency air filters are mounted at both air inlet and outlet to prevent the outside from polluting the inside of oven.

    4. Internal circulating hot air is filtered through high temperature and high efficiency air filter(HEPA), thus guaranting that the hot air entering into effective space will reach grade 100 in clean requirement.

    5. No dead corners and sharp edges exist in its interior. The surface of its outside wall is passivity as low gloss and the surface of its internal wall be polished accurate.

    6. GMP verification interface should be retained on the sterilization machinery.

    7. The Main technical datum of drying oven is for reference. We also produce and design product as per customers' requirement.


    We are professional drying oven manufacturer. In "GMP" management the GM100 Series Drying Heat Aseptic oven filled up the blank in the state.we design the sterilization oven base customer require !


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